9 Best Xiao­mi Mi 9T Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Pranob Mehrotra

The new Xiaomi Mi 9T, more widely known as the Redmi K20, is one of the best budget flagships in the market today and for a good reason. The said Android device packs top of the line hardware specifications at a very competitive price. Thereby it turns itself into a go-to choice for anyone looking for a reliable and a powerful mid-range smartphone.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks Featured

If you’ve recently ordered a Mi 9T or are planning on getting one soon, then this article is for you. Here I’ll be talking about some cool Mi 9T tips and tricks that you must know if you want to make the most out of your new smartphone. So, without any further delay, let’s jump right in and take a look at some cool hidden features that you might not have known about.

1. Change Pop-Up Camera Sound Effects

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Mi 9T is that it packs in a cool pop-up selfie camera. Whenever you open or close the camera, a sound effect follows it. The Mi 9T also lets you customize these sound effects, just like other phones with a pop-up selfie camera, but the setting to do that is bit difficult to locate.

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Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 2

To change the pop-up camera sound effects, jump into the Settings app, and then scroll down over to the Additional Settings.

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Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 4

From there, select the Front camera effect option. After that, you’ll be able to change the pop-up camera sound effects in the following menu along with customization options for the animations.

2. Change Fingerprint Animations

While we’re on the subject of animations, you might have also noticed that whenever you use the in-display fingerprint scanner on the device, it shows a really cool animation. Once again, you can change this animation, but the setting hides in an unconventional location.

To change the fingerprint scanner animation, jump into the Settings app, and then select the Lock screen & password settings.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 6
Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 7

Here, tap on the Manage fingerprints option and then enter your password to proceed to the next step. Then, in the following menu, select Fingerprint animation.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 8
Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 9

That will lead you to a customization window where you’ll be able to select either of the four available animations for the fingerprint scanner.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 10

3. Turn on Always-On Display

Now since the Mi 9T packs an AMOLED display, it is natural to expect it to have the always-on display functionality, just like flagship Samsung devices. And guess what? The phone does have it.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 11
Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 12

To turn on the always-on display, head over to the Settings app, and then select the Display settings. Here, choose the Ambient display option.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 13

In the following menu, you’ll be able to turn on the Always-on option by tapping on the toggle right next to it. You’ll also be able to change the clock style and background for the always-on display and even set a schedule for the feature to turn on/off automatically.

4. Turn on Dark Mode

While you’re in the display settings, you can also turn on the system-wide dark mode. Yep, the Mi 9T has that as well.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 14
Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 15

To turn on dark mode, head over to the display settings and then tap on the toggle next to the Dark mode option. And there you have it, and the system-wide dark mode is now turned on.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 16

Not only does using dark mode make the phone’s UI a whole lot easier on the eyes, it also helps reduce battery consumption. Pair it up with dark wallpaper, and you’ll see your phone’s battery life increase by a small margin.

5. Try Out the New Gaming Mode

Let’s check out the all new Gaming Mode on the Mi 9T. This time around, Xiaomi has improved on the gaming mode for this device, and it packs in a host of features that you might not have even heard of.

To turn it on, jump into the Security app on the device, scroll down to the bottom, and select the Game speed boost option.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 17
Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 18

That will take you to the new Gaming Mode interface instantly. That’s where you’ll be able to add or remove games from you library, check the CPU and GPU usage statistics, and the battery percentage at a glance.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 19

Tapping on the settings cog in the top right corner will take you to the Booster settings where you can tweak the Gaming Mode further. For instance, you can adjust the performance optimizations, in-game shortcuts, memory exceptions, and more.

You can also jump into the Additional settings option if you want access to even more granular customizations for each game.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 20
Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 21

Like for instance, if you jump into the PUBG Mobile settings, you’ll be able to customize the in-game touch response, the sensitivity for repeated taps, configure a touch resistant area to prevent accidental touches, and even enhance the visuals.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 22
Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 23

You can also access the Gaming Mode as an in-game overlay by swiping in from the top left corner. In the overlay, you’ll get access to most of the essential settings, along with a built-in FPS counter, which is quite useful.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 24

6. Click 48MP Pictures

The Mi 9T packs in a 48MP primary shooter, but it captures photos in a lower resolution by default. Thankfully, Xiaomi has also included a dedicated 48MP camera mode right into the carousel.

To use the mode, tap on the 48MP option in the mode switcher, and you’re good to go.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 25
Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 26

I wish Xiaomi brings this change to all of its other devices as well because accessing the 48MP mode on those devices isn’t as simple as this.

7. Easily Trigger the Google Lens

The camera app now also includes seamless Google Lens integration, which will allow you to activate the feature with a single tap.

To trigger Google Lens, just tap and hold anywhere on the viewfinder until you see a pop-up menu. Select Google Lens and you're all set.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 27
Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 29

Now every time you tap and hold anywhere in the viewfinder, Google Lens will pop out, and try to identify the object in the frame to give you related search results.

8. Pinch to zoom and Switch Between Lenses

The Mi 9T packs in three different camera lenses on the back, and there’s a new gesture to help you switch between the lenses.

Now you need not tap on the lens options at the bottom of the display to switch between them. You can pinch to zoom in/out, and the camera will seamlessly transition between the lenses.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 30
Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 31

You just need to remember that you'll have to pinch in to switch to the telephoto lens and pinch out to switch to the wide-angle lens.

9. Record Calls Automatically

The Mi 9T also has a cool automatic call recording feature that you can use if you wish to record any calls on your phone.

To turn it on, head to the dialer app and tap on the menu button in the bottom-left corner. Then select the Call recording option from the following menu.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 32
Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 33

Here, you’ll be able to turn on automatic call recording by tapping on the toggle right next to the setting. You’ll also be able to choose if you want to record all calls or just a few from specific phone numbers.

Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 34
Mi 9 T Tips And Tricks 35

If you wish to record calls from a specific number, tap on the Selected numbers option, tap on the Custom list and then add new contacts in the list.

Make the Most Out of Your New Mi 9T

Now that you know all of these cool new tricks, what are you waiting for? Try them out on your phone right away and use it to its full potential. And if you come across some other cool tricks, make sure to share them with us in the comments section below.

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