Feem vs SHAREit: Which Is Better for Transferring Files

Android has been around for over a decade now, and it is surprising how it still lacks a proper file sharing and transfers app. Sure, smartphone manufacturers devise their custom solutions, but they are either restricted to their brands or do not work as well as they should. That is why users have been flocking to third-party file transfer apps like SHAREit, Xender, and now Feem.

Feem Vs  Shareit Comparison

SHAREit is one of the oldest file transfer apps on the Play Store, and while it works well, it comes bloated with ads lately, forcing users to look for alternatives.

Feem is the new kid on the block and gaining some good traction. Claims to be the ‘best file transfer app on Earth.’

Well, let’s find out.

1. Platform and Pricing

Feem is available on all popular mobile and desktop operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS. It also works in the browser. The only requirement is that all the devices sharing files should be on the same network. You can either create a Wi-Fi hotspot or connect to your router.

The free version is ad-supported but works well and without any limits. Plans start at $4.99 to remove ads and increase the number of devices supported.

Feem Vs  Shareit Comparison 13

SHAREit is also available on all mobile and desktop operating systems. However, Linux is left out for some reason. There is also a web version. Like Feem, you need to be on the same Wi-Fi network or create a hotspot to use SHAREit. Unlike Feem, SHAREit is free but arrives with ads.

2. UI and Design

Feem has a very clean and functional UI. Though it is ad-supported, I rarely saw any banner or pop-up ads during my usage. When you open Feem on your mobile, you will be asked to connect to a Wi-Fi network which is easy and quick. Finally, there is a menu that lets you access Settings and WebShare.

Feem Vs  Shareit Comparison 1
Feem Vs  Shareit Comparison 2

SHAREit is the exact opposite and bloated with ads to the neck. The UI is super busy, and there are not just banner ads but video ads that start playing randomly. As I scrolled, I found some adult-themed ads too which was shocking. I even saw ads in the notification center.

Feem Vs  Shareit Comparison 3
Feem Vs  Shareit Comparison 4

At the bottom, you will find videos, movies, and games tab. The menu is again full of options and too busy to wrap your head around. SHAREit is not a file sharing app but instead, wants to do it all.

3. Files Management

Feem neatly organizes different file types into five categories like Photos, Videos, Audio, Apps, and Files. The tabs are at the top instead of the bottom but still works well. You can quickly choose what you want to send.

Feem Vs  Shareit Comparison 5
Feem Vs  Shareit Comparison 6

SHAREit does it better though. For example, when you tap on the Apps tab, at the bottom, you will see two additional options: Apps installed from the Play Store and apps with APKs files that you sideloaded.

Similarly, when you open the Files tab, you can quickly choose eBooks, Docs, and zip files that are neatly categorized. Feem simply opens the file explorer.

Feem Vs  Shareit Comparison 7
Feem Vs  Shareit Comparison 8

Both SHAREit and Feem support all file types and you can view a history of all the files that were sent and received easily. I sent the same file from Android to Windows PC using both the apps and found transfer speeds to be similar.

Both Feem and SHAREit support sending entire folders instead of just individual files even if they are not zipped.

4. Privacy and Security

You may find this odd to learn that SHAREit was listed in a report of apps that were deemed to be spyware by the Government of India. The dev team has refuted the claims. There is no information that I could find on their site that details the security protocol used by the company.

In their Privacy Policy, it is clearly mentioned that they collect info that ‘identifies you or another person.’ They also collect ‘your name, telephone number, email address’ when you use social media and other features on the app. On the plus side, Google Play selected SHAREit as its first peer-to-peer sharing app partner.

Feem Vs  Shareit Comparison 14

Feem dev team says that they use TLS (Transport Layer Security) to encrypt all files that are transferred between two devices locally. Also, Feem has an option to upgrade, which means they don’t rely on ads alone to generate revenue. SHAREit depends on ads, and it shows. It has become bloated over the years, and there are no signs of stopping.

5. Other Features

SHAREit is more than just a file transfer app. The developers have partnered with Times Music among other content service providers to offer movies, videos, music, and even games. Most videos I clicked were from Vimeo, and a lot of questionable content was floating around. Why do I need a file transfer app with videos and other content?

Feem Vs  Shareit Comparison 9
Feem Vs  Shareit Comparison 10

SHAREit has a useful feature called Group Share, where you can create a group of up to 5 devices and share files with all of them at the same time. A real time saver. Most file sharing apps only allow two devices to connect at a time.

Feem Vs  Shareit Comparison 11

There are links to a bunch of other apps you will find in the side menu. These are S Player which is a video player, CLONEit which helps transfer data from one device to another, CLEANit which optimizes your phone, LOCKit which acts as a vault and app locker, and LISTENit which is a music player app. These are all standalone apps that you will download separately.

But then again, why do I need these apps if there are better ones out there. For example, MX Player is a fine and far better video player.

Finally, the search bar though handy only searches for videos. That too, both local and online content. Pretty useless, in my opinion.

Feem Vs  Shareit Comparison 12

And the Winner Is …

SHAREit used to be a great file sharing app until they decided to ruin it. Now, it is bloated with ads and content that is simply not good enough. There are far better content streaming apps out there. Feem has a focused approach, clean and easy to use UI which has a potential to go a long way.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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