Top 7 Ways to Complete Your Reading Goals in 2018

Hear all bibliophiles! It’s the first month of 2018 and it’s time to refresh your reading goals. Like any year, adding books to your 2018 bucket list is an easy task, it’s the execution part that can be a little intimidating.

Top 7 Ways To Complete Your Reading Goals In 2018

With the millennials being always pushed for time, completing a reading goal can be tough but not unattainable.

How? Well, we have rounded up the top 7 ways to complete your reading goals in 2018.

1. Too Busy? Transform Books into 15-Min Quick Read

Big reading goals can sometimes seem frightening but, if you can cleverly break them down, you can still chase your goal. A great way to go about it is to start small, especially when it comes to non-fiction books. That’s when apps such as Blinkist come to play.

Blinkist converts big fat books into 15-min quick reads so that you get its full essence without going into details. This way, not only can you gain knowledge but also save time.

Top 7 Ways To Complete Your Reading Goals In 2018 2
Top 7 Ways To Complete Your Reading Goals In 2018 1

What’s more? If you love a book too much, you can always get the full book and read it later in your free time. After all, we can never get enough of books, can we?

Use Blinkist for free to turn books into 15-min quick reads.

2. Join a Book Club

The human mind can be treacherous. While it duly helps you in creating a long and interesting goal, it tempts you with all the distractions when it comes to completing the goal. Aimlessly browsing your social-media feed or watching cute cat videos are just some of the many diversions.

Top 7 Ways To Complete Your Reading Goals In 2018 3

A smart way forward is participating in a book-reading challenge or joining a book club. These two options will give you the necessary motivation required to finish a book. Or even better, grab your friends and challenge them to finish a book before you.

3. Read During Your Commute

It’s estimated that an American spends 26 minutes, on an average, commuting to the office every day. While it may seem to be a small number, it accumulates to a whopping 130 hours in a month.

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So, how about we utilize this time in a better way? It’s 2018 and most of us have our smartphones with us. So, what better way than to utilize it in completing our reading goals.

Blinkist is one of the many Android apps that brings the book to your phone. Just download the app and start reading. iOS users can get the Blinkist app here.

4. Get an E-reader

The edge that e-readers hold over physical books is that you can load tens and hundreds of books into a single device. Plus, carrying an e-reader is pretty easy. Just put it in your bag and zoom off.

Top 7 Ways To Complete Your Reading Goals In 2018 4

Reading from multiple devices whether it’s a Kindle, phone or a book, breaks the monotony.

5. Read Diverse Books

Reading the same type of books over and over again can be boring for some. So, when you make your reading goals for 2018, make sure to include books from a wide range of topics.

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So, if you’re picking a digital book, you can also visit the Blinkist Discover All page to see what books are making their mark among the masses.

6. Grab Your Headphones

Eyes too sore to read yet your heart wants to go on? If yes, why not invest in audio books?

Top 7 Ways To Complete Your Reading Goals In 2018 1

With even popular books going the digital way, finding its audio book isn’t too hard. Just head over to any of the online stores and choose your pick from the list.

7. Keep Tracking Your Goals

Last, but not the least, don’t lose track of your reading goals. As daunting as it may seem to complete the task at hand, ensure that you log your numbers accurately.

Top 7 Ways To Complete Your Reading Goals In 2018 1
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Read Away, Bookworms!

This is how you can complete your reading goals in 2018. Do remember that it’s also important to pick books that both pique your interest and amuse you at the same time.

Do you follow any particular genre while reading books? We would love to know. Do share them in the comments section below.