11 Best Free Widgets for Android: Calendar, Weather, and More

Widgets can help you in accessing important app information right from your home or lock screen without opening the app. It offers the information in a concise, bit-size manner, which also allows you to add multiple widgets on the same page. But which apps have the best widgets for Android? Let’s find out.

11 Best Widgets for Android

While the widget window can be different for different Android devices, long-pressing on any empty space on the home screen can bring up the option of adding widgets. Then, tap on the Widget options to have a look at all the widgets currently available. Widgets are linked to apps, so make sure you have the app installed beforehand.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at the 11 best Android widgets for you home screen, including a few Google widgets as well.

1. Overdrop – Best Weather Widget

One of the best weather apps, Overdrop allows you to add widgets for keeping track of the weather with widgets ranging from battery information and weekly weather forecasts to storm warnings and current wind speeds. While the app has a paid version available, you get an impressive 31 free widgets, which is usually sufficient for most users.

2. CPU Monitor – Best Widget to Keep Track of Vital Device Functions

As the name suggests, the CPU Monitor app helps you in keeping track of important device functions like CPU temperature and current CPU, memory, and battery usage. Currently, it has about 10 widgets available. Out of these, you can either go for separate widgets, like for memory usage and CPU temperature, or go for the 3-in-1 widget that has multiple parameters available in one widget.

Tip: You can also check out these system monitor apps and widgets for Android.

3. Sectograph – Best Android Calendar Widget

The Sectograph widget has all the events from the Sectograph app or your synced calendar instantly available to view in a 12-hour watch dial format. You can color code your events, making them easier to distinguish in the widget.

You also have buttons available to either change the widget’s appearance or go directly to the Sectograph app’s home page. The free version of the widget is sufficient for personal use.

4. Musicolet – Best Widget to Access Your Device’s Music Library

Musicolet has three major widgets available that let you control the music available on your device. The simple widget gives you the basic play-pause and forward-backward controls, while the Advanced and Current queue widgets have more functionality, with the Current queue being the most comprehensive.

Depending on the options available, you can add or take off control buttons when adding the widget.

5. Sesame Search & Shortcuts – Best Widget to Access Custom App Shortcuts

The Sesame app helps you in creating several personalized shortcuts for your installed apps, based on your usage. The app has only one widget available, the search bar widget. However, this search bar widget can then be used to access all the other personalized shortcuts made available within the app. Simply type the name of the app in the search bar to get started.

Using the Investing.com app, you can keep track of current stock trends and news that can help you tremendously while trading. This functionality has also been extended to the Investing.com widget, using which you can keep track of certain stocks in real-time, that have been added to the watchlist. Here, you also get controls to add additional stocks to the watchlist along with a handy refresh button.

7. Google Keep – Best Note-Taking Widget for Android

The Google Keep app has three very useful widgets available. The QuickCapture widget can help you compose notes on the go, with a single tap of a button. The Note collection widget, on the other hand, comes with a preview of your latest notes along with controls to add or edit notes. However, if you want to pin a specific to-do list or note to your home screen, you can do it using the Single note widget.

8. Chronus Information Widgets – All-In-One Information Widget

You get a variety of popular widgets in the Chronus Information Widgets app. While some of the widgets are locked behind a paywall, you still get about 12 widgets in the free version. Using these, you can get instant access to information like dashboard items, weather, task list, etc. You also get the option of further customizing the available widgets according to your preference.

9. SeriesGuide (show manager) – Best to Track TV Shows and Movies

You can track your favorite shows and movies using the SeriesGuide app. Add your shows or movies to the list to get started. When using the free SeriesGuide app, you will be able to track all the upcoming episodes via the widget as well.

Scroll through the widget to see the entire list and tap on the tick icon to mark it as watched. Tapping on the Upcoming banner will open the SeriesGuide app.

10. Google News – Best News Widget for Android

Browsing through the Google News widget is a good way to start your day. It gives you a slideshow of all the news story headlines that are currently trending based on your previous preferences. You can use the navigation buttons to move between stories. And if you find one that catches your eye, tap on Full coverage to instantly get the full story on your screen. Weather information is also available.

11. Quotes Widget – Get Daily Quotes

Picking up your device and seeing an inspirational quote can give you that extra boost of energy, especially on a slow day. The Quotes Widget app specializes in hand-picking quotes to display on your home screen. You can tap on the widget to change the quote as well. The widget itself is customizable, with options for changing the text and background colors and even the text style and alignment.

FAQs for Using Widgets on Android

1. What will happen if the widget is expanded beyond its original size?

Widgets usually come with a lot of little buttons or controls when they’re in their original size. However, once they’re expanded, the button icons can become more pronounced, with some widgets even showing additional functionality options.

2. Are widgets on Android different from shortcuts?

Yes, a widget is different from a shortcut in Android. Tapping on a shortcut in Android will either trigger a very specific task or open an app. Whereas widgets are primarily helpful in giving you instant access to information.

3. Is it possible to change the widgets for any app on Android?

Yes, if the Android app has more than one widget available, you can easily delete and replace the widget on your device.

4. Do widgets update in Android?

Along with the app, Android widgets also receive periodic updates. This helps them in being up-to-date with the app as well. However, if you’re facing issue, check our guide to fix widgets not updating.

Add Widgets to Android

Widgets, especially the Android home screen widgets, help ensure you have instant access to important information from the target app. So, we hope that our list of the 11 best widgets for Android proved helpful for you. You can also check our other list talking about the best free AI tools available online.

Last updated on 03 April, 2023

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