Cordless Vacuum Cleaner vs Robot Vacuum: Which Vacuum Cleaner Should You Buy

Gone are the days when you had to lug a huge vacuum cleaner to clean your house. With cleaning being an everyday domestic chore, you’d want a vacuum cleaner that cleans efficiently and is easy to use. Cordless stick vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners are two of the popular contestants when it comes to house cleaning gadgets. However, which one should you choose and why?

Well, that’s what we will find in this post today as we pit the features of a cordless stick vacuum cleaner against a robot vacuum cleaner and see which one suits your needs better.

Since it’s going to be a long post, let’s get going, shall we? But first,


The main highlight of cordless stick vacuum cleaners is the sleek design, especially when compared to humongous wired vacuum cleaners. And the design is rather simple. The nozzle is at the bottom, while the dust bag is near the handle. All the controls are near the handle, and you can switch the controls as per your needs.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

While many stick vacuum cleaners let you change the battery, a few come with built-in batteries. Nevertheless, the runtime of 45-60 minutes is enough for a medium-sized house. Plus, some devices like the Dyson V11 Torque pack a wall mount to stow when not in use. The good thing is that the device charges during this time.

On the other hand, robot vacuum cleaners are small and compact. The good thing is that the charging station fits into any corner of your house. Apart from the main power cord connecting the charging station, you needn’t deal with any unwieldy cords, just like a stick vacuum cleaner.

After you complete the cleaning, the device moves back automatically to its charging base. Simple, right?

Ease of Use

One of the biggest differences between a stick vacuum cleaner and a robot vacuum cleaner is the amount of manual intervention required. For example, after a robot vacuum cleaner has the area of your house mapped out, it will clean the house without any manual intervention. You’ll need to set a schedule or start the cleaner from the app on your smartphone, and it will do its job.

The only issue is that robot vacuum cleaners are slow compared to their stick counterparts. And it takes a good amount of time to finish a cleaning task. For example, my wet and dry TechLife RMH2101 robot vacuum takes approximately 30 minutes to clean and mop two medium-sized rooms. And when it comes to cleaning the whole house, it often takes around an hour (and additional charges).

Secondly, there’s the task of keeping the floor clean, including small rugs, carpets, or any random objects before you schedule the robot cleaner to start its job. You’ll have to ensure that the floor is free from such objects, or else the robot may get stuck while cleaning.

It, ultimately, defeats your purpose of ‘convenient cleaning.’ On the upside, if you have a pet who sheds a lot, the robot vacuum cleaner will do the deed of scouring and cleaning the floor.

On the other hand, cleaning with a stick vacuum cleaner means the physical act of cleaning. There’s no automation, so you will have to hold the cleaner while cleaning your house. But the good news is that it’s much faster. Provided it has a strong suction power and is lightweight. Also, you clean the house faster than the circular robot vacuum cleaner.

Tineco A11 Hero

But then again, you will have to sacrifice a little of your time daily. While in the case of a robot vacuum cleaner, you can start it from the comfort of your desk and continue doing your work.

Cleaning Expertise

As you may have guessed, a robot vacuum cleaner is confined to cleaning only the free horizontal surface of your house. It will chart out its map and area of action, and clean likewise. While on the other hand, a premium stick vacuum cleaner is a versatile product. It can clean most things – From your car’s interior to drapes, tables, mattresses, and even ceiling nooks.

For instance, the Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless has a specially built brush roll to suck up pet hairs and dust from furniture and drapes. At the same time, the HEPA filter at the rear ensures that unclean air doesn’t escape.

That said, the real deal is the suction power of the device. Most premium cordless vacuum cleaners do a neat job licking dust, cereal bits, pet hair, and dander and lint from floors and furniture. However, these devices do not have a wet compartment, which means you will have to deal with mopping the floor later.

On the other hand, some robot vacuum cleaners like the Bissell SpinWave will keep your house dust free and also mop up spills and sticky messes.

But at the end of the day, the suction rarely equals the suction power of a full-fledged stick cleaner. Plus, you will have to consider the point that the robot vacuum cleaner can’t clean all places, especially under cabinets (where it has the potential to get stuck), high-volume carpets, or small nooks and crannies.

Maintenance in the Long Run

From the maintenance point of view, cordless stick vacuum cleaners are simple to use and clean. The dust bag should be emptied when it fills up. Plus, the brush roll should be cleared of any tangled hairs and lint.

Because a typical stick vacuum cleaner has fewer moving parts, there are fewer chances of machine stalling and tangles. Naturally, the upkeep costs are low in the long run. The primary upkeep costs come in the form of filter replacements, filter cleaning, and battery replacement in the long run.

On the other hand, the compact structure of robot vacuum cleaners translates into more moving parts. And the addition of wet compartments adds to the maintenance costs. For instance, you will have to clean the rotating brush and dustbin after almost every cleaning task. Secondly, you will have to replace the dirty water with clean water before every cleaning operation. Plus, you will need to replace the mop pad regularly.

Which One Should You Buy

So which one should you buy? Well, it ultimately depends on your requirements. If you seldom get time to clean your house and if your house has very few items scattered on the floor, then a robot vacuum cleaner makes sense. Do note that you will have to spend time initially for it to map your house. Once done, you can schedule the time when you are not home or before you wake up.

However, do note that robot vacuum cleaners seldom deep-cleans. And you will have to invest time in deep cleaning your house if you plan to rely solely on one.

On the other hand, a cordless stick vacuum cleaner can be ideal for an extended house and want a versatile machine that can clean furniture, carpets, and hardwood floors. You will spend less time dusting and cleaning. Instead, you can do it all with the cordless vacuum cleaner. Plus, you have to worry less about dust hiding in little corners or below coffee tables or end tables.

Last updated on 17 August, 2022

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