Evie Launcher vs Nova Launcher: Which Is a Better Android Launcher

One of the major reasons behind Android’s popularity is its customization capabilities. Not a fan of default look and feel of the UI? You can change every aspect of it. That’s why launchers, icon packs, widget makers, and apps play a significant role in shaping up Android’s future.


For the last few years, Nova Launcher was the go-to app for customization. Now, of course, the launchers like Action and Microsoft rise to threaten its position, but Nova still ends up edging out the competition.

A new launcher called Evie is posing to be a perfect alternative to Nova for the users and enthusiasts alike. The launcher is aiming to deliver the best possible customization options without messing much in the settings.

So, can it defeat Nova or the fight will end up in the same way as we have seen in the past? Let’s find out.


Both the launchers offer several Homescreen tweaks. Evie launcher lets you change the number of icons in a column, number of rows, icon size, and wallpaper settings.

You can also toggle on/off search bar from the menu and switch on Evie feed (More on that later) to the left side menu.

Evie Homescreen
Nova Homescreen

Nova delivers more options out of the box. The company neatly categorizes every option in Layout, Search, Scroll, and Page indicator.

The added features include Desktop Grid options, icon layout, Dock customization, Search bar style, page indicator settings, and more.


Evie has a separate Docs section while Nova has kept it in the Homescreen menu. Either way, both provide several options to choose from.

You can either copy the Homescreen layout or make adjustments of your own. One can change Icon size, labels, change background transparency, and more.

Evie Dock
Nova Dock

Nova goes a step ahead and has added different shapes and sizes to docs. You can also add solid colors or integrate images to the dock.

Other than that, all the options remain the same as the Evie launcher.


Both Nova and Evie let you copy settings from Homescreen to Dock, Folders, and App Drawer.

As for every section, the default options remain identical. For Evie, you can change icon sizes, columns, change the folder icon shape to circle or square. Evie also lets you sort items alphabetically in a folder.

Evie Folder
Nova Folder

Once again, Nova edges out Evie with more customization options. There are more folder shapes, transparency slider, and background color options.

App Drawer

The App drawer options are simple for Evie launcher. You can only change icon sizes, display style, and index style.

There is no way to change the themes or mess with any transparency option in Evie launcher. I was also surprised to see no hide apps from the app drawer.

Evie App Drawer
Nova App Drawer

As you can see from the above examples, the attention to detail has been spot on with Nova Launcher.

One can change app drawer layout, background color and transparency, keep frequently used apps at the top and even change the scroll accent color. In short, you can make the app drawer exactly how you like it.


Both the launchers offer several gestures that might be missing from your phone’s default launcher. Swipe up/down, double tap, pinch, or expand gestures let you perform various tasks with a flick of fingers.

Evie Gesture
Nova Gestures

Evie is offering the same functionality for free. The whole app is free for everyone. Nova is mostly free of cost, but some functions may come bearing a premium tag. Gestures are one of them.

News Feed

Both the launchers offer news integration from the left side panel. Nova has integrated Google Feed UI while Evie is using its personalized feed UI in the launcher.

Evie Feed
Evie Feed 2

Nova doesn’t offer this function out of the box. You need to download Google companion app from APKmirror, and after the installation, you will see the Google Now integration in the launcher.

Evie packs its news integration for you to customize it as per your interests, news source, etc. The feed also showcases search bar, date, and temperature.


Nova lets you change the default app open/close animations, folder open/close animations, and scroll speeds. Nova also offers auto night mode, which toggles between white/dark theme according to time.

Nova Animation
Evie Search

As always both the launchers support every icon pack from the Play Store.

Evie has integrated a universal search in the UI. Swipe down from any screen, and you can search for any app or contact. The idea is similar to what iOS offer, and surprisingly, it works quite well.

Should Nova Worry?

In short, no. While Evie has put up a great fight, Nova is still king in terms of functionalities out of the box. Evie is free and has its unique take on customization. If you don’t want to mess with every possible option in the settings menu and still want enough functions, then Evie is the way to go.

Next Up: Nova launcher offers some features under the premium price tag. Read the post below to see the difference between Nova launcher and Nova premium.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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