7 Cool Tesla Model X Wallpapers You Should Get [4K, HD]

With the cherry-red Tesla Roadster about to make its maiden trip to space, looks like the buzz around electric vehicles isn't going to die anytime soon.

While the Tesla Roadster may have a record-breaking performance, let's not forget the older Tesla vehicles, which also garnered their share of attention upon their launch.

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One such car is the Tesla Model X. With a seating capacity of seven, the Model X is capable of reaching 0 to 60mph in 6 seconds. Impressive, right?

To pay homage to such engineering feats, we have scoured the Internet to bring you the coolest Tesla Model X wallpaper collection in both HD and 4K. Check them out!

Note: To download these images, right-click on the image of your choice and click Save image as. Alternatively, use the download links below each one to get them in full resolution.

1. That Elegance


Did you know that the Tesla Model X comes with Tesla Autopilot?

2. The Novitec Tesla Model X


Initially, the double-hinged Falcon Wing doors were riddled with issues such as overheating, speed, and symmetry. However, Tesla fixed these issues with OTA updates.

3. The Story of Panoramic Windshield


The panoramic windscreen in the Model X is one of the largest in the world and provides an amazing overhead view.

4. An All-wheel Drive


Did you know that the Tesla Model X 100D has a 295-mile range? It can reach 0 to 60mph in just 4.7 seconds.

5. Them Wings!


The Model X 75D is the recipient of the Top Green Vehicle for 2017. This award is given by the American Automobile Association.

6. The Golden Steering Wheel


Did you know that the Golden Steering Wheel (Das Goldene Lenkrad) award is considered one of the most prestigious auto awards? The Model X was honored with this award in 2016.

7. The Beast


The Model X P100D sports a medical-grade HEPA air filtration system. On paper, this system can prevent viruses from entering the car.

So, Which One Did You Get?

Tesla has played a big role when it comes to the crossover from conventional cars to electric vehicles. With the new Tesla Roadster clocking record-level speed, little is left to the imagination as to what Elon Musk is capable of.

So, which one of these stunning wallpapers did you download? We will be waiting to hear from you.

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