11 HD Wall­pa­pers of Cute Ani­mals That Will Melt Your Heart

Krishanu Dutta

I've never met an animal I didn't like, and I can't say the same thing about people.

American film star and wildlife activist Doris Day's words resonate exactly how I feel about man-animal connect and conflict. Many of us are suckers for cute animals — be it dogs, cats, ducks or even dolphins. We love them all!

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To celebrate the co-existence of such amazing beings with us humans, we have compiled a list of high-definition wallpapers of cute animals that will melt your heart.

Note: To download these images, right-click on the image of your choice and click Save image as, alternatively use the download links below each one to get them in full resolution.

1. Man's Best Friend

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Source: HD Wallpapers
Your year-old pup is as physically mature as a human teenager. Treat it with utmost care and respect and it'll love you back in more ways than you can imagine.

2. Pocketful of Cuteness

Cute Animal Wallpapers 2
Source: Wallpapers Craft

Kittens can’t see & hear fully until 2-3 weeks old. They mature fully only after a month. So, be very careful when you have a kitten nearby.

3. Li'l Lover Boy

Cute Animal Wallpapers 3
Source: Alpha Coders
When your dog spins in a circle before settling down, it's his way of making himself feel at home. It's a nesting trait they inherit from their ancestors.

4. The Handsome One

Cute Animal Wallpapers 4
Source: Wallpapers Wide
As horses have eyes on the side of their heads, they are capable to get a near-360° view at one time.

5. Black-and-White Beauties

Cute Animal Wallpapers 5
Source: New Evolution Designs
The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) chose the Panda to be their logo as they wanted to save printing costs.

6. Slow, Cute and Steady

Cute Animal Wallpapers 6
Source: HD Nice Wallpapers
Some species of turtles lay eggs in the sandy coastlines around the world and leave them to hatch on their own. The newborns make their way to the top of the sand and reach the open waters, escaping the lurking claws of predators.

7. Adorable Amphibians

Cute Animal Wallpapers 7
Source: Evolution Creations
Seals spend most of their life in water. However, they mate, nest and take care of themselves on the rocky shore.

8. Go Ducky Go

Cute Animal Wallpapers 8
Source: BHM Pics
Did you know that a male duck is called a drake, a female duck a hen, and the baby duck a duckling?

9. Polar Affection

Cute Animal Wallpapers 9
Source: Wallpapers Home
Female polar bears give birth in snow dens in the cold months of November or December. The polar bear family stays protected in the dens from the merciless, chilling Arctic environment.

10. Marine Marvels

Cute Animal Wallpapers 10
Source: Wallpapers Rim
Known for their playful nature, dolphins are surprisingly intelligent. They are as smart as apes, and the evolution of their larger brains is surprisingly similar to that of humans.

11. The Ancient One

Cute Animal Wallpapers 11
Source: Pexels
Alpacas are resistant to water and flames. Their fleece is extremely valuable and this is the reason they have been revered and worshiped by the Incans for 6,000 years.

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