6 Best Xiaomi Mi A3 Cases and Covers That You Must Get

The Xiaomi Mi A3 is a gorgeous phone for its price. This time Xiaomi has made the phone durable with the use of tough Gorilla Glass 5 both at the front and at the rear. But at the end of the day, the Mi A3 is not invincible, and if lady luck isn’t by your side someday, you might end up with a cracked screen or a cracked back.

Best Xiaomi Mi A3 Case And Covers That You Must Get 7

Of course, you would want to avoid ugly scratches and any of the things mentioned above. So, here are some of our recommendations for the best cases and covers for the Xiaomi Mi A3.

Let’s take a look.

1. Realike Beetle Series Back Cover

If you fancy a case with a heavy textured back, you can give the Realike Beetle Series Back Cover a shot. The silicone case manages to preserve the slim look of the phone. At the same time, the textures provide a great grip. Plus, a small vertical cutout along the back shows off the Xiaomi branding.

The buttons are covered, which means less dust inside the case. Plus, raised lips along the camera module ensure that the camera will sit flush with the case. Yep, no more wobbling.

User reviews lean towards good for this phone, with many praising the quality and the protection it offers.

However, I wish there were more color options other than the standard blue and black.

2. Fortify Riggear Xudd Transparent Case

Fortify balances both beauty and protection with its semi-transparent case. Here, the back panel is a transparent sheet of hard acrylic which lets you flaunt the beautiful color of your Mi A3. And the TPU bumpers shield the edges from dings and scratches. Furthermore, the portion on the back where the hand usually rests has a little extension for better grip.

The fit is snug, and the cuttings are almost perfect and provide easy access. The highlight of this case is its reinforced corners that protects the phone from drops and falls — not the drastic ones.

Also, you also get a lanyard hole and button covers, which many have reported to be flexible.

However, keep in mind that this case adds a bit of bulk, especially to the edges. That’s bearable than a scratched back, right?

3. FortifyGear Armor Shockproof Case

If classic black or muted colors are not your thing, you should check out Fortify’s Armor Shockproof Case. These cases are available in fierce colors that are bound to make your phone stand out from the crowd. And that’s not all, they also cases have dual-tone accents that add to the looks.

However, it’s just not the looks that this case is known for. It bundles a hard PC case with a flexible TPU bumper. The back also packs a ring and a magnet.

The ring will prove to be boon for selfie lovers. Yep, it helps in taking selfies effortlessly. At the same time, it can also double up like a kickstand. The Fortify’s Armor Shockproof Case is available for other Xiaomi phones as well.

4. Frivety Slim Case

The Frivety Slim Cases are hardshell cases that don’t add bulk to the phone. The case comes with button covers that provide a tactile feedback, as per the users. In addition to that, the back comes with a matte accent. Apart from lending a cool look, they also keep ugly fingerprint and oily smudges at bay.

Again, it doesn’t have as much corner protection as armored cases. And similar to the first cases, there’s a small cutout for the brand name at the bottom.

Though the case is slim, the lips along the camera module keep the camera shielded from scratches.

5. Cellulation Anti-drop Shockproof Case

Want to flaunt the gorgeous ‘More than White’ and ‘Not just Blue’ colors of your Xiaomi Mi A3? You can check out the cases by Cellulation. These are simple silicon transparent cases with raised corners and bumpers. And since these are slim cases, your phone will most likely retain its sleek profile.

Note that transparent cases, such as this one, do not have the same edge and corner protection as armored cases. So if you’re someone like me who drops their phone often, you might want to be mindful of the above.

Pro Tip


Install the Gcam Mod

on your Mi A3 to get extraordinary results.

6. Mobistyle Fabric Case

While fabric cases are certainly not the most durable, they tend to provide a classy look to your phone. And apart from the looks, the soft texture also brings a better grip, and the Mobistyle Fabric Cases is no different. It combines two texture — faux leather and fabric, which gives the phone a premium look.

The advantage that fabric case has over TPU cases is that they are sweatproof and you won’t find ugly smudges. However, it also has a downside — they tend to get dirty and show noticeable signs of use in a short time.

The one for the Mi A3 comes with buttons that provide tactile feedback. And apart from that, the case is light and it’s simple to put on and off.

Go Home, Scratches!

So, which of these cases will you choose to keep your phone in pristine conditions? Also, what type of cases do you prefer – armored cases or slim cases?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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