How to Control Your Netflix Profile with Google Assistant

Google is no longer a search engine company. It is in the business of AI. Search, content (text, audio, and video), mobile OS, smart home devices … all this comes together to create Google Assistant. Google is now pairing Assistant with even third party services, like Netflix.

Control Netflix Profile With Google Assistant

I love Netflix like everyone else. The fact that I can now control my Netflix profile using Google Assistant will only make the experience better. Yes, Google has just announced voice match support for individual Netflix profiles.

This means you can now use Google Assistant to play content from your Netflix profile instead of the main account. Different Google accounts can be linked to different Netflix profiles. This was not possible earlier. By default, Google Assistant would play from the main/primary account.

I can now continue with my re-run of Breaking Bad without having to worry about my bro who is fixated with Narcos!

Cool Trick:

How to Control Netflix with Google Assistant in 5 Steps

Instead of the Google Home device, I will use my Android. The process remains the same though. You must be signed in to Netflix on your Android phone before you begin with the setup process.

Note: Google has clarified

Tap and hold the home button to bring up Google Assistant. Here, click on the container shaped blue box to launch the explore mode. This is where Google Assistant will share its new tricks, and tell you what you can do with it.

Google Assistant Home Screen

Click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right of your screen and go to Settings.

Google Assistant Settings

Once inside Settings, you should be able to see your profile with a bunch of options. You can control the behavior of your Assistant here. Scroll to the very bottom of the screen and you will find Videos and Photos option. Click on it.

Google Assistant Videos And Photos

Under the heading Videos, you will see a single option: Netflix. You are currently not signed in. Click on the blue Link button to begin the process.

Google Assistant Netflix Option

You will see a popup notification with a disclaimer for privacy policy and asking for confirmation. Go through it and then Click on Link Account.

Google Assistant Netflix Policy

Sign in to your Netflix account when the page loads in your default browser. You should now see a list of your Netflix profiles. Select the one that you want to connect with this particular device and Google account.

Google Assistant Connect Netflix Account

You will be asked to confirm your selection. Click on Confirm.

Google Assistant Netflix Connect Confirmation

You will now be taken back to the Video and Photos Settings screen where you will see that your Netflix account has been linked. If you ever feel the need to change profile, like when you change the device or Google account, you can click on the Manage Profile option here and change or unlink profile.

Google Assistant Netflix Connected

Now, let’s see how this plays out and what kind of instructions can we expect big G to follow. I asked Assistant to run Breaking Bad on Netflix but it didn’t work. You see, it understands the word ‘play’.

So, I asked again, politely this time, to ‘play breaking bad on Netflix’. I got a reply and Netflix started with Season 1, Episode 1 of the series.

Google Assistant Play Netflix

Google Assistant’s job is to open the app and launch the said movie or TV show when you say so. Netflix will then take over and resume playing from the point where you left last time.

Fun Fact:

Remember that in order for Google Assistant to work, the show or movie that you want to watch should be available on Netflix in your country. Otherwise, it will draw a blank. OK Google, when will you support Hulu and Amazon Prime?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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