Top 7 Evie Launcher Features That Set It Apart

In the launcher world, which is dominated by the Nova launcher, many Android launchers have died a silent death. But, many new launchers like the Microsoft Launcher are giving a tough competition to the Nova Launcher. One of our recent finds, the Evie Launcher also seems a good choice.

Evie Launcher Features

Evie Launcher is a simple, fast, clean and easy-to-use launcher. With a minimalist design, the Evie Launcher has captured many eyeballs and some hearts too (including mine).

Why, you ask? Here’s the thing. I needed a simple launcher that would let me make folders (organization freak, I know), search apps and contacts with a single gesture or tap, and increase/decrease the icon row and column. And, most importantly, show notification count.

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While Android Oreo natively supports notification dots now, I prefer to have notification count and thankfully, the Evie Launcher lets me choose between the two. So, yes, it lets me do all these things without any hullabaloo.

Here are the top 7 Evie Launcher features that make it really good:

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1. Keeping It Simple

Evie Launcher doesn’t offer much customization and that’s good. It doesn’t go overboard with too many customization options that get lost in the crowd. It covers the essential and necessary custom options like icon size, icon labels, column size etc.

Top Evie Launcher Features 1
Top Evie Launcher Features 2

It’s time to address the elephant in the room. The Evie Launcher is not as feature-rich as Nova Launcher but that doesn’t make it less special in any way. It offers all the essential launcher features and that too at no price.

Moreover, what I like about the app is the fact that it offers simple settings. Everything is available directly under the main settings and in a simple way, without wasting the user’s time.

Top Evie Launcher Features 3
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2. Fast Search

Almost all the launchers feature a search bar on the home screen. But, there is a hell lot of differences in the way they handle search and functionality.

The Evie Launcher takes search to a new level. In addition to offering search for apps, contacts, and settings, you can use the Evie Launcher to search websites, restaurants, ATMs etc. all from a single search bar. And trust me, it’s fast.

Top Evie Launcher Features 4
Top Evie Launcher Features 5

Furthermore, since search is such a big part of this app, the developers have provided three ways to access it. You can tap either the search bar or the home button or swipe down anywhere on the home screen.

If you have a habit of using the swipe down gesture to expand notifications, I’m afraid you are going to miss it in this app. However, let’s stay positive and hope that the developers introduce it in the future updates.

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Coming back to the awesomeness of the search, you can even change the default search engine. The app offers three search engines for integration — Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. It also shows frequently-used apps at the top.

Top Evie Launcher Features 6
Top Evie Launcher Features 7

Not only that, the app also lets you create custom shortcuts for search results. All you need to do is long press on a search result and you’ll have a new shortcut on your home screen.

Oh, by the way, did we mention that the search bar is permanent? You cannot remove it. *Quietly starts the next point*

3. Unread Notification Badges

Thankfully, the Evie Launcher also supports notification badges. Whether you like dots or count, the app provides both. You can even change the size of badges.

Top Evie Launcher Features 8
Top Evie Launcher Features 9

What sets the app apart from other Android launchers is its ability to turn the badges for individual apps off. You can enable or disable the notification badge for each app manually.

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4. Goodbye Dock

When you open the Evie Launcher, you’ll find something missing at the first glance. That would be the dock. By default, the Evie Launcher keeps the dock deactivated. It’s a matter of personal preference whether one wants the dock or not. However, you can easily turn it on from the settings.

Top Evie Launcher Features 10

The app offers some customization options for the dock as well. You can change the column number, icon size and hide icon labels.

5. Hide Apps

Another cool feature that the Evie Launcher offers is the ability to hide apps. Interestingly, the app provides an extra option where you can hide it in the search too.

Top Evie Launcher Features 11

6. Add Icon Packs

Yes, we agree that almost all Android launchers support icon packs. But, the Evie Launcher gives the icon pack the importance it deserves. It places them directly under the settings and does not bury them under multiple options where a normal user would never venture.

Top Evie Launcher Features 12A
Top Evie Launcher Features 12

Secondly, the app provides a quick link to find more icon packs on the Play Store. Once an icon pack is installed, you can easily access it in the Evie Launcher settings.

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7. It’s Free

Most of us won’t use an Android launcher if it has ads. Guess what? The Evie Launcher has zero ads. And, that too for the free version. No paid version exists either.

Evie Labs Inc., the creator of the Evie Launcher app, has been gracious enough to provide all the features for free. You don’t need to shell a penny or download any extra app to use these features.

Install Awesomeness

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the Evie Launcher also offers cool folder customization options. You can change folder icon shapes, column size, and icon size. The app also supports removable icon labels and the ability to backup and restore your home screen layout.

If, however, the Evie Launcher doesn’t strike a chord with you, try these other super cool Android Launchers.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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