Black Friday 2017: How You Can Buy and Get the Products Shipped to India

Black Friday deals in India is typically known for the discounted sale of gadgets. However, the best deals on gadgets are all located in the US.

Worry not, friends. Indians can still take advantage of this amazing sale season and get their products shipped from the United States by making use of a package forwarding services.

Package From Usa

Before you can start shopping and getting the products delivered to your doorstep in India, you need to go through a few of the following steps.

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Get Your Virtual Shipping Address

In order to get the products delivered via a package forwarding service, you need to first register or sign up on their website, which is either free or comes at a one-time fee, depending on the website.


Once you’re done with signing up, you will receive a virtual address of the country you want to shop in, which is actually the address of a warehouse. Your package will first arrive at this warehouse and then get shipped to any corner of the world you want.

After you have your unique virtual address, you can use it on any online store in that country as your shipping address. The package forwarding services use these unique virtual addresses to identify the distant buyer and deliver the package to their actual addresses.

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After you have set up your virtual address, head over to one of the following 5 package forwarding services to place your order from the US this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


1. FedEx Cross Border

Charging only $5 for each package received, FedEx Cross Border delivers your products from the US to any part of the world. Previously known as Bongo US, this trusted package forwarding service allows you to prepay taxes and customs and provides excellent customer aid for seamless transportation.

Fed Ex Cross Border

You will have access to the most number of retailers with this global e-commerce solution. Moreover, it can execute transactions across currencies and payment options.

2. Shipito

Shipito is an easy-to-use delivery service that gives you a free virtual US address, which the company will use as a temporary address for their warehouse where they will receive the product from the seller.

Shipi To

Once your package arrives at the Shipito secure facility, they will take photos of the package contents and share them with you on request. They let you combine multiple orders as well.

Shipito ships packages to almost all the countries in the world, including India, of course.

3. Shop and Ship

Want 24 addresses in all the major cities around the world? No, I’m not giving away fancy real estate. It’s Shop and Ship that gives you virtual addresses in cities such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Jordan, and more.

Shop And Ship

This website has a range of offers for its customers. One very interesting offer is the FLEX plan where you pay for shipping per 100 grams only regardless of what you choose to ship.

The package forwarding company uses TaqTaq, a global marketplace where you can find, compare and buy products from all around the world and get them shipped to any place. The website also provides insurance in the form of S&S Protect that ensures no loss or damage to your shipments above $100 and up to $2,500 or equivalent.

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Shop in the USA, Ship to India

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most anticipated events in the world of shopping – both offline and online – especially for gadget fanatics. India is known for its tech geeks and this is the time they wait for every year as Black Friday brings out the best deals in the US and also around the world.

Source: Cargo Ship

Let us know in comments about your experience of ordering devices from the US on Black Friday. We are all ears!

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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