How to Create an Original Pin on Pinterest

Pinterest is our go-to app for all kinds of inspirational needs. Be it fashion, quotes, travel ideas, or home décor, we find all sorts of fantastic images on Pinterest.

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At times, even we like to post on Pinterest. But when it comes to adding our pins, we are lost. That’s because unlike other social apps, the add pin button in Pinterest is slightly hidden for beginners and at an awkward place for regular users.

So if you have been looking for a way to add your image to Pinterest, you are at the right place. Here you will get to know how you can add your own pins, what kinds of pins are supported, and similar other things. Let’s get started.

What Are Pins

For the unaware, Pinterest is made up of pins. All the images and videos you see on Pinterest are referred to as pins. So if you have to add an image on Pinterest, it will be called as adding a pin. To categorize pins, Pinterest offers boards. You can create various boards to segregate your pins such as bridal dress, cushions, life quotes, and more. Learn about the difference between pins and boards.

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Types of Pins You Can Create on Pinterest

Other than images, you can upload both videos and GIFs to Pinterest. The pin specifications vary from image to GIF.

How to Post on Pinterest

There are three ways to upload your pictures on Pinterest.

  1. Manually add pictures
  2. Add using link/web
  3. Add using the browser button

1. Manually Upload Pictures to Pinterest

Here’s how to create own pins for both regular users and business account.

Create Pin on Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)

Step 1: Open the Pinterest app and tap on the Saved tab at the bottom.

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Step 2: Tap on the plus sign present at the top.

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Step 3: Choose Pin from the menu. You can tap on Board to create a board first. But that’s not necessary as it can be done later too.

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Step 4: You will see the images available from the selected folder on your phone. Tap on the image to select it and tap Next. If you want to change the folder, tap on the folder name at the top. And if you wish to add a new photo, use the camera icon.

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Step 5: Give a title to your pin and write a meaningful description. You can even add a destination website (more on this screen below).

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Step 6: Tap on Create board to make a new board. Give it a relatable name so that it’s easily identifiable. By default, the boards the public. So anything that you add to them will be visible to everyone. To make it private, enable the toggle next to Keep board secret.

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You can even add collaborators. That is useful for brands who require more people to manage their boards on Pinterest. Tap on Create to save the pin to this board.

Create a Pin on Pinterest Website

Step 1: Open the homepage of the Pinterest website and click on the add icon present at the bottom-right corner. Select Create a Pin from it.

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Step 2: On the pin builder screen, either drag and drop the image in the required place or click it to upload from your computer.

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Step 3: Add a relevant title and describe it in the given boxes. Click on the box next to ‘Save’ to choose and create a new board.

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Create a Pin on Pinterest Business Account

On the Pinterest app home screen, tap on the Create icon at the bottom. Select Pin from the menu. The rest of the steps are the same as mentioned above for regular accounts.

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On the website, open the Pinterest home page and click on the Create Pin button present on the left side. Alternatively, use the red add pin icon present in the top bar and select Create Pin from it.

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Rest of the steps are the same as for regular users. However, business account holder get some additional benefits such as post scheduling, crop, ability to add text and logo. All this is possible with the pin builder feature.

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2. Create Pin from Link

Here’s how to go about it.

Add Pin from Web on Mobile Apps

Step 1: Follow steps 1-3 from the mobile apps section as described above.

Step 2: Tap on the globe icon and enter the website URL from which you want to add a pin. Tap on the Search button.

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Pinterest Add Own Pin 16

Step 3: Pinterest will load and show you the available images. Select the image and hit the Next button. You can also select all the available photos by using the Select All button.

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Step 4: Now, either choose an existing board or tap on Create board to make a new one.

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Add Pin from Web on Website

Step 1: Follow steps 1-2 from the web section to launch the pin builder screen.

Step 2: Click on the Save from site button.

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Step 3: Enter the URL. Then hit the small arrow next to the box to load the images.

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Step 4: Select the image and click on the Add to Pin button.

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Step 5: Enter the title, description, and choose a board for your pin.

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3. Create Pins Using Browser Buttons

Instead of manually entering the website URL, you can directly create a pin from any website using the browser buttons. Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, all you need to do is click on the button, and it will load all the images present on the particular website. Click on the image and hit the save button.

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Importance of Pin Title and Description

As you saw above, you will be asked to enter a title and description while creating a pin. While both are optional, you shouldn’t leave them blank, especially if you own a business account on Pinterest.

Anything you enter in title and description is searchable. So when you add relevant text, it appears in the search results. For instance, if you run a travel account on Pinterest, adding words solo travel, unique travel places, etc. would make sense. You should know your target audience when using the keywords in title and description. Pinterest also supports hashtags, but they aren’t as powerful as they are on Instagram or other social networks.

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Further, Pinterest provides an option to drive traffic to an external link, such as your website, on the same screen where you need to enter the pin title and description. It’s known by the name Destination website. Click on the Add button and enter the desired link. When anyone clicks on your pin, they will be taken to that website.

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Be Creative

Now that you know how to add your pins to Pinterest use your creative skills to make enticing images. Do remember to add them in relevant boards as they play an important role. It will help you as well as others who are looking for similar images.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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