10 Cute and Free Easter Wallpapers for iPhone

The first holiday of the year, Easter, is here. And while you gather your family and friends for a scrumptious brunch showcasing all the creatively painted eggs, here’s some help from our end. We have curated ten different Easter wallpapers for your iPhone. Given the amount of time we spend on our phones, using an Easter-themed wallpaper will surely set in the vibe for the holiday!

Using a high-resolution, colorful wallpaper usually puts one in good spirits while also providing a new look for your smartphone. And if you’re bored with the current iPhone wallpaper you have on your phone, take a look at this list.

We’ve provided a little preview of how it might look on your phone, and a download link to get those Easter wallpapers in high resolution. Let’s dive in!

1. Cute Easter Bunny Wallpaper

The Easter bunny has been quite symbolic in representing the holiday. Here’s a cute Easter bunny wallpaper with a greeting up top as well. We feel this is going to be an excellent choice for iPhone’s lock screen wallpaper since there’s ample space to incorporate the clock as well!

2. Easter Egg Wallpaper

The Easter Egg is also another popular symbol of the holiday. Easter Sunday is celebrated as the day Jesus was resurrected, and the eggs symbolize new life and birth. Therefore, Easter eggs have always been a part of the holiday since ancient times and carry the same sentiment even today.

Here’s a beautiful wallpaper of a set of artistic Easter eggs that you can download!

3. Pastel Colors Easter Wallpaper

Here’s a colorful wallpaper of a cute easter bunny playing peekaboo on your home screen! We also like the array of calming pastel colors in the wallpaper. This wallpaper will certainly brighten your mood every time you look at it, and is sure to put you in the mood for the holiday!

4. Disney Easter Eggs Wallpaper

Disney characters have played a major role in our childhood by providing a fun-filled and joyous time on television. There’s a Disney version of nearly everything, and that’s due to the amount of love it gets from us. And if you look below, here’s a wallpaper full of Easter eggs with characters from the house of Mickey Mouse. It’s a must-download if you are a Disney fan!

5. Aesthetic Easter Egg Wallpaper

Here’s another Easter eggs wallpaper for your lock screen and home screen. However, the colors in this wallpaper are more soothing. If weren’t a fan of the more bright and vivid Easter egg wallpaper that we featured earlier, this one is for you!

6. Easter Greetings Wallpaper

Here’s a wallpaper that depicts the celebration of Easter. There are the Easter Eggs, greeting, and a few celebratory decorations to go along with the vibe! This would also look great as a little E-Gift for your friends and family celebrating the festivities, and would certainly be appreciated as a nice gesture when shared!

7. Happy Easter Wallpaper

If you were looking for a Happy Easter wallpaper with just the minimal details so that your icons on the home screen or the clock on your lock screen are visible, this one is for you! We love how all the elements are sticking around the greeting, hence making up for a neat, aesthetically pleasing wallpaper!

8. Easter Bunny Wallpaper

A cute Easter bunny, holding a colorful Easter egg with a greeting is exactly what one would expect in an Easter wallpaper. You’re welcome, and this one below has to be one of our favorite picks among all the Easter wallpapers on the list.

9. Stitch Easter Wallpaper

It’s time for another Disney wallpaper. Here we have Sitch, from the much loved Lilo & Stitch franchise brought to us by Disney. If you are a fan of the feature film, a wallpaper of Stitch wishing you a Happy Easter is all you need to celebrate the holiday!

10. Preppy Easter Wallpaper

Here’s an Easter wallpaper, designed more in a formal color scheme. While we featured a majority of fun, colorful, and bright Easter wallpapers, if you were looking for one which you could share in a professional environment, this one is for you!

Wishing You a Happy Easter

That was our list featuring some of the best Easter wallpapers that we could collect. We hope this holiday brings in happiness and joy as you get together with your family and friends. While the rest of the year is spent hustling and striving to be productive each day, get yourself the much-needed break this Easter Sunday!

Last updated on 21 March, 2023

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