18 Best Indian Web Series on YouTube That You Should be Watching Right Now

Entertainment is best served uncensored, however, in recent times, censor board restrictions have gotten more stringent. This is the reason why many Indian production houses have taken to YouTube as their entertainment medium and they are doing pretty well.

Ranging from conservative to absolutely uninhibited content, there are a lot of Indian web series available on YouTube today. We have handpicked 18 best Indian web series on YouTube that you should watch right now or save to watch it offline later.

Web Series

All these web series are available for free but that does not mean that they are nonsense. These shows are produced by seasoned production houses, adhering to the highest standards of quality.

While the youths can easily relate to many of these right away, we believe that everybody is young at heart and, hence, you should not let your age hold you back.

Moving away from the boring mumbo-jumbo on television to more interactive content, here is what you should be watching on YouTube during leisure.

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1. Dev DD

Dev Dd

Celebrated producer Ekta Kapoor (yes, the one obsessed with extra alphabets in movie names like the C Kkompany) has presented a modern take on Devdas. Talking about taboos like sexism, homophobia, and several others, Dev DD revolves around the life of Vicky.


With loads of controversy and drama, this progressive show is all about modern society. It presents the situation when people living under a rock come across someone with a more liberal mind.

2. The Aam Aadmi Family

The Aam Aadmi Family Season 2

Commonness is common among common people — this is exactly what the Sharma family goes through in this show. Wading through the ups and downs of a middle-class life, The Aam Aadmi Family is a story of five entirely opposing personalities living under the same roof.


It takes cues from real-life happenings and presents them with a twist, around its five main characters. Truth be told, it’s a story that many families can easily relate to.

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3. Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa

Sex Chat With Pappu Papa Wsdb

This web series is all about education, not the kind we receive in Indian school but more about sex and sex-related topics. Pappu, a curious little 7-year old fella, shoots the most inappropriate questions at his dad at the worst possible times.


This show talks about some serious things with a bit of humor to make it easy to digest. Sadly, only one season of Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa has been produced until now but there is still a lot that you can learn.

4. Undefeated – Soldiers of Courage

Undefeated Wsdb

Undefeated – Soldiers of Courage shows what the life of a soldier really is. This show is based on real-life heroes in uniform and the hardships they face to keep the country and its people safe.


If the army life entices you, this show is a must-watch. Some of its stories talk about entire lives of soldiers, right from the day they had joined the army training till the time they retired.


5. Guddu Beds Guddun

Guddu Beds Guddun Webisoda

Rated as one of the best Hindi web series of 2017, Guddu Beds Guddun talks about what most young boys think about marriage. It takes a humorous punch at various evils of the society and how ill-educated people are about them, especially about what all a marriage entails.


Loaded with family drama, oddly-funny word pronunciations and the constant battle between the two sexes, it’s a complete package of entertainment.

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6. Humorously Yours

Humorously Yours Wsdb

Stand-up comedy is hilarious for sure but what we get to see is not the full picture. There is a lot that goes behind the scenes. Humorously Yours is a projection on the personal life of stand-up comedians.


Follow Vipul Goel, the protagonist who plays himself, as he shows the tedious journey of a comedian to glory. Humorously Yours is filled with jokes and appearances from some of the best stand-up comedians, who will make you laugh no matter how grumpy you are.

7. BoTCast

Botcast Webisoda

Do you love books? Do you love podcasts? And if you love both, then we have the BotCast (Books on Toast) for you. This talk show discusses the good, the bad and the ugly in the world of books.


Every week, there’s a new episode discussing new books with a comic touch, along with a subject matter expert as the guest.

8. 2 By 3

2 By 3 Webisoda

All the people in your 30’s, have you ever thought of sharing a house with three college going boys? Neither did Balan and Aashna, the married couple in 2 by 3, before getting into the soup of putting up with not just 1 but three 20-year-old college-going boys due to pocket pinch.


