​Top 5 Enpass Alternatives for iOS and Android

Enpass password manager has been making waves in the password management solutions. The app is available on every platform and allows the user the flexibility to store the data on any cloud provider.


Up until now, Enpass was following a one-time payment option per operating system. That means, you pay once and use it forever on the said platform. Enpass recently decided to adopt a subscription route. Pay monthly and use the app on all platforms.

The move has bothered some users, and they are already looking for Enpass alternatives for iOS and Android. To be fair to Enpass, the company handled the transition much better than the others. Enpass is giving lifetime subscriptions to those who have purchased the app on at least one platform.

Going with a subscription plan, Enpass lost a huge advantage over its rivals. And in this post, I will mention the top five Enpass alternatives for iOS and Android. The list will include paid options as well as some free ones. Let’s jump in.

1. LastPass

LastPass one needs no introduction. Before Enpass, LastPass has been my go-to recommendation to anyone looking to invest in a password manager. Lately, the company faced some hurdles. However, it’s still one of the best options among the bunch.

One of the biggest selling points of LastPass is free and unlimited syncing across the platforms. You need to pay for the premium version only when you want to share vaults, aim priority support, and an added security layer. The majority of features are included in the free version.

Lastpass Ui1
Lastpass Ui2

The added functionalities include multiple vaults, security challenges to check password strength and warn about repeated passwords. LastPass also supports strong password generator and auto-fill login details on Android and iOS.

In terms of OS support, LastPass is available on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and supports popular browsers through respective extensions.

The only drawback of the app is the fact that LastPass stores all the data on their server. It makes the user data vulnerable to potential hacking attempts. There is no option to save the data on preferred cloud providers such as Google Drive or OneDrive.

Lastpass Ui4
Lastpass Ui3

As I mentioned earlier, the major options are free, and for the Plus version, be ready to shell out $3/month.

2. SafeInCloud

SafeInCloud is similar to Enpass in terms of pricing and backup. Pay once on a platform and enjoy unlimited updates for the lifetime. You can also use any cloud provider to sync the data.

Safe Ui1
Safe Ui2

The only problem with that method is, if you forget or lose the master password, then there is no way to reset it as the service doesn’t have your credentials in the first place.

Talking about the good stuff, SafeInCloud supports tags to sort out the entries in no time. You can also generate strong passwords, autofill them on iOS and Android, and use the default browser for a secure login experience.

Safe Ui3
Safe Ui4

SafeInCloud needs to update its interface. It looks quite dated compared to rivals. Unlike LastPass, the major options are paid here. Purchase the $10 Pro version and you are good to go.

3. iCloud Keychain

This one is for iOS and Mac users. If you use only Apple’s products and don’t want to look for third-party alternatives, then Apple’s default solution might just work for you.

Icloud Ui1
Icloud Ui2

Here is how it works. By default, whatever login info you add into the Safari browser, it automatically gets saved in iCloud Keychain. It makes the auto-fill process seamless between iPhone and Mac. The whole experience also gets carry-forward to macOS as the modern Macs now come with fingerprint support for authentication.

You can access and add the manual data by going into Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Website & App Passwords. Here, it won’t offer all the fancy stuff such as notes, app icon, or tags, but gets the job done with a strong password generator and iCloud sync.

Icloud Ui3
Icloud Ui4

As expected, all the entries are associated with an Apple account and you can’t access any data on Android or Windows.

4. Firefox Lockwise

Firefox introduced a dedicated password manager to help users store and manage confidential information. Unlike the Chrome Password manager, it has mobile apps for easy access.

The process is straightforward. Whenever you add a website login info in the Firefox browser, the app adds the data entry in the Lockwise manager. It is free and syncs perfectly with the Firefox account.

Lockwise 1
Lockwise 2

Firefox also did a solid job with mobile apps. Of course, it won’t have all the bells and whistles that you find with Enpass or LastPass. However, it does get the basics right with biometric authentication, autofill credentials, and built-in browser.

Lockwise 3

My biggest gripe with Firefox Lockwise is that it doesn’t allow editing entries on the mobile apps. You will have to use the web version to make changes.

5. 1Password

1Password is offering tons of features out of the box. You can create multiple vaults, add family members to your vault, generate OTP from the app, attach pdf in the entry, has the Apple Watch support, and most importantly, it’s available on all platforms.

1Password Ui1
1Password Ui2

The company recently raised $200 Million to accelerate the development of the app. The software is popular in the enterprise sector. Apple recently deployed it among its 123,000 employees.

1Password has the best user experience among the rivals. In terms of security, you can use biometrics, built-in browser, create custom fields, and more.

1Password Ui3
1Password Ui4

The app costs $3 per month for personal use. You can opt for $5/month for a family plan, which lets you share it with five members, bringing the cost down to $1/month per user. It’s a bargain if you ask me.

Time to Move on from Enpass

The above list covers the majority of capable options out there. You can choose anyone based on your needs and preference. The iCloud Keychain is for Apple loyalists, 1Password is best for family sharing, Firefox is free, and it’s a solid option for Firefox browser users. LastPass is an all-rounder while SafeInCloud provides the flexibility on price and data storage.

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Last updated on 04 February, 2022

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