Evie vs Lawnchair: Which Android Launcher Is Better for You

Third-party launchers such as Nova, Action, Evie, Lawnchair, etc. have always been an integral part of the Android ecosystem. The flexibility of Android allows the users to change the default look and feel of the UI with personal preference.

Lawnchair Vs Evie

Android OEMs such as Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi have improved their offerings by a mile. Even then, there is a section of power users who want to control every aspect of the home screen experience.

While the likes of Nova, Action, and Microsoft launcher are dominating Android launcher space, the newbies ask Evie, Lawnchair, and Smart Launcher 5 are offering a minimalist and unique take on Android skin.

Lawnchair recently got a massive upgrade, which provides a capable Pixel UI to all the Android devices.

We have already compared Nova to Action and Microsoft launcher, and in this post, we will pit Evie launcher to Lawnchair to see which is better suited on your home screen.

Home screen Customization

Both Evie and Lawnchair offer various customization options, to begin with.

With Evie, you can change column grid lines, rows, icon sizes, labels, and scrolling effects.

Evie Homescreem

Evie lets you remove the searcher from the home screen, which I prefer as I don’t use Google search as often as others.

You can also toggle on/off the Evie feed menu (I will talk about that later) from the home screen settings.

Lawnchair terms it as a desktop and similarly, you can change icon grid, lock desktop, hide labels, change icon size, and more.

Lawnchair Desktop

Lawnchair also allows you to change the text color and customize shortcut bubble menu options.

Dock Settings

By default, Evie disables dock from the home screen. However, you can enable it from the settings and customize it to your liking. One can change columns, icon size, dock background, and even blur the background.

In terms of dock options, Lawnchair is stepping ahead with a couple of added functions.

Lawnchair Dock

You can enable/disable page indicator and even adjust the corner radius of the dock to your preference.

App Drawer Menu

Evie offers a list-style menu in the default drawer. From settings, you can revert it to a grid style with a customizable column, icon size, and labels.

Evie Drawer

Lawnchair offers more ways to customize the drawer experience. You can change the drawer background to any color, change text color, customize a shortcut bubble, and make categories of apps.

Categories are similar to what you find in Poco launcher and Smart launcher 5, except the categorization here, is done by the user and not the system.

You can make as many categories as you want and they are just a swipe away in the main app drawer.

Lawnchair Drawer
App Drawer Category

Speaking of an app drawer, if you want to remove them, then read our post of top Android launchers without an app drawer.

Lawnchair App Drawer

Gesture Support

Evie offers all the basic gestures. You can customize the home button, double-tap, swipe up/down, pinch in/out gesture to quickly perform search and access other parts of the UI.

Evie Gestures

Lawnchair options are also similar to Evie. By default, they are set to mimic vanilla Android navigation.

Lawnchair Gestures

Search and Feed Menu

Lawnchair supports a long list of search engine options in the settings. You can choose from Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, and more.

By installing Lawnfeed from the plugin menu, one can add the Google feed menu on the home screen.

Lawnchair Search Engine

It’s similar to what you usually find in stock Android phones with news integration. Evie lets you select from Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo search engine.

Evie feed, which you can enable on the home screen, is simply a news app on the main screen.

Evie Search
Evie Feed

The feed provides news and weather information, and its powered by Yahoo. You can personalize the news interest as well.

Backup and Extras

Evie backs up the launcher settings to the default Google account. The other functions include universal home search, customizable folders, unread badges, and the ability to hide apps.

Evie Extra 2

Lawnchair offers at a glance function similar to Pixel phones. You can perform a back up on the device or the cloud provider of your choice.

The app also provides Sesame shortcuts as a plugin. It directly integrates with default Lawnchair search bar, and then you can take advantage of universal search in the system.

Lawnchair Plugins
Lawnchair Backup

Customize Android Like a Pro

Both Evie and Lawnchair are excellent alternatives to popular options such as Nova and Action. Evie has a smart search, and the news integration is free from Google’s shadow.

Lawnchair offers better-theming engine and more customizable options out of the box.

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Last updated on 04 February, 2022

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