5 Best Chrome Extensions to Record Screen

Google Chrome extensions add a lot of functionality to the otherwise boring and minimalist looking Google Chrome. As a blogger, I often record screens while troubleshooting or using browser-based apps and games. At Guiding Tech, we record screen activities for our English and Hindi YouTube channels.

Chrome Extensions Record Video

Even online teachers communicating with students, bug documentation by coders or walkthrough videos by developers and even gamers — majority prefer recording the screen to show the working instead of speaking or writing it down. The reason is simple — it’s easier to watch a video of how to do a particular thing.

Wouldn’t you like to record a thing or two for yourself, family or friends? If you need a screen recorder extension for Chrome to capture videos and audio then look no further. Here are some of the best Chrome extensions to capture screen.

1. Screencastify

Screencastify is one of the finest screen recorder extension available in the Chrome store. Once you install the extension, you will be asked to sign in using your Google account. That helps in saving your recorded videos to your Drive account. Smart, right?

Chrome Extensions Record Video 1

What I like about this cool little extension is that you can not only record the tab you are using but also your desktop. Just click on the big blue Record button and you are good to go.

Want to record audio too? Flip the switch for mic and Select your mic. I found the webcam option interesting as you can record a narration of what’s going on in the screen. Then there the are helpful annotation tools like mouse focus to follow the arrow.

Chrome Extensions Record Video 2

You get 50 videos in the free plan with each video being 10 minutes long. The Premium plan costs $24/year with no limit on number or length of videos and of course, no watermark.

2. Loom

Loom works similar to Screencastify. It’s a one-click solution to all your screen recording requirements. Loom offers support for apps like Google, Slack, and Outlook. The layout is pretty much the same where you can select between tab or desktop mode and choose whether you want to use the webcam or not.

Chrome Extensions Record Video 3

Unlike Screencastify, Loom has no limits on the number or length of a video which is a huge plus. One useful feature is the Flip Camera toggle that will reverse your view in Webcam mode to remove the mirror effect. On the downside, there is no way to highlight and follow the mouse’s movements or use a pen to draw attention to certain parts or aspects of the video in the free plan. However, you can share videos using a password and trim videos right inside Loom.

For $10/month, you get unlimited online storage, ability to count video views, mouse movements, and annotation tools. Don’t we have YouTube for unlimited video hosting and counting views?

3. Hippo Video

If you are a marketer or need an enterprise solution, Hippo Video will serve you well. Apart from the ability to record videos, Hippo Video comes with some advanced features not found elsewhere. For example, you can choose your video resolution from 360p and 1080p. You can also add a form to capture leads of potential customers. That’s pretty handy.

Chrome Extensions Record Video 4

Click on the Advanced Settings button, and you will see a ton of ways to customize your videos. You can change aspect ratio, video resolution, webcam size, and show or hide markup tools like click animation (mouse-clicks), highlight with pen and blur certain parts of the screen. The last one is useful for protecting sensitive info like passwords.

Chrome Extensions Record Video 5

The free plan will let you host 3 videos a month with watermark and lead generation support. The Basic plan will cost you $29/month. For that price, it will allow you to remove the watermark, host 10 videos, post video directly to Youtube and other social media sites, and edit videos. Check out their complete list of features and plans which also include subtitles, video SEO, user roles and so much more.

4. Nimbus

Nimbus is another versatile Chrome extension to record videos of Chrome tabs or desktop. Apart from recording videos with or without a webcam, you can also use Nimbus to take screenshots and save them locally.

Chrome Extensions Record Video 6

Nimbus also allows you to add your watermark instead which will be appreciated by marketers who are trying to create a brand and prevent piracy. There are editing tools like pen, mouse-emphasis, and video resolution supports 4K. All of this for free.

The main menu is customizable, so that you can add/remove options too. You can configure hotkeys to create shortcuts for different functions. Note that Nimbus also offers other products like a web clipper and a note-taking app. All three apps share a common plan. So it is best if you go through what they offer.

5. Awesome Screenshot

You have a lot to live up to if you use the word Awesome in your name. Fortunately, Awesome Screenshot lives up to the name. No, the Chrome extension is not just for taking screenshots but also records videos.

Chrome Extensions Record Video 7

Awesome Screenshot can capture both screenshots as well as videos with ease. You can easily blur or capture only part of the screen using screenshots feature. The video recorder is rather simple and devoid of any advanced features like custom watermarks, webcam support or live annotation. You can record only 30 seconds in the free version while the unlimited bundle will cost you $19.99/year.

Recording Room

You can turn your browser into a recording room with the help of one of these Chrome extensions. Each one has something different to offer. Make sure you take them for a spin so that you know which one suits your system and requirements.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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