Top 21 Chrome for iPad Keyboard Shortcuts to Surf like a Pro

Aesthetically, Google Chrome on the iPad looks a lot like what you get on a desktop — curved tabs to the top, a rounded URL bar, readily accessible menu options, etc. Although it’s doesn’t support extensions, and other functions as its desktop counterpart, the seamless sync features, and buttery smooth user interface make it a force to be reckoned with.

Chrome I Pad Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Chrome is a productivity beast on the iPad when combined with a keyboard. But aside from using it to search for stuff or fill online forms-, you can also make use of various key combinations to navigate around. While they aren’t as sophisticated as on a desktop, these shortcuts should allow for a phenomenal browsing experience.

Keep in Mind:

1. Open New Tab

Upon launching Chrome, the first order of business is to go about opening a new tab. Press Command+T to open one immediately.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 1

2. Search Using Omnibox

Opening a new tab using your keyboard automatically puts you within the Chrome Omnibox (address bar) too. But how does one initiate a search while a site is loaded already? Press Command+L to activate the Omnibox again.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 2

3. Open Incognito Tab

Sometimes, you must be anonymous. Press Command+Shift+N to open a new Incognito tab. You can then surf away without having your browsing activity recorded locally.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 3

To switch back to using regular mode, press Command+T.

4. Move One Tab Back

Opening more than a single tab means that you need to start switching between them inevitably. Press Control+Shift+Tab to move one tab back. With the other keys held down, you can also press Tab repeatedly to move backward along the tab bar.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 4

Alternative Shortcut:

5. Move One Tab Forward

On the other hand, press Control+Tab to move one tab forward. Repeatedly move forward by pressing Tab with the Control key held down.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 5

Alternative Shortcut:

6. Close Tab

When it’s time to close a tab, stop reaching out with your hand and press Command+W instead.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 6

7. Re-Open Closed Tab

Accidentally exited a tab? Press Command+Shift+T to get it up and running again. You’ll be using this one a lot.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 7

8. Find In Page

Looking for a specific word or a term in a lengthy article or post? Press Command+F to bring up a nifty search box where you can then type in keywords and find whatever you are looking for faster.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 8

9. Bookmark Page

Want to bookmark your current tab? Not a problem. Press Command+D to do that immediately.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 9

If you want to edit the bookmark (name, folder, etc.), simply press Command+D again to open the Edit Bookmark pane. Cool, right?

10. Reload Page

Is a webpage acting up and not loading properly? Press Command+R to take a shot at reloading it from scratch.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 10

11. Go to a Previous Page

Whenever you want to go back to a previous page within a tab, press Command+[ to do that.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 11

Alternative Shortcut:

12. Go to the Next Page

After going back to a previous page, you may want to move forward again. Press Command+] and you should be good.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 12

Alternative Shortcut:

13. History

Want to check out what you were browsing during an earlier session? Press Command+Y to bring up the History pane.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 13

You can use the History pane shortcut as a quick means to clearing your browsing history as well, which is a bonus.

14. Bring Up Dock

Bringing up the dock using a touch gesture is unreliable. If you swipe too hard and Chrome takes you to the Home screen. And if you swipe too softly, nothing happens. Cut to the chase and press Option+Command+D instead. Perform the keystroke again to hide the dock.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 14

The dock lets you access to your pinned and recent apps. It is also vital for initiating split-view. Drag and pull out an app from the dock to start multitasking alongside Chrome.

Yes, you have a keyboard at your disposal. But who doesn’t love a little voice searching now and then? Press Command+Shift+Period (.) to initiate Voice Search. Be warned — it works really well!

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 15

16. Scroll Down Instantly

You must already know that can use the Up and Down Arrow keys to scroll webpages without having to rely on touch gestures. But how about you speed that up? Press Command+Down Arrow to get to the bottom of the page in a flash.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 16

17. Scroll Up Instantly

When it’s time to get to the top of a page in a hurry, press Command+Up Arrow and you should be there in no time.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 17

18. Switch Apps

Want to switch back and forth between other open apps? Press and hold Control+Tab, and then press the Tab key repeatedly to select the app that you want to switch to.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 18

While using Chrome, you may want to load a new app, look up a contact, or search for something within your iPad. Press Command+Space to bring up Siri Search.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 19

20. Shortcuts List

Sometimes, it’s better to refer to your keyboard shortcuts just in case you forget a few. Press and hold the Command key for a couple of seconds to bring up a nifty list of shortcuts at any time.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 20

Do remember that it won’t have all the shortcuts listed here. Yeah, we did some extra hunting around!

21. Exit Chrome

Done for the day? Tap Esc to instantly get to the Home screen.

Chrome Ios Keyboard Shortcuts 21

If you exited Chrome accidentally, immediately press Control+Tab to get it up and running again.

Alternative Shortcut:

Go Surf Like a Pro

Well, that’s about it. If you are coming in from a Mac, you may already be familiar with some of the shortcuts. Windows users obviously will find things a tad different, but after a few tries, most of them should feel almost second nature. Hopefully, Google will keep adding even more shortcuts to Chrome that make for an even better experience on the iPad.

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Last updated on 28 December, 2022

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