How to Block Someone on WeChat on Android and iOS

People can be annoying, persistent, and even stalk you on mobile messaging apps. I bet you have someone like that in your WeChat contacts and you want to do something for your sanity. Been there, done that. Let’s see how you can unfriend, appear invisible, hide moments, mute or simply block someone on WeChat.

Block Someone On We Chat

The methods and their respective settings for both Android and iOS smartphones remain the same. So you can follow the same steps for both of them.

Let’s begin.

1. Mute Someone on WeChat

Blocking someone is not subtle. It is one of the unwritten and unsaid rules of the internet — you don’t block someone unless they cross a line of sorts. So let’s begin with the Mute feature. Meet Mr. Irritating. He is that guy no one wants to chat with. Tap on the name to open the chat windows and then tap the three-dots to open the menu.

Block Someone On We Chat 1
Block Someone On We Chat 2

Tap on Mute Notifications to activate it. Now you won’t receive notifications when someone pings you for no reason at all. Subtle, no?

Block Someone On We Chat 3

If you are muting a group, only notifications from the group will be muted, but you will continue to hear notifications from individuals of that group if they choose to message you directly.

2. Hide Moments in WeChat

WeChat handles Moments differently. The policy is that my friend’s friends are not my friends. That means while your friend can view Moments, but his/her friends cannot unless they are also your friends. Now if you don’t want someone to see your Moments, tap on Me tab at the bottom of the screen and select Settings. Then select Privacy.

Block Someone On We Chat 4
Block Someone On We Chat 5

Under Moments and Time Capsule, tap on Hide My Posts. Now simply tap on the ‘+’ icon and search for the name that you want to hide your posts and moments from.

Block Someone On We Chat 6
Block Someone On We Chat 7

Once you have selected the name, tap on OK and you are done.

Block Someone On We Chat 8
Block Someone On We Chat 9

If you want to remove the name in the future, tap the ‘-’ icon that should be visible now. Select the name you want to delete and tap OK again.

3. Unfriend Someone on WeChat

Unfriending someone is a drastic step and usually people do have a good enough reason to do that on WeChat. Launch the WeChat app and tap on Contacts and choose the name of the person that you want to unfriend. Now tap on the three-dot menu to reveal more options.

Block Someone On We Chat 10
Block Someone On We Chat 11

Tap on Delete at the bottom of the menu to remove the person from your friend list. That will unfriend the person, and you will no longer receive messages from him/her.

Block Someone On We Chat 12

As you can see, you can also manage Moments and Time Capsule from the individual contact’s menu here.

4. Block Someone on WeChat

This is the last resort. That’s what we do when things become unbearable and go out of hands. Blocking is the only option for people who have no filter and those who think they can message and share anything.

Open WeChat and tap on the Contacts tab. Select the name of the person you want to block for good. Tap on the menu icon on the upper right like you did in the previous point.

Block Someone On We Chat 13
Block Someone On We Chat 14

A new menu will reveal from the bottom up. Tap on Block and then OK to confirm the same.

Block Someone On We Chat 15
Block Someone On We Chat 16

5. Methods of Finding Me

If an unknown person is sending you a friend request on WeChat, then the first question that might pop-up in your mind is how did he/she find you? Anyone can search for your name and email to perform a simple guess. After that, connecting the dots isn’t that hard.

Tap on the Me tab on the home screen and then select Settings. Now tap on Privacy.

Block Someone On We Chat 18
Block Someone On We Chat 17

Tap on Methods of Finding Me here, and you will be amazed at just how many ways people can look you up on WeChat.

Block Someone On We Chat 19
Block Someone On We Chat 20

If you share QR code image via email or on the web, then you are doomed. Being part of public group chats can lead to unsolicited friend requests. A mutual friend/enemy might share your contact card. Getting hold of someone’s phone number is not that difficult today.

Toggle off the options that you don’t want others to exploit here.

We Don’t Chat!

WeChat, just like any other messaging app, was created to bring people together and make it easy to make new friends or keep in touch with old ones. Unfortunately, some people can’t stop abusing the very system that was built to help them. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself using block, mute, unfriend, and even report features. Use them wisely.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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