5 Apps and Websites to Enhance Your Diwali Experience

Come Diwali and everything from the streets to our houses wear a festive look. But then, the festival of lights shouldn’t only be restricted to mouth-watering dishes and ear-splitting crackers.

Apps And Websites To Enhance Your Diwali Experience 6

The world of apps has taken over this festival as well and there are a plethora of apps on Google Play Store that can truly enhance your Diwali experience.

We, at Guiding Tech, have sifted through such apps and made a list with some of the best ones.

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1. Greeting Card App

Being at the receiving end of hundreds of WhatsApp greeting cards can be annoying. But then, what are the WhatsApp cleaning apps for? However, there is a way you can create amazing Diwali greeting cards.

This Diwali, surprise your friends and family members with some uniquely created e-cards. One of the best apps to fit the bill is Diwali Greeting Cards. It lets you choose a base card and perform a number of customization such as adjusting the size and font and entering a name.

Apps And Websites To Enhance Your Diwali Experience 7
Apps And Websites To Enhance Your Diwali Experience 8

Once created, the cards can be shared directly via WhatsApp or any of the social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

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2. Live Diwali Wallpapers

Static festive wallpapers do not have the sam zeal of live wallpapers. If you want to bring the excitement of Diwali to your phone’s home screen, trust the 2017 Diwali Live Wallpaper to take care of it.

Apps And Websites To Enhance Your Diwali Experience 9
Apps And Websites To Enhance Your Diwali Experience 11

Though the interface is a bit clunky, this app lets you choose from a collection of six wallpapers. The backgrounds are impressive with the night view of some beautifully lit monuments.

Akin to most of the apps, you can choose to turn a few features off that don’t match your taste.

3. eCrackers for a Greener Earth

Want to scare your buddy with a loud crack? Keeping in mind the detrimental effects that firecrackers have on the environment, the next best option is an e-cracker app.

Apps And Websites To Enhance Your Diwali Experience 10

The Diwali Crackers: Diwali Fireworks 2017 app is one such cool option. Here, you have your choice of explosive sounds from the diverse range of crackers. All you have to do is download the app, choose the cracker and wait for the ‘BAM’.

With such smart initiatives, we should do our bid to control environmental pollution for a hazard-free future.

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4. Cool Rangoli Designs

Another cool thing that I urge all of you to do each Diwali is draw a rangoli on the front porch. Time-taking, yes, but the end result of your effort is magnificent if you know the design. If you’re searching for a good app that presents an array of rangoli designs, your search ends with the 300+ Creative Rangoli Designs app.

Apps And Websites To Enhance Your Diwali Experience Rangoli

Though there are many apps fulfilling the same requirement, I found this one better since it doesn’t have many ads. Moreover, you have the option to select the design type.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your creativity run loose!

5. Snazzy Decor Ideas for Your Home

Diwali is the time when our homes get a facelift. And wouldn’t be it be awesome if a portion of your house gets its decor motivation from none other than Houzz, the popular home decor website?

Apps And Websites To Enhance Your Diwali Experience

Apart from sharing smart and eclectic festive decor ideas, Houzz also has some cool shortcuts on how to get your home Diwali-ready in no time.

Get, Set … Go!

So, which of these apps will you download first? If you ask me, the eCrackers are a must-have. The only downside to these festival-related apps is that they contain a horde of ads. Though it’s a bit mellowed down in the above, a tap on the back button does the trick.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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