How to Enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Outlook for Android and iOS

Microsoft Outlook is a formidable email client on both iOS and Android. It beats Apple’s Mail app to the punch with a vastly superior array of features, and even holds up well compared to the behemoth that is Gmail. But there was just one thing that held it back from true greatness — the lack of a full-fledged dark mode. Well, not anymore.

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With the release of the Outlook version 4.0 update for iOS and Android, you now have access to a dedicated dark mode. It looks phenomenal. So without any further ado, let’s check out how you can enable dark mode in both iOS and Android.

Note: At the time of writing, Microsoft is gradually rolling out the dark mode in Outlook for iOS in phases. Hence, you may not see the option to turn on dark mode on your iOS or Android device. Make sure to update the app regularly

Enable Dark Mode in Outlook for iOS

On iOS, enabling dark mode requires a brief visit to the Outlook Settings panel. Don’t worry — you won’t have to dig in deep.

Step 1: Start by tapping your profile portrait (or Home icon if you have multiple emails accounts) to the upper-left corner of the Outlook for iOS app. To the bottom of the menu that shows up, tap the cog-shaped Settings icon.

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Outlook Dark Mode Ios Android 2

Step 2: Scroll down the Settings screen until you come across the Preferences section. Next, turn on the switch next to Dark Mode.

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Outlook Dark Mode Ios Android 4

That’s it. Dark Mode is now enabled. To disable dark mode at a later time, just go to the same screen and turn off the switch next to Dark Mode.

The process is the same for Outlook on iPadOS — simply visit the Outlook Settings panel to turn on Dark Mode.

Enable Dark Mode for Outlook in Android

Just like on iOS, the Outlook app for Android also requires you to visit the Settings panel to enable dark mode.

Step 1: Open Outlook for Android. Follow that up by tapping the hamburger icon (three stacked lines) to the upper-left corner of the screen. Next, tap the Settings icon.

Outlook Dark Mode Ios Android 7
Outlook Dark Mode Ios Android 8

Step 2: Scroll down the Settings panel, and then tap Theme. On the pop-up menu that shows up, tap Dark. If you want the dark mode to kick in automatically as per the battery saver schedule on your device, then tap Set By Battery Saver.

Outlook Dark Mode Ios Android 9
Outlook Dark Mode Ios Android 10

To disable the dark mode, visit the Outlook Settings panel, tap Theme, and then tap Light.

Why You Should Enable Dark Mode

Now that you know how to turn on dark mode in Outlook for iOS and Android, let’s check out a couple of reasons as to why you may want to keep it enabled.

1. It’s Well Implemented

Whether you are a fan of dark themes or not, you can’t deny the fact that Outlook’s dark mode looks just fabulous — sure, we can agree to disagree. Microsoft has implemented it throughout the app including all the nooks and crannies such as the calendar.

The only thing that can appear out of place is the file picker when attaching files, which shows up in white. However, that won’t be an issue if you’ve also enabled dark mode at system-level in iOS 13 or Android 9.0 Pie and higher.

Outlook Dark Mode Ios Android 5
Outlook Dark Mode Ios Android 6

But regardless of how well the user interface renders in dark mode, it’s the actual emails themselves that will pose the real test. Surprisingly, Outlook handles everything seamlessly, with images rendering neatly over the darker background. No sketchy image inversions whatsoever.

Although you will find a few instances where certain images (particular those that are already quite dim, to begin with) don’t gel well with the dark theme, it’s not a deal-breaker.

2. It Helps Save Batter Life

Another strong reason as to why you should enable dark mode in Outlook is to extend battery life. If you chug around a smartphone with an OLED display panel, such as a Samsung Galaxy S10 or Apple iPhone XS, then using dark mode will help you experience the difference.

Outlook Dark Mode Ios Android 11
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OLED panels turn off pixels to render deep blacks, which is the reason why you can expect significant improvements in battery life. This does require an app to implement perfect dark pixels, and thankfully, Outlook contains a healthy dose of those just about everywhere, with only minute shades of gray to emphasize sections and other key user interface elements.

Dark Energy

Microsoft Outlook was already one of the best third-party email clients on iOS and Android, and dark mode only serves to make it better. Whether you are in it for the aesthetics or just want to get some extra juice out of your smartphone’s battery, Outlook’s fantastic dark theme will not disappoint.

So, what do you think about Outlook’s dark mode? Did it meet your expectations? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Last updated on 28 November, 2022

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