Fix: My iPad Is Stuck on the ‘Choose Backup’ Screen

Your iPad may sometimes get stuck on the “Choose Backup” screen. Unfortunately, the device won’t let you select any backup, and you simply can’t get past that screen. Your iPad may also keep on prompting you to install the latest updates. Or it may simply keep processing but not doing anything. Let’s explore how you can solve this problem.

What to Do if Your iPad Got Stuck on the “Choose Backup” Screen

Get the Latest Updates

If you’re trying to restore a backup from a newer OS version to an iPad that’s running an older OS version, you need to update your device first.

Force-restart your iPad by pressing the Home and Lock buttons for 10-15 seconds. Depending on your device model, you may need to press the Home and Side buttons instead. Release the buttons when the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Go to Settings, select General, and then tap Reset. Select Erase all content and settings and activate the device. Go back to Settings, select General, and tap Software Update to download and install the latest OS version for your iPad.

Check if you can restore your iPad from an iCloud backup.

If you’re trying to restore your iPad backup from a computer, follow the steps below.

  1. Tap Don’t Transfer Apps & Data. Don’t select Restore from iCloud Backup.
  2. Skip the Apple ID step, and follow the on-screen instructions to update your iPad.
  3. Wait for your device to restart, and then go to Settings.
  4. Tap Reset, and select Erase All Content and Settings.
  5. Use the Setup Assistant to set up your iPad again, and then select the backup to restore from.

Use a Different Connection

Try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network and check if this quick workaround solves the problem. If you can’t do that, unplug your router, and leave it unplugged for two minutes to get rid of flea power. Then power up the device, wait until your iPad goes back online, and try again.

If you still can’t restore your iPad from a specific backup, contact Apple Support for further help.


If your iPad got stuck on the “Choose Backup” screen, most likely, you’re trying to restore a backup from a newer OS version. To solve the problem, update your iPad, erase all content and settings, and then restore it from an iCloud backup. Additionally, switch to a different Wi-Fi connection and try to restore your iPad again.

Did you manage to solve the problem? By the way, if you found other ways to troubleshoot this issue, feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.

Last updated on 22 June, 2023

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