How to Clear Cache in Opera and Opera GX

Opera and Opera GX are popular feature-rich browsers that enhance your browsing experience. However, like every other browser, Opera stores cache files to load content faster and improve the browsing experience. But when these files accumulate over time, they prevent browsers from functioning properly. Here’s how to clear the cache in Opera and Opera GX.

clear cache in Opera or Opera GX

Cache are temporary files that help reduce the loading time during browsing. However, they are notorious for causing issues Thankfully, the steps to clear cache in Opera or Opera GX browser are pretty simple. Moreover, these files are not essential and will be auto-generated by the browser.

If you are still not convinced, here are some more reasons to clear your browser cache regularly.

Why Should You Clear the Opera Browser Cache

We all browse the internet daily, and you may have noticed that some websites, especially those you mostly visit, load faster than others. This is partly because your browser stores temporary internet files, which are called cache.

However, not everything is flawless, as cache files have some drawbacks affecting your browsing experience and privacy. Here’re some reasons why you should clean them:

delete cookies and cache on Opera
  1. Improved Performance: Over time, the cache will accumulate outdated or unnecessary files, affecting the browser’s performance. Hence, when you clear the Opera or Opera GX browser cache, it will help the browser to update the cache and improve its performance.
  2. Privacy Protection: The cache files can contain certain sensitive information, including login credentials, browsing history, and personal data. If you share your computer or use a public device, deleting the Opera search history along with cache and cookies will ensure your data is safe from hackers and trackers.
  3. Resolving Website Issues: Sometimes, websites may not load correctly or display outdated content due to issues with cached files. Clearing the cache forces your browser to update the cache files, potentially resolving any display or functionality problems you may be experiencing.
  4. Accessing Updated Content: Websites often update their content, including design changes, new features, or bug fixes. If your browser has cached older versions of these files, you may not see the latest updates. By clearing the cache, you ensure that you view the up-to-date version of a website, providing you with the best user experience.

It’s important to note that clearing the complete cache will clear your credentials and thus log you out of websites. You’ll be required to reenter them the first time to log in.

Delete Search History on Opera or Opera GX

The easiest way to clear the Opera browser cache, cookies, and all such data is as follows:

Note: Check what you’re deleting so you don’t lose important data.

Step 1: Open the Opera browser and press Ctrl + H to open your history page.

Step 2: Hit ‘Clear Browsing Data’ in the top-right corner.

You can also open the history page from Settings > ‘Privacy & security’> ‘Clear browsing data.’

choose clear browser history

Step 3: Select what you want to delete, along with the time range.

Tip: To get advanced control over the data you want to clear, hit Advanced and choose the data you want.

Step 4: Once you make all the necessary changes, hit Clear data.

choose what to delete and hit clear data

Delete Cookies on Opera on PC

Apart from clearing the cache, you can follow these steps if you are only interested in clearing the cookies to stop the trackers in Opera or Opera GX. Alternatively, you can choose Cookies before clearing the browser history.

Step 1: Open Opera or Opera GX web browser on your PC.

Step 2: Hit the settings icon from the sidebar.

hit settings from the sidebar

Step 3: Click on ‘Privacy & security’ from the sidebar and choose ‘Cookies and other site data.’

choose privacy and security and hit cookies and other site data

Step 4: Select ‘See all site data and permissions.’

choose see all sire data and permissions

Step 5: Hit ‘Clear all data.’

choose clear all data on Opera

Step 6: Next, hit Clear to confirm the deletion.

hit clear to confirm

You can also toggle on ‘Clear cookies and site data when you quit Opera,’ which, as you can guess, will clear cookies in Opera or Opera GX once you quit the browser.

Clear Cookies of a Specific Website in Opera or Opera Gx

If you are not interested in deleting cookies and data of all the websites you visit in Opera and only want to do with a specific set of websites, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Opera or Opera GX and hit the settings icon from the sidebar.

hit settings from the sidebar

Step 2: Choose ‘Privacy & security’ and click on ‘Cookies and other site data.’

choose privacy and security and hit cookies and other site data

Step 3: Hit ‘See all site data and permissions.’

choose see all sire data and permissions

Step 4: Now, hit the trash button next to the site you want to clear the cookies.

hit the trash button where you want to delete website cookies

Step 5: Choose Clear to confirm

hit clear to confirm

Opera also offers to clear a specific set of cookies related to the website. To do that, hit the down arrow next to the website and, hit the trash button followed by Clear to confirm.

Clear Cache on Opera or Opera GX for Android and iPhone

Opera and Opera GX are also popular web browsers among smartphone users. Like its siblings in PC, mobile variants face performance issues from cache bloat and trackers following your web activities through cookies. Here’s how you can get rid of them on iOS and Android devices.

Method 1: Delete Cache From Opera Settings on iOS and Android

Step 1: Open Opera or Opera GX on your smartphone.

Note: On Opera GX, you need to tap the Opera logo.

Step 2: Tap your profile and hit settings.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Privacy & security’ and select Clear data.

Step 4: Choose the information you want to clear and tap on Clear data.

Tip: You can also open the Advanced tab and choose which data you want to clean.

choose the option and hit clear data

You can also choose ‘Clear data on exit’ from the ‘Privacy & security’ page, which ensures all your data is cleared once you complete a session. The page also lets you choose what all data to clear upon exiting the browser.

Method 2: Clear Opera App Cache on Android

Apart from the in-app option to clear cache and data in Opera or Opera GX, Android users can also choose another way to perform the same action. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open Settings and tap Apps.

choose apps from settings

Step 2: Choose Manage apps followed by Opera or Opera GX.

Step 3: Tap on Clear data. Here, you can choose between:

  • Manage space: This will redirect you to Opera storage, where you can select ‘Erase all data.’ You can also go to manage space > customize what data you want to clear and select Clear data.
  • Clear cache: This will only clear the app cache. Once you choose this, you need to select OK to confirm.

Since multiple Android OEMs offer different skins, the names of options and their positions may vary depending on your device.

FAQs on Clear Cache in Opera or Opera GX

1. Does clearing the cache remove viruses?

Clearing the browser cache does not remove viruses or malware directly from your computer. The browser cache is a set of temporary files that store data based on the websites you visit in images, scripts, and style sheets. Meanwhile, viruses and malware are malicious programs that infect your operating system or specific files and can’t be removed unless you use an antivirus.

2.  Will clearing the cache delete passwords?

Clearing the browser cache does not directly delete passwords. The browser cache primarily stores temporary files related to websites you visit, such as images, scripts, and style sheets. On the other hand, passwords are typically stored separately in the browser’s password manager or cookies. However, if you clear all the browser data or cookies, it might also remove the passwords.

3. How can I speed up my browser?

Apart from clearing the browser cache and data, you can disable browser extensions, update Opera, and reduce the number of open tabs among others. If it’s still slow, you can also check our list of the fastest browser for your system.

Don’t Stop Browsing

Opera is an amazing browser that comes with tons of features. However, over-accumulation of cache files can interrupt your browser performance. Hence, with our guide on how to clear cache in Opera or Opera GX, you can solve all these issues and have a great experience.

Last updated on 19 June, 2023

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