Find Out If Animoji Apps for Android on Google Play Store Really Work

It’s been almost two months since the launch of Apple’s 2017 flagship, the iPhone X, and it doesn’t seem that the iPhone fever will die out anytime soon.

Whether it’s the awesome dual camera or the super powerful A11 Bionic processor, the iPhone X is a pretty sweet deal. But what made this deal even sweeter was the inclusion of Animoji or animated emojis.

Downloading Animoji App On Android 1

These animated emojis are made using the TrueDepth camera and a host of other technologies such as infrared camera and dot projector. These software scan and map your face and voice and transform the data into adorable animations.

Replicating Apple features on Android (or vice versa) is a never-ending affair and I doubt it’s fading in the near future. This time around, developers have raced ahead to build Animoji apps for Android.

But can software simulation alone compete against hi-tech software and hardware?

If you dig around, you’ll end up finding numerous apps on Google Play Store that claim to easily produce Animojis. But can software simulation alone compete against hi-tech software and hardware? Highly doubtful.

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Android Animojis – Hoax or Real?

We started off by searching for iPhone X Animoji in the Play Store. It did surprise me that a few of the apps had a 4+ rating.

Screenshot 20171115 112005

However, no matter how hard I tried, the only result I was able to get out of the first app was two full-face emojis that barely came close to iPhone’s Animojis. The only point of resemblance was the motion tracking.

Screenshot 20171115 101654
Animoji or Stickers?

The rest of them? Well, it had more in common with stickers that you’d find in all camera apps these days or on Instagram Stories. But thankfully, we didn’t encounter many ads in the app.

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Dissatisfied, we headed off again to the Play Store and, this time, we picked up one app that proudly mentioned all the relevant Animoji keywords in its name.

Downloading Animoji App On Android 4
Downloading Animoji App On Android 6

Unfortunately, we had to leave this one as soon as we opened it. Apart from displaying the number of emojis that it supported and dozens of ads in between, the app showed a download time of up to 3 hours.


Ads, Ads, and More Ads

Not among those to be easily disheartened, we tried our luck, yet again, and combed through the Play Store to find some more reliable apps for animated emoji. The ones we found claimed to be an Animoji maker for phone X — yes, with the i missing.

Downloading Animoji App On Android 4

The number of full-screen in-app ads in this one is sure to exasperate anyone. If you’re anyway lucky to get past the ads, there’s nothing remotely resembling the iPhone X Animojis.

Instead, you’ll land up on a page that lets you put eyes and a nose on a blank emoji. Motion tracker? *blows a raspberry*

Android 0 – Apple 1

If you’re still wondering whether the iPhone X-like Animojis work on Android phones, the answer is a resounding no. At least, for now.


While some of the apps can track your face at the very least and place a big blob on it, the rest take the highway to monetization. To repeat my point again, I couldn’t find a single decent app on the Play Store that wrapped up all the features of Animojis — voice, motion tracking, and cool emojis.

So, until the day your phone is equipped with the complementing hardware and software, the best option is to move past the download button. Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat offer built-in stickers that should be enough for now to satiate your need for animated and funny stickers.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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