6 Best Wireless Earbuds for Running With a Long Battery Life

Running can be a tiring affair, and you have you put your heart and soul into what you are doing. At times like that, you wouldn’t want to be bothered by frequent drops in the signal while your favorite song is playing on your earphones. More importantly, you wouldn’t want a pair of wireless earphones that show zero battery levels when you pick them up every morning. Thankfully, there are quite a few quality wireless earphones designed for running that performs exceptionally well and comes with long battery life.

6 Best Wireless Earbuds for Running with a Long Battery Life

Apart from a dynamic sound performance and a long battery life, the fit is a major feature while you look to buy a pair of wireless earphones. After all, you wouldn’t want ones that fall off right when you start sprinting, right?

In this post today, we have shortlisted a handful of wireless earphones for running that also have long battery life. So, without any further ado, let’s get started. But first,

1. Beats PowerBeats Pro

  • Continuous battery life: 9 hours | Charge cycle: ~2
  • ANC: No | Wireless charging: | IP Rating: IPX4

If you’ve bought Apple products and the AirPods Pro is not proving to be enough, you can give the Powerbeats Pro a shot. These sports earphones pack a punch. For one, they pack a unique and foolproof design. Here, the upper part of the buds curves stylishly around the back of the ear, thereby ensuring that they do not fall out even during strenuous exercises. This design looks both stylish and trendy. The PowerBeats Pro deliver dynamic audio and justifies the sports earphones tag.

Apart from the impressive audio and superior sound quality for sports earphones, they also support “Hey Siri” voice commands.

While they do not have Active Noise Cancellation, they do their bit in sealing the ambient noise. Again, it depends a lot on the fit. However, the noise isolation is not as apt as the AirPods Pro.

Regardless of that, the H1 chip inside the PowerBeats Pro ensures that the earphones last a long time. If we talk numbers, they are built to last around 9 hours on a single charge. The charging case, though a tad bulky, delivers more than 2 charge cycles. Though they do not support wireless charging, a quick 5 minutes charge yields a playback time of 1.5 hours.

2. Sony WF-SP800N

  • Continuous battery life: 9 hours (13 hours without ANC) | Charge cycle: 2
  • ANC: Yes | Wireless charging: No | IP Rating: IP55

If you are looking both for Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Ambient Sound Control (sound transparency) on your earphones, the Sony WF-SP800N makes for a good pick. These truly wireless earphones are rated IP55, meaning you can go to any extent during your workouts and the sweat won’t destroy them. Though they look a tad bulky, they are extremely comfortable to wear and stay anchored, thanks to the wingtips and angled silicone ear tips. These earphones do end up giving your ears a little goofy look.

You also get access to touch-sensitive buttons. While you can play/pause songs, wake up Google Assistant or pick up calls by default, they are also customizable. Apart from that, ANC and sound transparency can be enabled and disabled directly via the buds. So, if you want to have a distraction-free stint on your exercise bike, the ANC will do the trick, while the sound transparency feature will come into play if you want to stay aware of the traffic situation while running outside.

The sound quality is dynamic with the right amount of bass. And given that the companion app lets you play with the equalizer, the odds are that you will get to enjoy energetic beats throughout.

Battery-wise, you might have to do a little trade-off. The Sony WF-SP800N can last around 9 hours (with ANC) on a single full charge. Compared to the PowerBeats Pro, you get fewer charge cycles, but the WF-SP800N works on both iOS and Android on the upside. Moreover, you get a few more hours on the battery if you switch off the ANC.

However, these buds come in a bulky case, which can be challenging to carry during your runs. They do not support Bluetooth multipoint.

3. Jaybird Vista

  • Continuous battery life: 6 hours | Charge cycle: 2
  • ANC: No | Wireless charging: No | IP Rating: IPX7

Another pair of good wireless sports earphones with decent battery life is the Jaybird Vista. The lightweight nature and secure fit is the crux of these buds. And well, they sound great too. Plus, these sports earphones are fully waterproof. So even if it rains a little when you are out for your run, you do not have to hide them. Of course, you will take the necessary precautions not to let them stay wet for far too long and to wipe them with a dry cloth.

