5 Best Black and White Photo Editing Apps for Android

Black and white photos have a special place on social media. Monochrome photography has become a trend and it seems that it’s here to stay for a long time.

There are several black and white photo editing apps that are available on Google Play Store.

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We have handpicked some of the best apps that will help you elevate your monochrome game.

Let’s dive in.

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1. Hypocam

Hypocam is a great dedicated Android app for black and white photography. It lets you edit existing photos from camera roll and also allows you to shoot directly from the app. One of the best features of Hypocam is the ability to control the exposure and color tone in real time.


This helps you set the exact black and white tone that you are eyeing for while taking the snap. Another way is to take a photo and then edit it with the available filters and edit settings.

This free mobile app has 7 free filters to choose from and you can buy more via in-app purchases. The free filters are great and offer various tones to your photos. A built-in news feed sports various sections that keep you updated and entertained with the latest news and some of the best black and white photographs.

Hypocam also has a sleek UI that’s also user-friendly. All the buttons are available front and center. However, I feel that it’d have been better if the app named the filters and the edit options for a better understanding.

Download Hypocam from Google Play Store

2. BlackCam: Black and White Camera

If you wish to play with a number of filters to shape your photos, BlackCam is the app for you. It offers an array of adjustable filters to polish your black and white photos.

You can choose from filters like Classic, Vintage, Noir, Hard Boiled, Light, Shadow, Dark, and more. BlackCam has several presets that you can unlock with in-app purchase.

Black Cam
Black Cam1

In addition to the filters, you can also play with the cool set of color filters. The editing tools in the app will let you adjust brightness, contrast, exposure, vignette, and more.

The app has an ability to take a snap by adjusting the effects in real time. The UI is not too fancy and, overall, the app is easy to use.

Download BlackCam: Black and White Camera from Google Play Store

3. Photo Editor – Black and White

As soon as you open the Photo Editor – Black and White app, you see the camera and gallery option. You can take a snap from the app or edit the existing photos from camera roll.

There are five primary tabs to edit your photos – Manual Adjustments, Professional Lenses, Monochromatic Filters, Texture, and Frames. I particularly like the Monochromatic filters that offer a retro effect to your photos.

Photo Editor
Photo Editor1

In addition, you also get a full set of classic editing tools such as color balance, crop, rotate, and more. You can adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, saturation, exposure, and sharpen and blur a photo with a swipe. Photo Editor- Black and White is a wholesome Android app that ticks all the boxes.

Download Photo Editor – Black and White from Google Play Store

4. Color Pop Effects: Black & White Photo Editor

Color Pop Effects is a cool Android app that first transforms your image into black and white and then lets you splash some color back on a certain portion of the image with your finger.

For example, if I’m standing next to a car wearing a red dress, the red dress can be colored while the rest of the photo remains black and white.

Color Effect
Color Effect1

It takes a while to figure out the steps when you open the app for the first time. At the time of coloring the image, the app allows zooming to ensure you don’t go over the lines or color something else.

The effect works the best when your photo has some bright colors in it so you can make a specific object pop.

Download Color Pop Effects: Black & White Photo Editor

5. Dramatic Black & White

Dramatic Black and White is a paid Android app (Rs.130). It offers a highly customizable UI, editing options, and a variety of presets.

Dramatic Bw
Dramatic Bw12

You can adjust the tint, add film grain, use color filters to make different hues pop in greyscale. The app allows you to customize controls and adjust the spotlight size and intensity.

There is an Ellipse spotlight tool that lets you set up a light source on a subject in your composition. It also allows you to create custom presets.

Download Dramatic Black & White from Google Play Store

Do More With Black and White

Black and white photos feel more dramatic and intense as compared to the colored ones. Try these Android apps to add more drama to your photos.

Do you use any other black and white photography app? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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