How to Convert and Compress Video Files Using UniConverter on Windows and Mac

With the rise of affordable smartphones with powerful processors and 4K TVs, recording a 4K video is the new normal. The 4K resolution footage is so crisp and clear, and you can pull stills from such videos. At the end of the day, such videos are heavy in terms of filesize and sharing them over via email or messenger is such a headache. You can either compress them into smaller archive size or convert them into a universally acceptable acceptable format. While there are many free online apps to convert and compress videos, not all of them are safe, especially if you are handling personal videos. In such cases, the best bet is to rely on a third-party video editing app like UniConverter.

How to Convert and Compress Video Files Using Uniconverter on Windows and Mac

Third-party apps like UniConverter give you plenty of room to play around when it comes to converting videos to a different format or compressing them to a smaller size.

Truth be told, dealing with video files can be confusing. There are several audio-video formats, and not every app offers the support for most, if not all, of those formats. For instance, Instagram Stories shows a blank screen if you try to upload a UHD video. Or take the case of WhatsApp video upload, which strips videos of all their details and clarity.

Apps like UniConverter take care of all that by letting you pick from a diverse range of video formats and compression quality. In short, you can customize the video’s size and quality as per your preference instead of letting the other app or service.

So, if you share often share videos with your friends and family, here’s how to convert them on your PC or Mac using the UniConverter app.

What Is UniConverter

UniConverter is a simple and easy-to-use video converter which takes care of your video woes. It supports a wide range of audio and video formats.

The crux of this app is that it’s fast and renders videos in quickly. Of course, the rendering time also depends on the original size of the video and the selected resolution and format. The best part is that UniConverter is designed to harness the computer graphics card’s power to render the final output. As a result of that, the process is fast and quick. It becomes better if you have a dedicated GPU on your PC or laptop.

Apart from the above, it bundles a video editor, video merger, and a screen recorder which may come in handy any time.

Now, let’s see how to convert and compress video files using UniConverter on Windows and Mac.

How to Convert Video Files on PC and Mac

Step 1: Once the app has finished installing, open the Video Converter tab and upload your first video. For that, click on the Plus icon as shown in the screenshot below. At the same time, you can also select folders directly from DVDs.

How to Convert and Compress Video Files on Windows and Mac 1

Once done, the details of the video like the format, resolution, size, and subtitles will appear.

How to Convert and Compress Video Files on Windows and Mac 2

Step 2: Click on the small cog-shaped icon and you will see all the options such as MOV, AVI, and HEVC, along with the supported resolution. And yeah, there’s a handy option for Instagram as well.

How to Convert and Compress Video Files on Windows and Mac 3

If you want to share the video among several people, use the MP4 format since phones, tablets, and laptops support it. In short, the receiver will have no issues in playing the video. The only thing you have to take care of is the resolution.

Cool Tip: You can also convert a video to a lossless audio file by clicking on the Audio tab.

Step 3: Once you have picked the format, you can play with the other aspects of the video before converting it. For one, you can add a subtitle.

Simply click on the Subtitle dropdown > Add Subtitle, and pick the file from your PC or Mac.

How to Convert and Compress Video Files on Windows and Mac 4

That option lets you snip off any part of the video that you do not want.

How to Convert and Compress Video Files on Windows and Mac 5

All you need to do is adjust the pointers as shown in the screenshot below and click OK.

Step 4: Once you have applied all the finishing touches, click on Convert and you will see the results in a short while. The best part is that you can add several videos to the queue and convert them all at once.

While UniConverter places all the videos in the Wondershare folder, you can change it and choose your destination folder. Or, you can pick the source folder to render the file. Just click on the tiny Folder icon at the bottom ribbon and you will be sorted.

How to Convert and Compress Video Files on Windows and Mac 6

UniConverter also has another feature called High Speed Conversion, which bumps the conversion speed with minimum loss in quality. If your computer is beefed up with a lot of RAM (at least 16GB) and a dedicated GPU, then you can witness the true potential of this feature.

How to Convert and Compress Video Files on Windows and Mac 7

There are some limitations though. For example, you can convert videos in select formats only. And the output format is limited to MP4, AVI, MKV, M4V, and MOV.

If you are satisfied with a conversion preset, the best would be to save it as a custom preset. For that, open the Conversion Settings (cog-shaped icon) and tap on the Edit button. Give a name to the preset and then tweak the settings as per your preference.

How to Convert and Compress Video Files on Windows and Mac 8

Once done, click on Create, and that’s it. The next time whenever you have a video to convert, pick the now-created preset from the list.

How to Compress Video Files on PC & Mac

Similar to the process above, compressing videos on UniConverter is an easy task. And as mentioned above, there is minimal loss in quality. UniConveter pulls this feat by playing with the bitrate of the video without losing out on video quality.

Step 1: Once you have uploaded the video, you will see all the important features such as format, resolution, time, and the current size. As noted earlier, you get plenty of room to play around with the compression size. For now, the app gives you around seven different compression options.

How to Convert and Compress Video Files on Windows and Mac 9

The trick is simple. If you want to reduce the file size slightly, you can opt for one of the lower compression rates. If you want to reduce the size drastically, you can opt for one of the bigger rates.

How to Convert and Compress Video Files on Windows and Mac 10

The good thing is that even if you opt for the latter, you can still pick a high-resolution output.

Step 2: Now that you have picked the compression rate, it’s time to select the final resolution and the format. Click on the cog-shaped icon and pick the resolution and the format as per your preference. The file output size will appear at the top with other details.

How to Convert and Compress Video Files on Windows and Mac 11

Furthermore, you can also preview the first 20 seconds of the video. Once you are satisfied with the output, click on the Compress button, and the app will do the rest. And hey, change the location of the output file before you hit the Compress button.

How to Convert and Compress Video Files on Windows and Mac 12

As you might already know, the size of the original video is one factor determining the compression speed. So, depending on your selection criteria, the compression time will vary.

Compress & Convert Like a Pro

That’s how you can convert and compress your video files effortlessly on your PC or Mac. What makes the deal sweeter is that the interface is straightforward, and all the options are laid out neatly.

The free version of UniConverter has some limitations. For one, you can only convert 1/3rd of the audio and video file. More importantly, the High-Speed Download is hidden behind a paywall.

How to Convert and Compress Video Files on Windows and Mac 13

All these limitations are removed when you upgrade to the paid version of UniConverter. The Annual Plan for the whole suite is available for $29.95, while the Lifetime Plan costs $45.96 for Windows ($59.95 for Mac).

Both the plans give you access to the complete suite, including full video conversions and compressions, high-speed download, video editing, merging multiple files, and converting audio to other formats. At the same time, you can’t opt for the online version of UniConveter if you have videos smaller than 100MB to convert or compress.

For now, UniConverter is available at a discount of 40% when you buy using the link below.