7 Best Ways to Use an Apple AirTag

It’s easy to misplace everyday objects like headphones, car keys, wallets, and the likes. And trackers like Apple AirTag lets you keep track of this stuff. The Apple AirTag is waterproof, and the best part is that it uses the existing network of Apple devices to locate the tracker. The latter makes it a great option to use in many things like remotes, car keys, and wallets. These trackers help you make your life much easier since you do not waste your time hunting and looking for things.

N Best Ways to Use Apple Air Tag

So if you plan to get yourself a bunch of AirTags this holiday season (or have already bought a couple of them), here are the best ways to use the Apple AirTag.

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Never Lose Track of Your Car Keys

Apple AirTag is a great help for locating lost car or bicycle keys. As we mentioned above, it saves you the time spent looking under sofa cushions and trouser pockets.

Best Ways to Use Apple Air Tag

The best bet would be to get a case with a metal clip like the Spigen Rugged Armor. You can then attach it to the loop of your trousers or purse.

Even when you lose the set of keys, you can launch the Find My app on your iPhone and follow the directions to the AirTag.

2. Find Your Car’s Parking

Google Map’s Save my Parking feature is great to save and find your parking spot later. As long as you have a working internet connection, you will find your way to your parking spot.

However, the going gets a little difficult when it comes to finding your parked car in a huge parking space. That’s when the Apple AirTag comes to good use.

You can get a sticker case such as the LiZHi Silicone Case or the Aimtel AirTag holder and stick the case on the car’s insides.

2 Best Ways to Use Apple Air Tag 1

So the next time you get a little lost inside a huge parking lot, you know what to do. Do note that Apple AirTags do not show the floor of buildings.

Note: As you may already know, AirTag uses passers-by’s information to relay the signal to you. If you are in a popular spot, the odds are high that you will easily find and follow the signal. However, if you are in a remote location, it might be a little challenging to locate the tracker’s signal, especially if you are far away from it. Hence, it’s advisable to take note of your surroundings when you park your car, instead of relying 100% on the AirTag.

3. Track Your Pet’s Runs

Do you have an adventurous furry friend who loves to go on a prowl around the neighborhood? If yes, you may want to use your AirTag to track their location.

Best Ways to Use Apple Air Tag Pet

Before we get any further, note that Apple doesn’t recommend using the AirTag to track your pets. Because AirTag may not find a compatible device nearby to relay the location to you at all times. However, if you still want to go ahead, you can attach the tracker to your pet’s collar.

But before you send them out, make sure that the tracker is synced properly to your iPhone.

If you are looking for an affordable yet durable product, the Hatalkin Air Tag holder is a good pick. It’s a simple case which you can slide into your pet’s collar. The latter ensures that miscreants won’t unhook the case easily from the collar without upsetting the pet.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Sunglasses

Yes, you can use AirTag to keep an eye on your sunglasses, especially if you are someone who often forgets where they kept their shades.

Best Ways to Use Apple Air Tag shades

This one works in two ways. You can either stick a silicon case on the case insides. If you are not a big fan of carrying the case with you, you can consider getting the Glasses Strap from Nomad.

This unique strap attaches to the end of the temples of the shades. And apart from bundling the AirTag, this strap also doubles up as a neck strap.

5. Track Your Luggage

If you are a frequent traveler, you must already know that waiting for your luggage to arrive at the arrival belt can be quite taxing.

If you hate that feeling, you may want to attach a tracker to your bag to make the wait endurable. At least you will be certain of its arrival. Until then, you can chill out or book a cab.

Best Ways to Use Apple Air Tag 2

The AirTag holder can be either in the form of a silicon sticker that we have mentioned above. You can slip it inside a pocket and then track the location.

Alternatively, you can also hook an AirTag holder to the exterior of the bag.

6. Slip Them Into Your Wallet

Do you spend harrowing amounts of time looking for your wallet every morning? If yes, you can try slipping a tracker inside your wallet. Again, the AirTag is not one of the slimmest devices out there, and simply slipping it inside the wallet may increase the heft of the wallet.

At times like this, you can invest in one of the slim pocket wallets like the ones by Hawanik. This wallet has a dedicated holder for the AirTag and has slits for carrying cash and card.

So far, it has received handsome reviews from its user base for its practical and functional approach.

7. Keep Things in a Safe Space

We all have some random but important stuff that we keep in a ‘safe place’, and then forget about it. And when the time comes to find it, all hell breaks loose.

Best Ways to Use Apple Air Tag lizhi

If this is a frequent occurrence in your household, you can take the aid of AirTag. You can either use a holder or a silicon sticker case to place them in position and then forget all about them.

When the time comes, you can let the Find My app do its magic. Yes, you can thank me later.

Hello Peace

Apart from the above, you can also use AirTags to locate your scooter, bike, or your skateboard. The main challenge, in this case, is to hide the tracker such that it’s not easily seen. Not many days ago, an AirTag user was able to track and get back his stolen cycle.

Indeed, the AirTag is expensive compared to other trackers. However, the tracking is so much easier and seamless that we are ready to overlook the price tag. At the same time, they help you save time and mental peace.

So, which one of these use-cases will you try?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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