6 Best Cases and Covers for Redmi Note 7 Pro

It’s 2019 and Xiaomi has stepped up their game when it comes to the design and overall looks of its phones. The plastic backs have now been replaced by sleek glass and a bezel-less front, which undoubtedly amplifies the looks of the phone by several folds.

Best Cases And Covers For Redmi Note 7 Pro

But, this new design trend has also made phones delicate. Yes, phones like Redmi Note 7 Pro may easily handle a couple of drops from a few feet but throw something more at it, and you might not like the result.

So, if you are worried about your phone and would like to keep ugly scratches and cracked screen at bay, here are a few cases and covers for the Redmi Note 7 Pro that you can buy.

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1. Realike Carbon Fiber Back Cover

The first case on our list is the one by Realike. If you are a fan of slim cases, this carbon fiber back case is the one for you. The Reallike case comes with a textured back that not only helps you grip the phone better but also gives it a cool look.

Costumers who have bought this case have praised it for its excellent fit and near-perfect cutouts. Almost all the ports and buttons are accessible without any issue. The button covers are not hard and provide good feedback.

Best Cases And Covers For Redmi Note 7 Pro Realike Carbon 1

The only issue is it sits flush with the camera module, which makes the lenses prone to smudges and dust if you’re not too careful.

That said, the Realike case of the Redmi Note 7 Pro is worth its price of Rs 254. Plus, it’s available in various colors like Carbon Blue, Carbon Black, Texture Blue, etc.

You can also check out the colored clear cases by Realike.

2. Popio Glass and Back Cover Combo

Are you someone who gets paranoid just by the thought of a cracked phone screen? If yes, meet the Popio tempered glass and back cover combo pack. The back case has a design which is quite similar to the one above. The top and the bottom edges have a smooth finish, while the middle portion has a silk-like texture for a better grip.

There are raised lips along the side edges so that your hands do not come directly in contact with the edges of the tempered glass.

Aside from that, the camera module and the fingerprint sensor also have raised lips to keep away unnecessary scratches. Do keep in mind that you might face issues in accessing the fingerprint scanner, especially if you’re not used to having a lip surrounding it.

Coming to the quality, users have spoken very highly of this product, as you can see in the following review.

Best Cases And Covers For Redmi Note 7 Pro Popio Glass

The Popio Tempered Glass & Back Cover Case Combo costs around Rs 200.


: Do keep in mind is that the tempered glass doesn’t have 2.5D curved edges.

3. Fortify Hybrid Armor Shockproof Case

The Fortify Hybrid armor case is for those who love bulky cases. This one is armed with a ring holder which also acts as a kickstand when needed. The case has a two-layer design comprising of a hard polycarbonate outer cover and a flexible TPU inner cover.

It also comes with corner protection which reduces the brunt of impact during falls and drops. Moreover, the edges are slightly raised to protect the front screen from scruffs and unnecessary scratches.

When it comes to user reviews, they have been good so far, with over 67% positive reviews. The Fortify Hybrid armor case has managed to grab 4.6 stars out of five.

Best Cases And Covers For Redmi Note 7 Pro Fortify Hybrid Rev

Compared to the above, this case is priced slightly higher at Rs 499.00. It is available in three colors – Red, Black, and Blue. What’s more, you can also try out the fabric covers in this series.

4. Kapaver Carbon Fiber Armor Case

Another armored case is the Kapaver Carbon Fiber Armor Case. Typical of most armored cases, this one is also on the bulkier side. There are raised lips along the edges and the camera module, precise cuts for the charging ports and the headphone jack. Plus, the buttons are covered and prevents the dust and grime from collecting inside the case.

The reviews of the Kapaver Armored case has been great so far. However, do check out the shape of the fingerprint scanner before you make your purchase. After all, you wouldn’t want an oval shape encircling a circular scanner.

Best Cases And Covers For Redmi Note 7 Pro Kapaver Rev

The Kapaver Armored case is priced slightly higher at Rs 599.

5. Jkobi Silicon Back Case

The Jkobi Silicon Back Case is the perfect case to show off the stunning colors of your Redmi Note 7 Pro (and the 48MP logo *wink wink*). Not only does it retain the looks of the phone but also preserves its slim profile. The case comes with the usual features like raised lips, button covers, and precision cuts. It even comes armed with airbags at the corners to guard against dings and scratches.

Though the Jkobi Silicon Back Case has not seen as many reviews like the above products, the ones so far have been good with 86% positive reviews.

Best Cases And Covers For Redmi Note 7 Pro Jkobi Rev

Again, the case sits flush with the camera module, so you might want to consider it. This one retails at Rs 129 on Amazon.

You can also check out the Tarkan Shock Proof Transparent case.

6. Febelo Leather Magnetic Flip Case

If you want a 360° protection for your Redmi Note 7 Pro, the best option is to go for the wallet cases aka flip covers. These cases wrap around the phone and keep the phone shielded from scratches and dust & grime. Plus, the case itself doubles as a kickstand, thus making it more flexible to watch movies and TV shows.

To add to it, you can always keep both cash and cards in the case, and a magnetic lock keeps the case closed.

Last but not, this faux leather case adds a premium touch to the overall look of the phone. This one costs Rs 449.

Best Cases And Covers For Redmi Note 7 Pro Febelo Rev

But, do note that flip covers or wallet cases as they tend to give a bulky look to the device.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

A cover is one the easiest and best solutions if you want to keep your phone in pristine conditions unless of course, you are sure. I am someone who loves bulk over style, so I always go for a bumper case, given my careless nature.

What specifications do you look for when buying phone cases? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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