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Picture this – you want to look for your driving license number that you have saved in the Samsung Notes app. However, when you open it, the app crashes suddenly or appears blank. You aren’t alone. Other Samsung Notes app users face the same issue and the Samsung Notes app doesn’t work for them either, at times. Here you will find 8 solutions to fix the problem of the Samsung Notes app doesn’t work properly.

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Samsung Notes app is a beautiful app to take notes on your Samsung phone. You can write text notes, draw, create reminders, color-code your notes, and much more. Check our guide on how to use Samsung Notes app. The problem arises when the app stops working.

Hopefully, the following fixes should help you. Let’s get started.

1. Restart Phone

Like any other problem, the first step to stop the Samsung Notes app from crashing is to restart the phone. Many times, this could fix the problem without using any of the methods mentioned below.

2. Update Samsung Notes App

Often, the Samsung Notes app stops working due to a recent software update. To fix it, you will need to update the Notes app.

You can use one of the three ways to update the app.

Method 1: Update From Play Store

Open Play Store on your Samsung phone and search for Samsung Notes. Tap on the app and hit the Update button. You can also update it directly from the Play Store link shared below.

Method 2: Update From Galaxy Store

If you don’t find the Samsung Notes app in Play Store, do not worry. You can update it from Galaxy Store as well. Open the Galaxy Store app on your phone and tap on the three-dot icon at the top. Select My page.

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Select Update. Look for Samsung Notes and hit the Update icon next to it.

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Tip: Check out 9 tips and tricks to use Samsung Themes.

Method 3: From Samsung Notes

Step 1: Open the Samsung Notes app and tap on the three-bar icon at the top. Then tap on the Settings icon.

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Samsung notes app not working 8

Step 2: Tap on About Samsung Notes. Tap on Update on the next screen if an update is available.

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3. Clear Cache

You should also clear cache for the Samsung Notes app. Doing so will not delete your notes or any other personal files.

Step 1: Open Settings on your phone and go to Apps.

Step 2: Tap on Samsung Notes. Tap on Storage.

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Samsung notes app not working 2

Step 3: Tap on Clear cache on the next screen.

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Note: You will end up losing the notes that aren't synced to the cloud storage if you hit the Clear data button without checking their status.

4. Check Problematic Note

If the Samsung Notes app crashes when you open any particular note inside the Samsung Notes app, you will need to delete that note. If possible, try to copy-paste the note in a different app or email the note to yourself before you delete the note.

5. Check Date & Time

For the proper functioning of apps, your phone needs to have the correct date & time. Go to Settings > General Management > Date and time. Enable the toggle next to the Automatic date and time.

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6. Turn off Sync

You can also try turning off sync for the Samsung Notes app for a while. For that, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings and go to Accounts and backup.

Step 2: Tap on Samsung Cloud followed by Synced apps.

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Step 3: Turn off the toggle under Sync on for Samsung Notes. Restart the phone and then turn the same toggle on.

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Tip: If your notes do not sync on mobile data, tap on Sync using step 3 and change to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

7. Uninstall App

Another thing that will fix the Samsung Notes app not working issue is to uninstall it. However, perform this method only if you are sure that your notes are synced online. Otherwise, you will lose all your unsynced notes.

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To uninstall the app, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings and go to Apps.

Step 2: Tap on Samsung Notes app. Hit the Uninstall button.

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8. Reset All Settings

If nothing works, you will have to take a slightly extreme step of resetting your phone settings. You will find it by the name of Reset app preferences on some phones. Don’t worry, as it will not affect your data or files. Only settings like permissions, restrictions, etc., will get affected.

To reset all settings, go to Settings > General Management > Reset. Tap on Reset all settings. Confirm on the next screen.

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Use Samsung Notes Like a Boss

Once the Samsung Notes app starts functioning smoothly on your phone, you should check out tips and tricks to use Samsung Notes app like a pro. If you decide to use a different note app, check its comparison with Google Keep and OneNote.

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