More importantly, they deliver pleasant-sounding audio. The bass is rich and well defined though you will have to wear the right fit of buds to get the whole effect. It’s worth noting that even if the Jaybird Vista has a premium price tag, it doesn’t bundle high-res codec support like aptX or aptX HD.

The battery life is fairly decent. It lasts about 6 hours and is likely to be enough to get you through 2-3 days at the gym before needing a top-up. The fast charge feature is the added advantage, and a mere five-minute charge will buy you an hour of playback time. So even if you see the battery dying out before hitting the gym, a short 5-min break will do the trick.

Unlike the wireless earphones above, you do not get touch-sensitive buttons. But the good news is that the physical buttons on both the buds let you control most of the things.

Lastly, the Jaybird Vista has a tight seal but misses some features like sound transparency and ANC.

4. Jabra Elite Active 75t

  • Continuous battery life: 7 hours | Charge cycle: 3
  • ANC: Yes | Wireless charging: No | IP Rating: IP57

The Jabra Elite Active 75t brings dynamic music to your ears. These truly wireless earphones are more durable than their non-active counterparts and bring home an IP-rating of IP57, thereby making them waterproof. The highlight of the Elite Active 75t is its fit and lightweight design. Both these features make it incredibly easy to wear them even for long durations.

They support physical buttons. From tweaking the volume to waking up Google Assistant to attending calls, you can control a lot and they are completely customizable.

The Elite Active 75t is bass-heavy and the energetic tones add to the running mood. The fit is excellent and they do not fall out. However, note that if your ears get sweaty, they might need a little adjusting.

Other than that, the battery life is fairly impressive. If you plan to use the buds sparingly or only during your gym sessions, the odds are that they will last you almost a week before calling for a top-up. And hey, these support fast-charging as well.

The charging case doesn’t support wireless charging. On the upside, the case is light and compact and you can easily slip it into the pocket of your trainers.

5. Aftershokz Aeropex Bluetooth Sports Wireless Earphones

  • Continuous battery life: 8 hours | Charge cycle: N/A
  • ANC: No | Wireless charging: No | IP Rating:

The Aftershokz Aeropex earphones do things a little differently. These are the only neckband earphones on this list and are one of the best bone conduction sports earphones. Yes, you read that right. These earphones do not block your ear canals. Instead, they sit just next to your ears near your cheekbones. This way, your ears stay open and you get to stay aware of the happenings around you.

At the same time, the neckband earphones come with improved sound and let you enjoy your favorite gym music seamlessly. They deliver pack both clarity and the right amount of bass is the cherry on top. Of course, you won’t get the same audio quality as in-ear earphones.

They are light, slim, and don’t distract you from your running or gym activities. Like their true wireless counterparts, all the controls are onboard, making it easy to skip songs or play with the volume.

The Aeropex does not have the concept of a charging case. This means you will get around 8 hours of continuous playback and that’s about it. Thankfully, a quick 15-minute charge will buy you an hour of playback time. So yeah, that’s a necessary add-on.

6. Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2

  • Continuous battery life: 7 hours | Charge cycle: 3 cycles
  • ANC: No | Wireless charging: | IP Rating: IPX5

The Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 makes for a good pair of running earphones with long battery life, especially if you do not want to spend a fortune on earphones. This affordable bundle a lot of interesting features and sounds better. Quite naturally, they do not sound as smooth as the ones above but are enough to deliver a pleasant experience to many. To add to it, it even comes with a companion app using which you can play with the equalizer settings to tweak the sound as per your preference.

As noted earlier, it packs in an interesting set of features. They can resist the occasional water splashing, thanks to the IPX5 rating. And well, they have touch-based controls that let you tweak the volume or play/pause tracks. And guess what, these are also customizable.

The Liberty Air 2 truly shines in its battery life. On a single charge, these buds last around 7 hours and you get a cumulative of 28 hours, thanks to the charging case.

Run Without Any Wire

So, these were some of the best wireless earbuds for running, which boasts of long battery life. The best thing about these buds is that as long as you keep the charging case replenished, you don’t have to worry about running out of juice. Besides, the USB-C charging port means you can simply stick your phone’s charging cable to juice them up.

So, which one of these will you buy?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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