How to Change Fonts on Your Android Device Without Rooting

Words matter a lot. From text and memes to emails, your language defines your character. But what about the characters that represent your words? Isn’t it obvious that they should also look awesome? Of course, yes!


Fonts make or break the look of your phone. A huge font on a small screen looks as hideous as a small font on a 6-inch screen. To make sure your phone doesn’t suffer from such aesthetic epilepsy, let’s find out how you can change fonts on your Android device without rooting it.

There are mainly two ways to change your fonts and your choice of method depends on what phone you’re using.

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Phones That Have It Built In

There are a handful of manufacturers that incorporate this customization in their Android devices. So, even if your stock Android doesn’t let you change the font style, you can always count the system software on these selected phones. These include popular smartphone brands such as HTC, LG, and Samsung.

Samsung FontsSource: Samsung NewsroomPhones made by these manufacturers have the customization setting in under Display. In order to access it, go to Settings>Display>
Source: Samsung Newsroom

This change happens in an instance without you having reboot the device. The selected font style and size will then reflect across services on the phone’s interface, including the icons, menus, search bars, and texts. Some Samsung phones also allow you to download more font styles from Google Play Store and install them.

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Launchers to the Rescue

Not finding the customization settings for fonts on your Android device? Fear not, my friend.

There are a couple of handy launchers available on the Play Store that you can use to change fonts without installing new themes.

1. GO Launcher

One of the most highly rated custom launchers for Android is GO Launcher. With 4.5 rating and 7,000,000 downloads on Google Play Store, the app lets you customize home screen, widgets, wallpapers and more. It also lets you beautify your phone with more than 10,000 free themes. To change the font style of your phone with GO Launcher, do the following steps.

Go Launcher
First, you need to copy the desired TTF font files from on your phone. Then, open GO Launcher and find the Tools app. Tap on Preferences, scroll down to Personalization and select it. Tap on Font>Select Font and then tap on the font you want to select.

2. iFont

If you want to see some cool fonts on your Android by installing just one app, iFont should be your first choice. It is super easy to customize system fonts with this app and your phone looks fresh with every change.

I Font 1
I Font 2

You can browse iFont’s Online tab to look for fresh and attractive fonts for your Android. First, you need to enable installation from other sources from Settings. Go to your device Settings>Security and toggle the option to enable installation of apps from unknown sources.

Next, launch iFont and head to the Online tab. Download your desired font style and tap on Set. You can also go to Settings > Display > Font Style and select the font style you just downloaded. Your system font will change immediately without rebooting your device.

The only drawback of this app is that the ‘without-root’ policy is limited to devices made by Samsung, Xiaomi (MIUI), Huawei.

3. Font Changer

Customize your phone’s font style and size to satisfy all your needs for texting using this awesome app. Unlike the other options, this app does not change the system font of your phone but allows you to choose from a variety of fonts that you can type in the app and then copy to the text field of emails, texts, status updates, and stories.

Font Changer 1
Font Changer 2

In Font Changer, you can use the emojis to express your feelings to your friends. You can also use special fonts to highlight special events and contacts as the copied text can be pasted in any other app as the fonts are based on Unicode, which is supported by iOS, Windows, and Android. This app works with any smartphone without any need to root.

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Have Fun with Fonts!

Next time you want to impress your friends with some cool texts or want to give your phone a facelift by changing the way texts appear on it, you won’t have to go through the meticulous and tiring process of rooting. You can choose to use any of the above apps to get this done without much hassle.

So, which of one these apps will you choose? Don’t forget to share your views in comments.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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