The main problem is that both Balan and Aashna are well-settled in their lives and are quite ambitious, despite the current set of problems. While, on the other hand, their flatmates – Rohan, Veer, and Akash – refuse to grow up and are happy living life the bachelor way.

9. Border Border

Border Border

Some say that the fight between India and Pakistan had ended in the year 1965. But did it really? These two countries have been at-arms ever since.


Border Border is a light take on the fight between the two countries where an Indian soldier is in a constant verbal face-off with a Pakistani soldier across the border. The hilarious war of words that will keep you entertained for sure.

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10. Bonnet Pe Charcha

Bonnet Pe Charcha

A masterpiece produced by The Screen Patti, Bonnet Pe Charcha is a story of two best friends who have sworn not to agree with each other on anything under the sun. This show has seen only three episodes so far but more are on their way. This web series shows the real face of society and how divided people are when it comes to agreeing on different things.


Who will win and who will lose, only time and the upcoming episode will tell but the show does offer a lot of insights on what people think about and how.

11. Little Things

Little Things Wsdb

Little Things is the story of the ups-and-downs in the life of Kavya and Dhruv, who are trying hard to make it big, but little things keep coming in their way.


Dealing more reality than fiction, this web series is based on the true incidents that couples have to go through. It shows how the life of a couple goes along and the surprises that keep haunting them.

12. 101 Great Indian Ghost Stories

101 Great Indian Ghost Stories Webisoda

Many believe that there is nothing called ghosts. Yet, there are several places in India that have some or the other story of being haunted.


101 Great Indian Ghost Stories is a web series that explores the most haunted places in the country and talks about the folklore behind each one of them. But beware, this show is not for the weak-hearted.

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13. I Can Do That

I Can Do That Webisoda

I Can Do That generally reflects a very positive attitude but this show is exactly the opposite of it. Follow Kannan Gill as he takes on newer challenges of learning new things every week. Great right? Well, it does not end here as everything he learns gets tested as well.


A great way to learn new skills, this show will take you through the details of each skill and there’s a lot of them.

14. Chai Sutta Chronicles – Season 2

Tvf Chai Sutta Chronicles Webisoda

Chai Sutta Chronicles is back with yet another fun-filled season. Here, a gang of friends bickers about the apparently mundane things under the sun over a cup of chai and a few puffs of cigarettethe most hilarious way.


There’s a lot that they discuss, including technology, finances, observations, and life in general. This series brings forth the best of debates in the most hilarious way.

15. Survivors Of Suicide – SOS

Sos Survivors Of Sucide

Suicides are mostly related to poor mental conditions. Sadly, one cannot tell what a person feels while going through it. But there are survivors who have emerged stronger after their encounter with near death.


Survivors Of Suicide is a series about people who have been through really hard times. People, who are still suffering from this mental illness and depression can learn from these and become stronger to take life head-on.

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16. Dil Buffering

Dil Buffering Webisoda

Remember the story about that princess who kissed a frog and turned him into a handsome prince? Well, our lady, Abby, is also in search of her prince charming.


But how many ugly toads will she have to kiss before she gets to her prince charming? Find out all about her adventures and misery in this awesome web series, Dil Buffering.

17. What The Folks

What The Folks Wtf Webisoda

Living with your in-laws can be a bit of a pain in anybody’s nether region. Nikhil learned it the hard way and What The Folks is the story of the hardships he has to face while doing so.

Fun Fact

18. Son Of Abish

Son Of Abish Season 3 Webisoda

Son Of Abish, a monthly reality talk show hosted by stand-up comedian Abish Mathew, takes a different angle at the major news. The show also features interviews of celebrity guests and fun games.


If you are just subscribing to it, expect a lot of amazing content coming your way.

That’s Not All, Folks

I’m sure there are several YouTube shows that you feel are missing on this list. But this is not the end. While you fine people are enjoying all these shows, we hamsters are constantly running on our wheels to curate lists of the latest and the greatest shows on YouTube from around the world.

So until next time, keep reading and keep sharing amazing content from Guiding Media. Happy binge-watching!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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