Change the Pitch of a Song on Android With These 2 Apps

If you’re a singer who enjoys listening to a wide variety of music, then you probably enjoy singing a wide variety of music too.

Change Pitch Song Android Main

When learning a new song it helps to first listen carefully to it. As a singer, however, there are some songs that will be outside your vocal range.

While you can listen to the song in its original key and then transcribe and transpose it so that you can sing it in a key that fits your vocal range, actually being able to hear the song in your desired key can be a huge help.

When I say transpose I’m talking about changing the pitch of a song. Transcribing is converting a song into written music.

Using an application to change the key of a song you want to sing so that you can hear it before trying to learn it is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal.

If you are using a Windows, Mac or Linux computer, then you can easily change the pitch of songs with audacity.

This is neat, but, what about phones? With phones getting more powerful everywhere and the benefit of their portability, it’s useful to have a tool that can transpose songs on your phone.

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Change Pitch Using These 2 Android Apps

Given how convenient it is to use your phone to help with your singing practice, it’s natural to integrate them into practice sessions. Luckily there are many apps out there which can change the pitch of your songs. Let’s look at some of the best apps for changing the pitch of songs on Android.

Riff Studio

Riff Studio Main

Riff Studio has an attractive interface and is simple to navigate. To get started, first search for your desired song(s) by clicking the button which resembles a playlist icon as pictured below.

Riff Studio Search

From there you can search for music stored on your phone to add to your playlist.

Riff Studio Browse Music

After you have chosen your songs, simply select a song to begin playing it. While playing, select the up arrow which is displayed in the now-playing section in order to access the option to change pitch.

Riff Studio Change Stuff

From there you will immediately see the option to change pitch.

Riff Studio Select Change Pitch

Selecting this will bring up a slider which allows you to dial in any pitch from 12 semitones below the original pitch to 12 semitones above the original pitch.

Riff Studio Change Pitch

Riff studio also allows for the changing of playback speed, looping of songs and zooming in on waveforms. These features, along with pitch changing, are all free. However, more features are available with the ‘Pro’ version of Riff Studio. These include the ability to have multiple playlists.

Music Speed Changer

Music Speed Changer Main

Music Speed changer is laid out quite simply and this is a great thing since it enables you to quickly get to the business of changing the pitch of your song. To get started, first pick the song you want to change the pitch of.

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Music Speed Sliders Pick Songs

After clicking on the folder icon, you will be able to browse and select for the songs you want to work with.

Music Speed Changer Brpwse Songs

After making your selection, altering the pitch is just a matter of dialing in how many semitones above or below the original pitch you want your song to be played back at. You can go 12 semitones above or below the original pitch.

Music Speed Pitch Slider

You can also adjust tempo and loop songs with Music Speed Changer.

Music Speed Tempo Loop Options

On top of that, you can even reverse audio and have access to a visual equalizer so that you can tweak the playback sound.

Music Speed Changer Additional Settings

After you find a suitable configuration for a song you’re working with, you can save this configuration of the song as a new file. This makes it easy to repeatedly play the song as you like it.

Music Speed Changer Save Altered

If you want, you can choose to pay a fee to remove the ads from this app, but, I honestly didn’t find them too intrusive.

Which Pitch Changing App is Best?

Riff Studio is certainly the better-looking app and can quickly help you get to practicing your song. However, Music Speed Changer is even easier to use and offers more options outside of pitch changing than Riff Studio. Music Speed Changer also allows for the saving of songs after you altered its playback settings.

Riff Studio is effective at changing the pitch and there are no complaints there but if you’re looking for more options than just pitch changes then you should probably go with Music Speed Changer.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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