Top 12 Devil May Cry 5 Wallpapers in 4K and Full HD

Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5 is the fifth installment in the Devil May Cry series. The action-adventure game mostly features hack and slash gameplay which takes place in the third-person shooter perspective. The storyline of the fifth Devil May Cry series starts off several years after the Devil May Cry 4 ended.

Devil May Cry 5 Wallpapers 4K Full Hd Lead Image

In the devil-hunting business, Dante’s is the boss, the front man. He’s out to avenge his mother’s death. A few exterminating demons killed her, and now Dante’s out to hunt every one of them.

Devil May Cry series specializes in heavily stylized combat that involves employing a long chain of combo attacks to slay the demons. And in the process, collect several items and step up your rank for more amazing combos.

Note: All wallpapers are in 4K resolution which you can set in Full HD as well.

1. Flamboyant Weapons

Devil May Cry 5 Wallpaper 4K Dante Bike

A stunning still of Dante riding a bike makes him look like a Moto GP racer. But he’s actually riding his weapon. For the initiated, Dante can turn his motorcycle into a weapon anytime.

2. Lady Who Hunts Devils

Devil May Cry 5 Wallpaper 4K Lady

One of the new playable characters is called Lady (yes, no kidding). She’s part of Dante’s troop, and she means business. Lady will slyly hand over the pointless tasks to others and focus on the real bounty. Don’t get deceived by her looks.

3. Femme Fatale

Devil May Cry 5 Wallpaper 4 K Trish

Trish is one of the new playable characters who’s currently entangled in the soup while Dante saves her from a horrible monster. That nasty monster snatched all her clothes, and you know where that would go. After Dante saved her life, Trish reformed to become the devil hunter.

4. The Nerd in the Herd

Devil May Cry 5 Wallpaper 4K Nico

Just like James Bond had a Q to give him all the fancy gadgets and gizmos, even Nero gets a nerd. Nico is the genius who makes weapons for Nero’s robotic arm. Nico’s appearance is quite attractive — a typical nerd looks with supermodel attributes.

5. A Storm Is Coming

Devil May Cry 5 Wallpaper 4K Nero Gazing

Nero works for the Order of the Swords. He carries a demonic hand which has the powers inherited from Sparda. This iconic backshot of Nero staring at the massive demonic creature scaling up to the sky is fantastic. Also, his sword is quite admirable too.

6. Up the Ante

Devil May Cry 5 Wallpaper 4K Dante Slash

The half-demon Dante is a ridiculous demon hunter always up for action. I mean, the action captured in the new game is ridiculously cool. Take this wallpaper for instance where Dante is slashing away the demons with his bike that he makes it look like a child’s play.

7. The Face of the Evil

Devil May Cry 5 Wallpaper Face Evil

There’s no other evil like the face of the devil himself. So here’s a shot of Dante in his demonic version. In a way, it is quite similar to that of Lucifer and Dante’s (the poet) version of Satan.

8. Learn the Combos

Devil May Cry 5 Wallpaper 4K Combos

Devil May Cry 5 isn’t a mindless hack and slash game. You need to learn the Devil Breakers and other killer combos to climb the SSS rank gradually. Well, SSS stands for Smokin’ Sexy Style. Whether you use weapons or rely on your abilities, it is fun to mix them up at times.

9. Hacking the Bridge

Devil May Cry 5 Wallpaper 4K Hacking Bridge

The demons are about to start a menace on the bridge and the young protagonist, Nero is out to take things under control. This wallpaper is a fabulous shot of Nero’s sword which carries a righteous name — The Red Queen.

10. There Will Be Blood

Devil May Cry 5 Wallpaper 4K Blood

Very few folks have the heart and guts to keep anything gory as their wallpaper. Well, if you’re one of them or want to dare to do that for a bit, this image is an excellent place to start.

11. Many Shades of Nero

Devil May Cry 5 Wallpaper 4K Nero Many

Ever since his debut in Devil May Cry 4, Nero has evolved with his capabilities to fight using different types of mythical swords and weapons. Well, this one neon-esque shot gathers Nero’s abilities in one frame. And boy, Nero can deliver some serious action.

12. The Van

Devil May Cry 5 Wallpaper 4K Van

This wallpaper is too cinematic. A van is carrying a neon sign that reads Devil May Cry standing next to a red phone booth where Nero is making a call.

Devil Will Cry

There’s a sizable audience out that loves the outlandish action and cool factor of the Devil May Cry 5 game. With new playable characters, this is a fast-paced action game that often takes you to the extremes length that it does get outrageous. However, it’s an action game after all that stylizes the retro fight sequences into a new flavor and makes it enjoyable.

Devil May Cry 5 is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. And we wonder which character are you going to play first in this game.

Last updated on 15 February, 2023

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