Firefox Send vs Dropbox Transfer vs WeTransfer: Which Sharing Service is Better

Every online storage service, including OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., offers a seamless sharing capabilities of files and media. Also, there are dedicated software and add-ons to transfer the files among the team members quickly. Dropbox provides such an offering with Dropbox Transfer. Firefox has introduced Firefox Send, and then we have WeTransfer, which takes sharing to the next level.


There are several advantages of using a dedicated sharing service compared to traditional ones like OneDrive and Google Drive. Services such as WeTransfer, Firefox Send, and Dropbox Transfer provide more functions and better controls over sharing links. You also get the detailed stats such as how many times the file has been downloaded and a clear history of past transfers.

It’s also useful to share temporary files without uploading them to your prime cloud storage service.

In this post, we are going to compare Firefox Send, WeTransfer, and Dropbox Transfer. The comparison will cover UI, features, file size limit, price, and more. Let’s get started.

Cross-Platform Availability

All three services are available on the web. You don’t need to create an account to get started. Firefox Send gets a edge by making the service available on Android too.

User Interface

A simple and easy to use UI is essential in these services. After all, a user shouldn’t get lost figuring about uploading and sharing stuff. Thankfully, all three services use intuitive UI and big buttons to get you started quickly.

With adding files, Firefox Send also provides the past transfers with download and copy link function.

Firefox send UI

WeTransfer offers some interesting posts to read right from the home screen. After uploading files, one can download, copy link, and even forward or delete the data. With WeTransfer Pro (I will talk about that later), you can change the background image as well.

Wetransfer ui

Dropbox delivers the best user experience. A clean home page with customizable background and the ability to add a company logo.

Dropbox UI

File Size and Storage Limit

Firefox Send offers the quite a bit of flexibility. If you don’t want to create an account, then you can add up to 1GB of file for sharing. If you want more storage, then log in using Firefox credentials and it upgrades the storage to 2.5GB. That’s a sweet proposition.

WeTransfer offers two options. The free tier doesn’t offer any storage and lets you attach up to 2GB of file. WeTransfer Pro unlocks 1TB of storage and 20GB of file sharing limit.

Meanwhile, Dropbox allows 100MB of file sharing. The paying consumers can share files with up to 100GB limit.

Link Sharing Options

The true value of using these services over the likes of Google Drive and Box rests in the sharing capabilities for the files.

Firefox link sharing

After attaching files in Firefox, you can send end-to-end encrypted files with password-protected sharing links. You can also add an expiry date and even set the rules to disable links after a certain number of downloads.

Encrypted file firefox

WeTransfer takes things further. The privacy functions such as password protection and expiry remain the same. But one can also create custom WeTransfer URL, add a message with sharing a link, and even resend/delete transfer at any time.

Wetransfer sharing

The free plan lets you perform Email transfer to up to 3 people. The pro plan increases that limit to 50 people.

Dropbox isn’t behind either. The service lets you set a password and expiry date for the generated link (available for Pro account users). From the transfer page, one can see the active and expired transfers. Dropbox also displays the number of views and downloads for each transfer.

Dropbox sharing

You can set the service to notify you whenever someone downloads the content using the link.

All three services keep your original files intact. The receiving members won’t be able to modify or edit the original file.

Dropbox transfer


Firefox Send is completely free to use. It doesn’t even require you to create an account to get started. Though I would highly recommend you sign up with a Firefox account to up the limit from 1GB to 2.5GB. The free price tag is surprising given the number of controls it provides over the sharing link. Otherwise, you will have to pay for using such options in WeTransfer and Dropbox Transfer.

WeTransfer is free for basic stuff, such as the ability to send up to 2GB file, email transfer for up to 3 people, and link expiring after seven days. Upgrade to WeTransfer Pro for $12/month and unlock the host of functions such as 1TB storage, single file limit of 20GB, password sharing, custom URL, expiry date, Email transfer for up to 50 members and more.

Wetransfer pro

Dropbox transfer is barely free for simple sharing without any controls. Functions like password protection, more than 100MB of transfer, expiry date, logo inclusion, are part of Dropbox Professional, which costs $20 per month. It also unlocks 3TB of Dropbox storage.

Which One Is Best Suited for You

The answer is fairly simple. Firefox Send is an excellent package for the majority out there. Firefox eyes it as a productive tool for Firefox users, and the limit of 2.5GB with link sharing options should be sufficient for the most folks out there.

WeTransfer is mostly for power users. You can get tons of functions and customization options for $12/month. And if you are already paying for Dropbox Pro, then Dropbox’s transfer service is a no brainer for you.

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Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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