EaseUS MobiMover Free 3.0 Review

Apple’s iCloud service for syncing and backing up your iOS devices has improved admirably over the years but it’s far from a perfect solution. If you don’t fully trust the cloud or worry about the syncing issues, iCloud won’t be your best bet for keeping your data in sync across devices.

If you operate outside Apple’s ecosystem – say, you use PCs or Android devices along with Apple devices – iCloud probably isn’t for you either. So, what is?

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Most backup and syncing services cost money and it’s pretty close to a miracle that something like the EaseUS MobiMover Free exists. This Windows program lets you back up your iOS devices, transfer data to and from a PC and even from old iOS device to new iOS device.

Now, the best part — it’s totally free for personal use. There’s no catch, no paywall, no funny business — MobiMover Free is the real deal.

How MobiMover Free Can Save Your Digital Life

I can’t tell you how many years I spent looking for a decent alternative to the iTunes for local backups or syncing and I would fall short each time. Mostly because the alternative software available online tend to be pretty expensive — $50 at the very least.

Mobi Mover

Coming across a software that’s not only free but works is an ever-increasing rarity, MobiMover is totally free and works beautifully.

MobiMover lets you transfer and back up contacts, messages, notes, calendar entries, voicemails, books in iBooks, Safari data and bookmarks, photos, video, and audio files. That just about covers everything.

MobiMover is totally free and it works beautifully.

If you already rely on a backup and sync service such as iCloud or even a paid alternative, I’d still recommend giving MobiMover Free a try. It’s always good to have a local backup in addition to the cloud backup.


If something ends up going awry in the cloud, it’s usually completely out of the end user’s control. Two backups, and more specifically two types of backups – local and cloud – are better than one.

Besides, MobiMover offers a super convenient way to buy a new iPhone and transfer data over from the old one without ever skipping a beat. That’ll come in handy for the future.

How to Use EaseUS MobiMover Free

Backing up and transferring with MobiMover couldn’t be simpler. Download and launch the software on your PC. Then, plug your iPhone or iPad into the USB slot. If you’re transferring data from one iOS device to another, you’ll need two free USB slots to connect both at the same time.

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In the program, choose what transfer you want to initiate. Pick Transfer to This Device to select the files and/or folders you want to transfer from Windows. Choose Transfer to Other Device or Transfer to Computer to pick from the types of files available on your iPhone or iPad that you want to move over.

You can also choose a Custom transfer to really drill down and select specific files and folders to a degree even iTunes doesn’t permit.

This is my favorite mode to use in MobiMover because it lets you organize your files and file types first before picking their destination.


After you select the data from your iOS that you want to transfer, choose the icons on the right to determine if they’re going to another phone or a computer. It’s a great way to batch transfer different files to different devices all in one window.

Thanks to MobiMover’s affordability and dead simple UI, transfers take almost no time.

If you’re transferring data onto a device, the files will appear in their corresponding apps. If you’re transferring from a device to PC, you can select the destination folder.

MobiMover also works great in just organizing files rather than transferring them. When your iPhone’s screen feels a bit too cramped to lay everything out, connect it to MobiMover to get a clear picture of every file on your device and delete the unwanted ones and free up some precious space.


MobiMover Free Is a Clear Winner

Pretty much everyone, who has an iPhone or iPad and a Windows PC, should use the EaseUS MobiMover. The combination of a local plus a cloud backup (if you regularly use iCloud or another service) is the safest route you can take to protect your data.

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Besides, thanks to MobiMover’s affordability and dead simple UI, transfers take almost no time. Of course, the amount of time the transfer takes depends on how much data you’re moving. I was impressed how quickly MobiMover scanned all the files on my iPhone.

I have thousands of photos and videos and the EaseUse Mobimover scanned it all in just a few seconds.

Commercial use of the software requires a license purchasable through the EaseUS online store. However, home and personal use are totally free with no paid in-app upgrades for any reason.

Get MobiMover Free 3.0 software for your PC on the EaseUS website