5 Best Dark Sky Alternatives for Android

Dark Sky is a beautiful weather app for Android and iOS phones. Recently, Apple acquired Dark Sky, and that did make a lot of Android users anxious. The Dark Sky team announced that the app would no longer be available for Android users after July 1, 2020. That’s an indication for us to look for worthy Dark Sky alternatives for Android.

Dark Sky Alternatives

It’s not easy to move to a new app overnight, especially knowing how amazing Dark Sky app is. The app will be available for download until July 1, 2020, for Android and WearOS. Post that, it will just vanish and will be unusable for those who already have it.

Anyway, before that hits your phone, let’s take a look at some other beautiful, real-time weather data offering apps.

Let’s begin.

1. Weather and Widget

One of the things users loved about Dark Sky was its amazing widgets. Weather and Widget is pretty close with amazing widgets that are beautiful and very accurate. They have a marketplace for uploading photos of different weather conditions, which are then matched with your weather forecast.

Dark Sky Alternatives 1
Dark Sky Alternatives 2

Once you have chosen a widget, there are many options available to customize it like weather forecast duration, interval, widget design, and even fonts. Every aspect of the app can be customized, including the weather icon.

Dark Sky Alternatives 3
Dark Sky Alternatives 4

It offers a plethora of additional weather details like sun and moon timings, radar maps, and even air quality measurements. Then you will find regular weather details like temp, feels like, precip, rain, cloud cover, and wind speed with direction.

Dark Sky Alternatives 5
Dark Sky Alternatives 6

WoW is a very detailed and customizable weather app that’s beautiful and functional. There are no ads, but you can donate if you like.

2. Windy

Windy is a seriously powerful weather app, and it is more suitable for sailors, pilots, paragliders, and others. Regular folks who love their weather or live in areas that are prone to twisters, cyclones, or tsunamis should also install it. Windy will show you a world map with the real-time wind, rain, temperature, waves, clouds, and air quality in an interactive map.

Dark Sky Alternatives 7
Dark Sky Alternatives 8

Once you have selected a metric, you can tap anywhere on the world map to know more details. For example, wind direction, speed, and so on. Scroll the bottom bar to know forecasts for the next few hours to days and even weeks.

Dark Sky Alternatives 9
Dark Sky Alternatives 10

The developer says there are over 40 weather maps to explore, which is too much for me, to be honest. The ozone layer, active fires, or webcams anyone? Then there are points of interest like popular destinations and airports that are listed separately.

Windy is a powerful, powerful weather app with all kinds of data available at your fingertips. What’s even more amazing is that the UI is not at all cluttered, and the app is easy to use and navigate. It is also free and is supported by donations.

3. Today Weather

As awesome as Windy is, it can be a little too much for some users. Plus, it lacks some simple features like daily notifications. Today Weather is another Dark Sky alternative with a beautiful layout and accurate data. There is plenty of useful info available, and the graphics are nice to look at.

Dark Sky Alternatives 11
Dark Sky Alternatives 12

There is also a radar section if that’s your thing, but it covers far fewer data points than what we saw with Windy. I would say less is more here as not everyone needs that much anyway.

Dark Sky Alternatives 13
Dark Sky Alternatives 14

Today Weather covers all the basic weather requirements in a neat package and offers some cool graphics and animations. The premium version will remove ads, allow changing icon sets and data sources, and unlock the radar options. One of the better Dark Sky alternatives for Android users.

4. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is one of the most popular and trusted names in the niche. There are plenty of apps that show weather, send alerts and whatnot, but what about the news? What about videos? The Weather Channel covers that too, and it can be very informative or fun.

Dark Sky Alternatives 15
Dark Sky Alternatives 16

You can set up alerts for different government alerts, rains, breaking news, snow, storms, and so on. You can view past and future conditions under the radar tab.

Dark Sky Alternatives 17
Dark Sky Alternatives 18

The Weather Channel is completely free and ad-supported. The data is reliable and used by many other weather apps, but the UI itself is rather bland and lacks imagination.

5. YoWindow

YoWindow made this list for not only its real-time weather reports but also for its real-time animations. For example, it will rain on your screen when it is raining outside and will stop when it stops outside. They have animations for entire cityscapes with cars moving and planes flying. People will even open umbrellas on your screen.

Dark Sky Alternatives 19

There are also different landscapes at different times of the year. Most common data points are covered in the app, but it lacks advanced features like radar we saw in some of the above Dark Sky alternatives.

Dark Sky Alternatives 20

Dark Side

I would recommend WoW or Weather and Widget. It is beautiful, offers lots of data points, and is easy to use. If you are looking for even more data or travel a lot, Windy is a powerful Dark Sky alternative. Very accurate and real-time weather reports. Some honorable mentions involve Yahoo Weather and AccuWeather that are also pretty awesome. Check them out if you want more options.

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Last updated on 04 February, 2022

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