5 Best Yoga Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

A healthy body gives way to a healthy mind. However, in the hustle and bustle of the 9-5 life, we often forget to look after ourselves. But in this era of digitization, wellness apps have gone one step further by providing the best of fitness at a button’s tap. With that in mind, let us look at the five best yoga apps for Android and iOS.

5 Best Yoga Android and iOS Apps

Besides physical benefits, yoga helps calm and relax the mind and is highly recommended for people working in high-stress environments. So, to better help with that, we have compiled a list of the best yoga apps you can get started with. Let’s begin.

1. Daily Yoga – Best Guided Yoga App

One of the best guided yoga apps, the Daily Yoga app’s interface breaks down all the different asanas into categories like flexibility, recovery, beginner, meditation, etc. to help users better understand the asanas. Additionally, users can use the cast-to-TV features to cast and work out using the big screen.

With every workout plan listed, you also get the details about the level it is best suited for. Additionally, because starting anything new can be daunting, the Daily Yoga app also has a community feature where users can connect and chat with other like-minded individuals; it also has weight loss challenges to keep you motivated.

When using the app, you can track your daily goal target from the Home page. And once you’re done with your session, you can also use the Listen tab to relax and cool down. You can also use this to decompress whenever you’re feeling restless or as a pick-me-up at the end of a long working day.

While the Daily Yoga app seems to have several features, most of them are unfortunately locked behind a paywall. The app interface also leaves much to be desired, with the need to go deep into menu icons to access even the basic task like stretching exercises. Additionally, as free users, you might also see ad pop-ups from time to time, especially when accessing lesson plans.


  • Easy-to-understand instructions
  • Categorical division of asanas
  • Cast to TV in the app
  • Community forum


  • The app interface can be confusing
  • Pop-ups and ads in the free version

Price: Free; Subscription: $6.99/month onwards

2. Down Dog – Best Yoga App for Customization

With the Down Dog app, you can instantly transform yourself into a yoga master. Using their distinct multi-level approach, you can easily follow the exercises even if you’re a beginner. Additionally, you also get companion apps for HIIT, Meditation, Barree, etc., though separate apps might need to be installed to access their services.

When signing up for the app, you’re asked basic questions like the level of difficulty you want, practice time, background music genre, voice options, etc., to make the experience more personalized. You also have the option of downloading practice lessons, which can come in handy if you’re traveling and might not have stable connection speeds.

Even after a practice session has started, you get the option of changing the style of background music, the quality of the video, adding subtitles to the video, countdown timers, hearing the Sanskrit names of the asanas, etc. You can use the video’s seeker bar to see what all asanas are included in the current session.

While you can choose between the loudness of the background music and the voice commands, we found the voice commands to be on the quieter side, even at full volume. Offline practice sessions also don’t work as smoothly as online ones. Additionally, when you sign up for the app, you automatically activate a limited-time free subscription post which you will be required to purchase or activate an existing subscription to get the full benefits.


  • Comprehensive user controls
  • Detailed workout plan under different categories
  • Other companion apps
  • Extensive customization options


  • Subscription required
  • The instruction voice is not as loud

Price: Free; Subscription: $7.99/month onwards

3. Asana Rebel – Best App With Yoga Hybrid Workout Plans

As the name suggests, the Asana Rebel app has more goal-oriented lessons. You can use them for weight loss, body shaping, targeted strength increase, etc. Additionally, the app also has workout sessions that seamlessly incorporate high-intensity workouts with traditional yoga asanas.

An all-in-one app, you can easily connect fitness trackers like Google Fit or keep track of your steps using Asana Rebel’s native movement tracking. It also has provisions to track daily water intake. While the workout videos don’t have a lot of customization options, their clear instructions which are easy to follow more than make up for it.

Using the app’s menu options, you can look for exercise options, workout challenges, sleeping aids, nutritious recipes, meditating advice, and even specialized mixtapes. You can use the filters to toggle between paid and free content as well.

The app also has a comprehensive tracker available that allows you to track sessions and time spent on each category. However, the app lacks a number of workout options available for free users. And because the app has an abundance of options but only 3 main menu options to segregate, it can sometimes become confusing when navigating from one menu option to another.


  • Pair with Google Fit available
  • Healthy recipes in the app
  • Offers informative blog posts
  • HIIT workout plans with yoga integration


  • Limited free features
  • Confusing app interface

Price: Free; Subscription: $15.99/ month onwards

4. 5 Minute Yoga – Best Yoga App for Bite-Sized Workout

The 5 Minute Yoga app is here to ensure that you get your daily yoga boost, all in under 5 minutes. The app itself offers a level-by-level system in which you can keep going up as you attempt more and more asanas. All the steps are curated with care and have all the necessary information for the user to use.

The app operates on a minimalistic interface where the only things that stand out are the different levels. It starts easy and slowly increases the level of difficulty as we climb. The steps are easy-to-understand and are provided in the audio-visual format in the form of subtitles and concurrent narration.

While not much is available in the settings menu, users can increase or decrease the speed of narration as per their preferences. This also makes 5 Minute Yoga the app with the least number of options on this list.

Additionally, the steps unlock on a daily and weekly basis; the only way to access them all at once is by paying for the app’s subscription. However, if you are just starting with yoga, this app is great even without a subscription.


  • Unique user interface
  • Quick and effective sessions
  • Basic level-wise structure


  • Limited free content

Price: Free; Subscription: $5/month onwards

5. Yoga for Beginners – Best Yoga App for Beginners

One of the best yoga apps for beginners, the Yoga for Beginners app gives you a step-by-step look into how you perform the asanas with ease. In the app itself, you can check out the written guides and highlight tips to get more insight into yoga as you begin your journey.

When starting anything new, it is always good to have a solid foundation. The Yoga for Beginners app helps its users build up that foundation by not only providing videos but also written guides explaining the anatomy of an asana. This can be helpful if the workout videos usually prove to be insufficient for you when learning new asanas.

You can also use the Custom menu option to create customized plans for yourself. Simply add the asanas to the plan and once done, the app will show you all the details regarding the minutes, calories, and time it will take to complete 1 circuit of the plan. You also have the option of exploring the preset plans available, with each plan curated for different needs like stretching, stress relief, period pain relief, etc.

While you also have a progress tracker within the app, it is limited to calendar tracking. Besides, the app might sometimes stutter when switching between workout options. Additionally, even though the app itself is feature-packed, most of these cannot be accessed if the user is on a free plan.


  • Written guides for different poses
  • Create custom workout plans
  • Unique asanas categories
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Integrates with Apple Health


  • The app can be slow to respond
  • Limited free features

Price: Free; Subscription: $5/month onwards

FAQs for Using Yoga Apps

1. Do yoga apps offer weight loss plans?

While some yoga apps might offer weight loss plans, it is always advised to get a consultation from a specialist before following them as some plans might not be suited to your body or weight profile.

2. Can you do yoga without a yoga mat?

While you can do yoga without a yoga mat, it is always recommended to have one as a yoga mat helps improve posture and balance, especially when performing the different asanas.

Perfect Those Yoga Asanas

Practicing yoga daily is known to build strength and body flexibility. So, we hope that you will have as much fun using these 5 best yoga apps as we had testing them. Additionally, you can also check our list of the best meditation apps to take a break and enjoy some quality me-time.

Last updated on 05 May, 2023

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