BLUETTI EP900 & B500 Home Power Solution: 7 Things to Know

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Over the years, BLUETTI has created an impressive niche in the solar power stations and portable power stations market. And now, the company is ready with the new EP900 & B500 ESS (Energy Storage System). Like its counterparts, the EP900 is also a compact, modular home battery system and brings several features.

Bluetti EP900 & B500 Home Power Solution 1

The EP900 is powerful enough to run your household appliances and can double up as an effective backup system for your house, especially during power cuts and winter storms.

Let’s explore all the features of the BLUETTI EP900 & B500 home power solution.

1. Powerful

As noted earlier, the BLUETTI EP900 is a power solution with a lot of muscle. If we talk numbers, it has a continuous output of 9kW and can go up to 39kWh. Naturally, this one is a step above the conventional power stations and can run your heavy household appliances in times of need.

Bluetti EP900 & B500 Home Power Solution 2

It gives you the option of 120V or 240V voltage options. That’s helpful to use a range of power tools and equipment based on your preference.

2. Modular Design

Like many of BLUETTI’s other power stations and portable generators, the BLUETTI EP900 also has a modular design. You can drive up the power by connecting modular battery packs.

In the case of the EP900, it accepts B500 expansion battery packs. Each battery power pack has a capacity of 9.9kWh. So, you can connect up to 4 battery packs and up total the power capacity to 39.6kWh. The best part is that the design is compact. Even if you connect additional battery packs, the overall setup has a compact footprint.

Bluetti EP900 & B500 Home Power Solution 3

With such a setup, you can power your home for weeks. Also, the pure sine wave output means this power station fits seamlessly into business and residential establishments.

3. Solar Energy Reservoir

Another interesting feature of the BLUETTI EP900 and the B500 is that they also act as a reservoir of solar energy. It’s compatible with old and new solar energy systems. Unlike most solar-based gadgets, here the energy isn’t lost once the sun sets. The B500 expansion battery units can store the excess energy, making it easy for you to access this sustainable form of energy.

Also, switching to solar energy translates into a drop in utility bills. Did you know that the BLUETTI EP900 is also certified to sell electricity to the grid?

4. Emergency Backup Power

The BLUETTI EP900 is versatile and effectively doubles up as an emergency backup solution, especially during winter storms, voltage fluctuations, or sudden power cuts. It integrates into your home’s power grid to provide seamless power.

At the same time, solar panel integration means you get a secondary power means to you won’t have to worry about sitting idle without using your home appliances.

5. Weatherproof & Rugged Body

Interestingly, the BLUETTI EP900 is weatherproof and can survive indoors and outdoors. That gives you ample wriggle room to install it at the place of your preference. It’s carries IP65 rating, which makes it dust and water-resistant.

Add a protective case to the mix, and you can expect this power station to deliver its advertised power regardless of the temperature or weather conditions.

At the same time, this energy storage system is built ruggedly and can bear its share of everyday wear and tear.

6. LiFePO4 Battery Cells Advantage

Another cool feature of the EP900 power station is its use of LiFePO4 battery cells. LiFePO4 or Lithium Ion Phosphate battery cells are known for their longer lifecycles and last longer than conventional lithium batteries. They have a high-efficiency rate and can withstand hot and cold climates.

If we talk numbers, LiFePO4 battery cells can run more than 3,500 charge & discharge cycles, and you can use up to 90% of the battery’s capacity. Further, the discharge rate is pretty low, at around 2% per month.

The EP900’s LiFePO4 battery cells come with a 10-year warranty.

7. App Control

Lastly, the BLUETTI EP900 also comes with app support. With it, you can easily control and monitor the power station, and more.

Bluetti EP900 & B500 Home Power Solution 5

For instance, you can manage the power consumption, monitor the charging status and set up the modes through simple clicks.

The official BLUETTI app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Say Hello to Hybrid Energy

The BLUETTI EP900 will arrive in the US market in mid of May. You can check out more about the EP900 and the B500 battery system through the link below.

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