How to Add Find and Replace to Firefox: Top 4 Extensions

Firefox may not be the most popular browser out there, but its users are a committed bunch. Firefox has also made significant strides with its latest version, Firefox Quantum.

Add Find Replace To Firefox

Quantum is designed with speed in mind and has neat features like a built-in screenshot tool. One of the best parts of Firefox is that it allows installing extensions and add-ons to add functionalities otherwise missing from the default browser.

These extensions and add-ons are beneficial to many. Especially those who work on specialized tasks in the browser on a recurring basis. Take online writers for instance. In many cases, they create content directly inside online editors.

Fire Fox Online Editor

This is all well and good for the most part, however, certain tasks can be quite tedious when writing online. For example, in a dedicated word processor program or app, you can easily find and replace words or phrases.

This is quite a useful feature which is not included in Firefox by default. Luckily, this is not the end of the story. There are a few extensions available which add this feature to Firefox.

So we picked the top 4 extensions to add the find and replace functionality to Firefox.

1. Find and Replace for Text Editing

Find And Replace For Text Editing Main

In addition to finding and replacing a single word or a string of them, this extension has a few handy features.

Choose Match Case option if you want to perform a case sensitive search and replacement. The Whole Words option will only return results for the entire word you searched for. For example, if you search for cat, you will only see results for the word cat, and not for words which contain part of it like caterpillar or cater.

Find And Replace For Text Editing Options

Words that you use regularly can be saved to Favorites for a quick access whenever necessary. You can view a history of word replacements which were carried out. This can be useful for adding more words or phrases to your list of favorites.

Find And Replace For Text Editing Favorites History

The templates section acts like a clipboard storage for text which is accessible anytime to copy text and paste it wherever you want.

Find And Replace For Text Editing Tempates

Selecting Advanced Options enables three more checkboxes which are In-Text Selection, Include Single-Line Inputs and Use RegEx.

RegEx, which stands for Regular Expressions, are arrangements of characters which allow text to be matched. Check out Microsoft’s support document on Regular Expression Language that enumerates RegEx examples such as “be+” matches “bee” in “been” and “be” in “bent”.

Find And Replace For Text Advanced

2. FoxReplace

Fox Replace Main

FoxReplace lets you replace specified text and phrases. You can also replace text using RegEx (Regular expressions).

Fox Replace Functionality 1

Well, you can even replace HTML code with or without a Match case search.

Fox Replace Functionality 2

Another cool use of FoxReplace can be substitution of how text is displayed on webpages. Take our website for example. By default, it shows GT logo with the text Guiding Tech next to it.

Fox Replace Guiding Tech Original

A quick substitution changes all instances of Tech on the homepage to Tech To Mars as highlighted in the image below. (Of course, such a change would be visible only to you. It will not change anything on the target website.)

Fox Replace Guiding Tech Substituted Text

This extension even allows for a substitution list to be setup where text can be replaced based on what a user specifies for a specific URL. It can be useful to test fonts and see how text appears if you have more than one blog and a website.

Fox Replace Substitution List

3. Replace

Replace Main

Replace is a no nonsense add-on that can be used in a text editor setting or to substitute words on a website. It allows replacing text normally and by matching case.

4. Search and Replace

Search And Replace

Search and Replace is another bare-bones implementation of a find and replace Firefox extension. Unfortunately, you have to access it from Firefox’s Add-ons menu since there is no way to access it directly from the browser’s toolbar.

To use it, simply enter the text you want to replace and what you want to replace it with. The change will be implemented on the next page you load. Again, this works in the text editor setting, and as a method of substituting website text.

Final Thoughts

If you are only interested in enhancing your online text editor’s capabilities by adding a find and replace feature, then Find and Replace for Text Editing add-on will be the best for you. It will let you store templates which can also be used for emails.

FoxReplace allows for both website text and online editor text replacements. If you plan to use website text substitutions often for specific URLs, then this is the best one I can recommend.

Replace as well as Search and Replace are very simple apps if you just want to replace text and substitute website text.

You can always use a combination of these browser add-ons based on your needs and they will serve you well.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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