5 Best Wi-Fi Home Security Cameras in India

A Wi-Fi security camera is one of the feasible ways to keep a tab on your house when you are away. These cameras can connect to your phone and show you live feed of the happenings at your place. With features like motion alert, HD video recording, and a wide FOV, these Wi-Fi security cameras can prove to be boon for modern house owners.

5 Best Wi Fi Home Security Cameras In India

Compared to their predecessors, modern cameras are small and discreet. You can see them only when you look for them. Plus, they can be fixed either to the roof or kept hidden behind a shelf of books.

If you’re thinking of getting a security camera for your house, we have compiled a list of the best Wi-Fi cameras that are available in India.

Let’s take a look.

1. Mi 1080P WiFi Home Security Camera

The first product on or list is the tiny Mi 1080P Wi-Fi Home Security Camera. This one is a petite camera that looks more like a toy than a camera. But let not the looks deceive you, for this tiny camera is capable of so much. Apart from streaming Full HD video, it has a night vision, motion tracking, talkback feature and can rotate 360°.

Yep, you read that right. First, install it correctly, and then connect it to the app on your phone. After that, you can have all the information at your disposal. Just swipe on the video interface to rotate the camera. Yeah, it’s that simple.

When it comes to video quality, the footage is decent if you place the camera at a good distance from the Wi-Fi router. You’ll receive notifications whenever there’s a change in light or when it detects motion.

The Mi 1080P Wi-Fi Home Security Camera has onboard storage of up to 64GB. You can use a microSD card to store the recordings. However, do keep in mind that the storage will get filled up quickly since the footage is recorded in HD.

On the upside, the camera records and stores mini clips whenever it detects motion. You can either review these recordings later or delete them.

I have been using this camera for the last six months, and haven’t had any major issues with it till now. Installation is easy, and so is operating the mobile app. And the clear night vision is the cherry on top.

2. YI Home Camera Wireless Security System

The YI Home Camera Wireless Security System has all the ingredients that make a modern camera. The small round camera sits atop a slim pedestal, and the good thing is that you can adjust as per your preference. It records videos at 720p and has a wide-angle FOV of 111°. Another feature is its night vision which can record video with visibility of up to 3 meters.

Other than that, the YI camera sports two-way audio. So just in case you have a pet at home, you can check with them from time-to-time. Plus, it features real-time activity alerts and motion alerts.

When it comes to picture and video quality, users have praised the YI camera for the excellent output. You can choose to save HD or SD quality videos and pictures from the companion app.

You can either save the recordings to an external SD card. While the camera supports cards up to 32GB, it can get filled up rather quickly. There is also the provision for cloud service, however, it’s a tad on the expensive side.

3. ProElite WiFi Wireless HD Security Camera

Unlike the ones above, the ProElite Wi-Fi Wireless HD Security Camera doesn’t have a sleek profile. Instead, it has a stout bottom which gives it a dated look. Looks aside, it checks all the right boxes. It packs 2-way audio, infrared night vision, HD recording, motion detection, and app support.

The ProElite camera is designed especially for mounting on walls. It can tilt 120° vertically and 335° horizontally. Also, night vision can go up to 16 feet, even in complete darkness.

When it comes to storage, you can either go with a microSD card (up to 128 GB) or hook it up directly to a PC.

Moreover, the picture quality and video quality are excellent for this product, with users praising the clear video. Another thing worth writing about is the easy installation process. Plus, with the app, you can rotate the camera as per your preference.


: The ProElite WiFi Wireless Camera doesn’t work on the 5GHz network.

4. D3D HD 720P WiFi Home Security Camera

The D3D HD WiFi Home Security Camera is similar to the one above in many respects. And not only that, but it also sports similar features like the 335° horizontal rotation and a 110°vertical rotation. Recording videos is at 720p HD resolution, and there are provisions for card storage and network storage, two-way audio, motion detection, and IR night vision.

The FOV is approximately 84 degrees. You can always pan the camera to the area of your choice via the app.

Though the video and picture quality is great for this camera (reported by many), the only catch with the D3D camera is that it needs a high-speed internet connection. A minimum of 40Mbps in upload speed is suitable for this camera to work flawlessly.

5. Sricam SP Series SP005 Wireless HD

If you are looking for a camera with good motion detection, you should certainly give the Sricam SP005 a shot. Built mainly for wall installation (it’s a bit big for shelves and tabletops), this camera can pan 90° vertically and 335° horizontally. The good thing about it is that multiple people can use the app to view the feed.

It comes with the usual bells and whistles like HD recording, two-way audio, microSD card for recording videos and likes. While the onboard storage is up to 128GB, you can also record it on a PC or an NVR.

As per the user reviews, installation is an easy job. Though the recording quality and night vision are good, the app’s UI and the PC software look dated.

And similar to most products on this list, there’s no option to opt for cloud storage. The Sricam Wi-Fi camera is available in Black and White color options.

Stay Connected

A Wi-Fi camera is one of the best products to have in your home when you are away. Plus, with two-way audio, you can talk to the person or pet at the other end without any hassles. All you have to remember is to keep it within a good reach of the Wi-Fi range, and you should be sorted.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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