7 Best Ways to Fix Gmail Waiting for Sync Error

While Slack and other business messaging apps have reduced the amount of time we used to spend on Gmail, it’s still important. And all hell breaks loose when you open Gmail to only be greeted by Waiting for sync error. Today, nobody likes waiting for anything or anyone. As always, we got your back.

Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error

Before we begin, I am assuming you have already checked your Internet connection (both mobile and Wi-Fi), airplane mode is off, and rebooted your phone. If you are getting this error in a browser, try the mobile app instead.

Let’s begin.

1. Gmail Is Down

It wouldn’t be the first time either. Open Downdetector and check if Gmail is down. Especially in your part of the world. Downdetector tracks several services and whether they are up and running or not.

Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error 1

Useful site that you should consider bookmarking. If Gmail servers are down or experiencing a glitch, there isn’t much you can do. Take a short break. Maybe go for a walk.

2. Update App

You should always use the latest version of all apps because they come with new features and bug fixes. Check if there is an update available in the Play or App Store. You may also consider updating your OS. It might help.

3. Manual Sync

The error itself says there is a sync error. That’s why you should try to sync mails manually. Open Settings and tap on Sync. Select Google from the list of apps.

Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error 2
Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error 3

That is where you will find all Google apps installed on your phone. Make sure that the sync option is checked. Tap on More at the bottom of the screen and select Sync now.

Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error 4
Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error 5

Wait a few seconds before you check for the Waiting for sync error again.

4. Re-Add Account

Removing Google account from your phone and re-adding it can also help. You can do it on the same screen as Sync above. Open Settings and go back, but this time, tap on Remove account option.

Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error 17

Re-add the account from the same screen. Enter your login credentials and 2FA if you have set it up, and give it a few moments to sync.

5. Old Data

Old data can easily get corrupted and cause sync and other errors. That is true for all apps and not just Gmail. Open Settings and tap on Manage apps and search for Gmail.

Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error 7
Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error 8

Tap on Clear data at the bottom and clear all data and cache here. You may have to sign back in, and since all data is up in the clouds anyway, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error 9
Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error 10

6. Permissions

Apps need permission to access different types of data stored on your phone. It also needs permission to function correctly. Because Google is such an integral part of Android, all should be Okay. Let’s double-check quickly.

Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error 11
Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error 12

Open Settings and go back to the same screen where you deleted cache files. You will see there App permissions. Make sure that all three are selected.

7. Account Compromised

It’s a never-ending struggle. It’s a classic good guy vs. bad guy story. The number of hacks and data leaks seem to be on the rise lately. You could be the latest in a long line. Open and sign in to Google Account using the link below. Head over to the Security tab.

Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error 13

If you have received an email or notification of any kind telling you that app or service used your Google account to sign in, which you don’t remember, change your password and maybe even Google PIN now.

Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error 14

Scroll a little to find shortlist of Recent security events. Click on Review security events to view the full list. Noticed anything out of line? Contact Google.

Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error 15

You can also see a list of all the devices that are currently logged in and have access to your Google account. Click on Manage devices right below it to remove it immediately if you don’t recognize it.

Fix Gmail Waiting For Sync Error 16

Remember the third-party app we talked about earlier? Scroll some more to find Third-party apps with account access. That is where you can review all the apps that you have given access to your Google account in some capacity.

This last step is, I don’t know, too much. While it may seem so and this may not have anything to do with Gmail’s waiting for sync error, it’s still possible. Here’s an example. A malicious code maybe blocking your device from making contact or syncing with Google’s servers. Sounds scary? It is.

Sync Your Mails

The best things in life are worth waiting for. While that’s true, it doesn’t apply to everything and everyone in life. Waiting for Gmail sync error is one of them that’s not worth it. As always, share your solutions in the comments below and be part of our community.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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