3 Easy Tricks to Convert a PNG Screenshot to JPG in Windows 10

If you take screenshots on your PC often, you’d agree that it really is a nifty feature. Tap the Windows & Print Screen (PrtSc) buttons on your keyboard, and an image of your current screen will be saved to your computer. However, Windows automatically saves screenshots in PNG format by default. So how would you convert PNG screenshots to JPG?

Windows 10 Scrolling Screenshots

If you ever need to save/convert your screenshot(s) from PNG to JPG or other image formats, there are a couple of tricks in Windows that allow you to achieve that. I’ll list the tricks below.

Fun Fact: JPG and PNG are the most commonly used image formats in the world. Check out the differences between the two formats in the link below.

1. Convert Using Microsoft Paint

Aside from using Microsoft Paint to edit images, the software could also be used to save screenshots as JPG and other formats.

Step 1: Capture your screen using holding the Windows + PrtSc shortcut.

Step 2: Type Paint in the Search box and launch the Microsoft Paint app.

Screenshot Jpg Png

Step 3: Immediately paste the image into Paint using Ctrl + V keyboard shortcut or tapping the Paste icon at the top-left corner of the app.

Save Screenshot Jpg Using Paint

Did You Know:

Step 4: The screenshot you captured will be pasted into Paint from the Windows Clipboard. You can then proceed to save as JPG.

Screenshot In Paint

Step 5: Hit Ctrl + S shortcut on your keyboard to save the screenshot.

Step 6: Click the drop-down button next to the ‘Save as type’ option and select JPEG (JPG).

Save Screenshot Jpg In Paint

Step 7: You can rename the screenshot and also select the location you want it saved. Then hit the Save button.

Alternatively, you can click File on the Paint Ribbon menu and select Save as. Paint will provide a list of available formats to save your screenshot in. Select the JPEG picture and save the screenshot.

Save Screenshot Jpg Paint Windows

2. Using The Snipping Tool

Another tool you can use to save your screenshots as JPG instead of the default PNG format is built-in Snipping tool.

Step 1: Type in Snipping tool in your PC’s search box and launch the Snipping tool.

Convert Screenshot Png Jpg Windows 10

Step 2: Tap the New button and drag the cursor across the area of the screen you want to capture.

Convert Screenshot Png Jpg Windows

Step 3: Hit Ctrl + S shortcut on your keyboard to save the screenshot, or navigate to File > Save as.

Save Screenshot Png Jpg Windows

Step 4: In the ‘Save as type’ option, tap the drop-down button and select JPEG file as the format. You can also choose the location you want the file to be saved.

Save Screenshot As Jpeg Windows

Step 5: Tap Save, and your screenshot will be saved in the selected image format — JPG.

Fun Fact:

Pngto Jpg

This tool is also easy to use and relatively converts your files in seconds. The maximum size of a single file you can convert using this website, however, is pegged at 35MB.

Soda Pdf

SodaPDF also emails you a link to your file after converting it from PNG to JPG. You can share this link with friends, colleagues, etc. The link is only valid for 24 hours.

Convert PNG Images to Save Space

These are two of the simplest ways to save your screenshots as JPG images on a Windows 10 PC. You can also use these methods to convert a PNG screenshot to a JPG screenshot.

When you have time and limited files to convert, it’s best to take the help of Windows software. That way, you can customize, crop, and edit images on your computer. If you have a large bunch of PNG files and want to squeeze them into an archive, an online tool is the best option.

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Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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