5 Best CamScanner Alternatives for iPhone

Document scanner apps have been an integral part of my routine. I use it frequently to send out notices, documents, and invoices to our business partners. So far, CamScanner has been my go-to recommendation for the majority looking for a capable document scanner app. The software recently got involved in privacy concerns, and that’s why we have decided to make an alternative list for it.

Camscanner alternatives

We have already covered CamScanner alternatives for Android, and in this post, we are going to talk about the best CamScanner rivals for iPhone. Most major companies such as Microsoft, Zoho, and Adobe have added the document scanner with their productivity suite. Then we have dedicated apps like ScanPro to look forward to. Let’s get started.

1. Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft offers a capable document scanner called Office Lens. Unlike it’s Microsoft 365 suites, the Office Lens is entirely free and available on iOS and Android.

You can either use the built-in camera to scan documents or go through the phone gallery to scan them. Open the Office Lens app, and there are four modes to choose from – Whiteboard, Document, Business Card, and Photo.

Put the document in front of the camera, and the app will automatically adjust the corners for you. Hit the scan button and let the Office Lens do the magic for you. You can also manually adjust the corners for precise results.

Office lens ui
Office lens editing 2

Microsoft has integrated some editing options as well. You can keep adding new scans to the scanner document, use filters, rotate them, and even add text to it. As for export, the service comes tightly integrated with other Microsoft apps such as OneNote, Word, OneDrive, PowerPoint, and the default Photos app on the iPhone.

Office lens export

You can also use Office Lens functionality inside the apps like OneDrive and Microsoft Office app for iPhone and Android.

2. Adobe Scan

Adobe goes one step ahead with its Adobe Scan app compared to the Office Lens. Allow me to explain. When you open the Adobe Scan app, the built-in scanner automatically adjusts the document corners for you. Users don’t even need to hit the scan button as the software automatically takes it for you.

Adobe scan ui
Adobe editing

You can also manually adjust the corners before the outcome. The editing options are one of the best I have seen. You can add new pages, change page order in PDF, crop it for better precision, rotate PDF pages, add filters, and more.

Adobe siri

I like how Adobe has integrated the search function in the app. It can be useful when you are dealing with dozens of PDF pages. You can also use Siri integration. For example, one can ask Siri to open the latest Invoice, and it will open the specific document for you.

Adobe Scan is completely free to use.

3. Zoho Scan

Zoho Scan is a simple but effective CamScanner alternative for iPhone. It has covered all the basics, as well as a few other functions for editing.

Zoho automatically adjusts the corner and capture the final scan for you. In my testing, I often found the inconsistent corner adjustment compared to CamScanner, Office Lens, and Adobe Scan. You can always use the after-capture crop tool to adjust corners.

Zoho scan markup
Zoho scan esign

As for editing, one can use Markup tools to add doodling, a bunch of filters, text recognition, add tags, and more. My favorite function is the e-signature option. You can add your signature to a document using the Zoho Scan app. It can be useful when you want to sign NDA, rent documents, etc. on the go.

Zoho Scan is free to use, but the advanced features such as iCloud backup, e-signature, translate, and export come with a Premium price tag.

4. ScanPro

ScanPro takes the whole document scanning experience to the next level. If your daily routine requires dozes of document scanning, go ahead and download the ScanPro app on iPhone.

ScanPro offers one of flawless border detection out there. Never even for once, I had to adjust the document corners manually. The filter option also features rich. You can manually adjust brightness, colors, a contrast from the filter menu.

Scanpro home
Scanpro color

Other functions include HD quality scans, direct share, document encryption, cloud sync, auto-upload, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability, and more.

Scanpro fetures

ScanPro is free to download. The premium functions do come with a price tag.

5. Apple Files

I bet many won’t even know about Apple Files’ built-in documents scanner. Yes, you can scan documents using the Files app’s scanner function.

Open the Apple Files app and tap on the three-dot menu at the above and select Scan Documents option. The whole process is straight-forward. Scan the document, adjust corners, and you are good to go.

Apple files
Apple files editing

As for editing, you can apply multiple filters, crop the document, and add new pages. Try it and if you are satisfied with the results, you can ignore the other third-party document scanner apps.

Scan Documents on the Go

Choose any of the above options, and I’m sure you won’t miss CamScanner on your iPhone. If you are living in Microsoft, Adobe, or Zoho ecosystem, then go with their offerings. ScanPro is for those who want maximum functionalities out of a document scanner app. But it does come with a price.

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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