Evernote Tasks vs Todoist: Which Task Manager Is Better

After years of delay, Evernote finally announced Evernote Tasks for the popular note-taking platform. Right after the launch of Evernote Tasks, users are directly comparing it to the popular to-do app Todoist. If you are wondering whether Evernote Tasks is good enough to replace Todoist, you have come to the right place. Let’s compare both the tools and find all the differences between the two.

Evernote tasks vs todoist

The comparison below covers cross-platform availability, UI, features, price, sharing, and more. We are using the Evernote and Todoist iOS apps, and you can expect the same functions on other platforms.

Let’s get started.

Cross-Platform Availability

This one is neck to neck. Both Evernote and Todoist are available on all platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Web. Todoist and Evernote are also accessible as Gmail and Outlook add-ons.

User Interface and Performance

Evernote recently received a huge redesign across all its apps on mobile and desktop. It carries all the relevant options at the bottom for easy navigation.

Evernote app retains the classic look and feel of the app across all the platforms. However, one area where Evernote lacks is customization.

Evernote ui

The app launching/loading time felt slow in comparison to Todoist. While Evernote offers a dark theme, it misses out on advanced customization options such as changing app icons and dedicated theming engine like Todoist.

Speaking of Todoist, it’s a joy to use. We appreciate the customization options. The UI is fluid, and the app overall feels better built compared to Evernote.

Todoist ui
Todoist customization

Adding a Task

At first glance, both Evernote and Todoist offer an identical UI to add a task. But dig deeper and you will find all the differences in the execution. Let’s start with Todoist.

Hit the + icon, and Todoist will open a small pop-up right above the keyboard to add tasks. One can add task names, dates, add tags, comments, reminders, and even set priority. It’s all there and works as expected.

Todoist add task
Todoist tasks

Todoist nails it when it comes to smart tasks. For example, you can add tasks like ‘Pastries for brunch on Saturday.’ The app turns the phrase into a task.

Another example is ‘take medicines at 8 PM,’ and Todoist will add a task.

With Evernote, you are actually attaching tasks to a specific note. And this is a brilliant idea. Evernote’s core strength lies with the Notes function. Thankfully, the Tasks function integrates tightly in Evernote Notes.

Evernote add task
Evernote tasks

As soon as you try to add a task on Evernote, the software will ask you to select a relevant note with it. Evernote will attach tasks with the default ‘Things to do’ note if you want to add basic tasks. While adding a task, you can pick a due date, add reminders, and even prioritize the task.


Todoist is a dedicated task management app, and it’s been in development for years. However, Evernote is a new kid around the corner, and it will take the app at least a year to catch up with Todoist.

Todoist carries several features such as creating projects (lists), a productivity section to see your continuity, a Goal function, and even a handy vacation mode.

Todoist productivity
Todoist siri integration

After a few months of use, you can see all the stats from the same section.

Todoist also supports Siri Shortcuts and iOS 14 widgets. However, the absence of support for the same in Evernote surprised us.

Evernote is first and foremost a note-taking app. The Tasks function is a basic one and it should be sufficient for an average user out there.


Evernote Tasks is free for now. But we expect the company to bundle it with Evernote Premium once it leaves the beta. Evernote Premium costs $70 per year, and it unlocks unlimited notes, advanced note-editing features, Evernote Home, and more.

Todoist is a freemium product as well. You can pay $3 per month and unlock all the customization features and other goodies.

Manage Tasks Like a Pro

Be ready to be disappointed if you aim to replace your current Todoist setup with Evernote Tasks. It still has a long way to go. However, one area where Evernote Tasks can be helpful is the notes integration.

If you plan a trip or write a long blog post in Evernote, you can add tasks on top of notes and keep track of every detail. But, if you’re a power user, stick with your current task management system for now.

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Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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