6 Best Wireless Chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

Wireless charging makes things convenient. Every new Samsung Galaxy S22 series owner would love no hassle of connecting wires and cables. The only con is that wireless charging is not as fast as wired charging. But if you weigh your convenience over that speed, then you should consider getting yourself a neat charger for a Galaxy S22 phone.

If you are looking for wireless chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphones, here are our top recommendations. 

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1. Yootech Wireless Charger

The Yootech wireless charger is one of the most popular wireless chargers options for valid reasons. It’s affordable, and the lightweight design lets you put it anywhere – on a nightstand or office desk. But, it’s not the fastest wireless charger, for it delivers about 10W for Samsung phones. And for the price, it’s a decent speed.

It looks like a hockey puck and will let you charge your TWS earbuds too. However, there’s a slight catch. The Yootech wireless chargers work best with a Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 wall adapter. Though the company ships a USB-A to USB-C cable, you will have to buy the wall adapter, which adds to the cost.

Despite this limitation, this wireless charger for the Samsung Galaxy S22 has received rave reviews from its user base. People have appreciated it for the easy-to-use nature and slim form factor.

2. Nanami Fast Wireless Charger

The Nanami wireless charger is slightly more expensive than its counterpart above, but it brings an important feature to the table—Adapter. The company ships a Quick Charge 3.0 wall adapter, and naturally, this makes wirelessly juicing your new phone a simple exercise. It’s a standing charger, and the back is big enough to house the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It has all the safety features in place. For instance, there’s a lip at the bottom to prevent the phone from sliding over. One of the advantages of the vertical charger is that you can rest your phone and keep an eye on the notifications. Or, you can prop your phone in landscape mode and watch movies/videos while it recharges.

It is a 2-coil charger, and you shouldn’t have any issues charging your phone.There are minimal alignment issues. At the same time, the charger lights up when you place the phone. If the charger detects an error, it blinks to let you know that you need to align it properly.

3. andobil Wireless Charger

The andolin wireless charger is similar to the ones above and delivers 10W of power. The feature that sets it apart is its built-in fan that prevents the phone and the device from overheating. The coil base is large, and you do not have to go into the trouble of aligning it to the T. Lastly, the charging speed is decent.

Another highlight is the customer service. The customer service of andobil is quick to respond to queries and questions and helps out users.

This andobil wireless charger uses a Micro-USB cable to charge. While the world is moving to USB-C, getting hold of a Micro-USB cable can be challenging. The company doesn’t include a wall adapter with this charger.

4. Anker PowerWave II

Another wireless charger for the Samsung Galaxy S22 is the Anker PowerWave II. This wireless charger is rated to work exceptionally with Samsung phones. The coils are arranged both vertically and horizontally and make for easy charging.

Like many chargers in this list, it can output 10W for Samsung phones. And the charging speed and the overall performance have been commended by quite a few users.

Anker provides a long cord to go with the wireless charger, and the best part is that it’s removable. Naturally, it gives you the flexibility of replacing it in case of any damage.

Like the Nanami charger, it’s a charger stand. However, unlike it, it doesn’t have a lip. Instead, the bottom is slightly recessed to rest the phone.

5. Samsung 15W Fast Charger

The Samsung fast charger is a lot more expensive than its peers above. Firstly, it’s an in-house product and can easily house the bigger Ultra variant of the S22 series. Secondly, it delivers one of the highest wattages in terms of power delivery. At 15W, you can expect your Galaxy S22 to charge faster.

It shares quite a few features with the ones above. For example, the multiple coil arrangement means you can prop your phone vertically and horizontally. Secondly, it comes with built-in LED lights to indicate the charging status. And it doesn’t end there. You can control the fan and lights through your Samsung phone.

It’s expensive, but the good news is that it’s an all-inclusive product and comes with a USB-C wall adapter. It’s easy to use and convenient to charge. So far, it has amassed quite a few positive reviews due to these reasons. Interestingly, a few users have noted that the charger can charge through an Otterbox Defender case. Otterbox Defender series cases are thicker than typical silicone cases.

6. Mous Aramid Fibre Wireless Charger Pad with Stand

Mous’s Aramid Fibre wireless charger doubles as a pad and a stand. Yes, you read that right! You can take off the charging pad when required. The stand doesn’t have any lips to hold the phone. Instead, it comes with the built-in AutoAlign tech that automatically aligns the phone in place. However, there’s a slight catch. This wireless charger works only with Mous’ Limitless 3.0 phone cases.

Nevertheless, if you plan to buy the case in the future, the charger is a good pick. In the meantime, you can take the pad off the charging stand and charge your phone horizontally.

As you may have expected, the Mous Aramid Fibre wireless charger is expensive. And along with the phone case, it will set you back by the hundreds. Despite that, if you want a premium experience, this charger stand should be on your shopping list.

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Wireless chargers are both convenient and easy to use. All you need to do is make sure that the phone is aligned correctly, and that’s about it. If the charging speed is not a priority, the Anker PowerWave II or the andobil wireless charging pad is a good pick. But if you are looking for an inexpensive option, the Yootech charging pad won’t let you down.

Last updated on 16 March, 2022

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