How to Change a Playlist Cov­er on Spo­ti­fy on Mobile, Desk­top, and Web

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Spotify continues to be one of the best platforms for streaming music and podcasts. As such, you would expect Spotify's UI to be easy to use and pleasing to the eyes. Unfortunately, most users are not happy with the changes they keep making. Take changing playlist covers on mobile, desktop or web. Many people don't know how to change a playlist cover on mobile, desktop, and web.

Change Playlist Cover on Spotify

Creating, editing, and managing playlists should be easy and simple. It's one of the primary features of any music streaming app. But many users were having trouble with how the new UI works and couldn't change playlist cover on their Spotify app. We will show you how.

Let's begin.

How Spotify Playlist Cover Works

By default, there is no way to choose a playlist cover when creating a new one in Spotify app. That is true for both web and mobile apps. The desktop app is more flexible.

Spotify will automatically create a playlist cover collage by taking the album cover of the first four songs on your list.

Change Playlist Cover on Spotify 14

That's not very imaginative. You can't choose an image of your liking. However, what you can do is rearrange the first four songs in your playlist to change the playlist cover collage. We will see how that works below.

The desktop app is the only place where you can choose any image as your Spotify playlist cover art. Even one that you downloaded from the web and not necessarily one of the song's album art.

1. Change Playlist Cover on Spotify for Android

Open the playlist that you want to change the cover and tap on the three-dot menu icon to select Edit playlist.

Change Playlist Cover on Spotify 1
Change Playlist Cover on Spotify 2

You should now notice three horizontal lines next to each song. Tap and hold it to move the song up and down the list.

Change Playlist Cover on Spotify 3
Change Playlist Cover on Spotify 4

Save changes and recheck the playlist cover.

Change Playlist Cover on Spotify 5

2. Change Playlist Cover on Spotify for iOS

The steps largely remain the same for iOS users as well. Open the playlist that needs a new cover and tap on the three-dot menu icon to select Edit.

Change Playlist Cover on Spotify 6
Change Playlist Cover on Spotify 7

You can now move songs up and down the list by dragging the three horizontal lines icon next to each song.

Change Playlist Cover on Spotify 8
Change Playlist Cover on Spotify 9

The first four songs in the playlist will be used to recreate the playlist cover image, as is the system, sadly.

3. Change Playlist Cover on Spotify for Desktop

The steps for both Windows and macOS are the same. I will be using Windows 10 for this guide. Open the Spotify app on your computer and select the playlist you want to change the cover of.

You should see the playlist cover with the collage in action. Hover over the playlist collage image to view the edit button. Click on it once.

Change Playlist Cover on Spotify 10

A pop-up will follow with options to change the name and description of the playlist. It is not immediately obvious, but clicking on the cover image should allow you to choose an image saved on your desktop.

Change Playlist Cover on Spotify 11

You should be greeted with the Windows file manager in a new pop-up.

Change Playlist Cover on Spotify 12

Alternatively, click on the three-dot menu icon on the cover image to select Replace image option.

Change Playlist Cover on Spotify 13

Choose your favorite image as Spotify cover and save settings. The same should now reflect on your smartphone Spotify apps too.

Note: The ability to change Spotify cover image works only on the desktop app and not on the web or mobile apps. Strange UI choice seeing how most people use smartphones to listen to their Spotify collection.

Spotify Cover Image Facts

Spotify hasn't released any information on cover image size or dimensions. Here are some details based on the Spotify community and their experiments. Take it with a grain a salt.

Change Playlist Cover on Spotify 15

The image is square in a 1:1 ratio (square), which is pretty evident looking at the cover image. The minimum dimensions should be 300x300 pixels; otherwise, it won't look good. The image size shouldn't exceed 4MB, according to some users. And finally, the image should be in JPEG format.

Spot the Difference

A lot of people also use Spotify on their desktops and laptops. They like to listen to music while studying or working. Changing the Spotify cover image for them will be less annoying than those who rely more on mobile apps. Still, there is a way to change those autogenerated cover images, and that's a plus. Otherwise, we would be stuck and I don't always like to shuffle my playlist songs to change the cover art. That's way too much trouble. But I know people who have spent hours getting everything right. This guide should help them.

Do you know of a better way to change the Spotify cover image? Let us know in the comments section below.

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