6 Best Ways to Manage Notifications on iPhone

Push notifications are an important part of our lives as they alert us of every new update or message. But a constant buzzing and ringing iPhone is a major distraction. So it’s a good idea to manage the notifications on your iPhone in a few different ways.

Best Ways to Manage Notifications on i Phone

Whether it’s the news app constantly sending alerts or the games begging you to play more, it’s important to control the pings you receive. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the best notifications settings on the iPhone that are worth checking out.

1. Tweak Notification Previews

Notifications Preview on iPhone is a good way to take a peek at your notifications without having to unlock your iPhone repeatedly.

To enable notifications preview on iPhone, launch the Settings app and go to Notifications.

Notification Settings on i Phone

Now go to Show Previews options and set the Notification Previews to Always.

Notification Previews on i Phone
Set Notification Previews on i Phone

After this, you’ll be able to glance at the notifications. That said, if you’re worried about your privacy, then you can also set it to ‘When Unlocked.’ It will only show you apps that have pushed notifications while keeping the actual content hidden when the iPhone is locked.

2. Modify Notification Sounds

You can also identify the type of alert you receive by setting different sound alerts on your iPhone. While Apple doesn’t allow you to customize notification sounds for third-party apps, you can, however, change notification sounds for various alerts on iPhone. Read on to learn how.

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to Sounds & Haptics.

Sounds Haptics on i Phone

Step 2: Under Sounds and Vibration Patterns, tap on the various alerts to pick different notification sounds for each of them.

Sound Haptics Settings on i Phone
Modify Notification Sounds on i Phone

Apart from this, you can also silence notifications from apps that aren’t important to reduce the number of times your iPhone pings during a day.

To silence notification for an app, open Settings and go to Notifications. Now select the app you wish to turn off notification sound and toggle off the Sounds switch.

Turn Off Notification Sound for App i Phone
Disable App Notification Sound

It might take you a while to work through all your apps, but that’ll be worth it.

3. Group and Ungroup Notifications

Grouping and ungrouping notifications is an effective way to prioritize notifications from important apps. You can customize notification grouping for each of the apps separately. Setting it to ‘By App’ will make all notifications from the app appear in a single stack, while setting it to ‘Automatically’ will allow Siri to group notifications intelligently based on their nature.

To configure notification grouping for an app, open Settings and go to Notifications. Select your preferred app from the list and tap on Notification Grouping. Now select your preferred grouping option.

App Notification Grouping
Notification Grouping on i Phone

4. Use Schedule Summary

Not every notification you receive requires your immediate attention. Schedule Summary is a feature on the iPhone that allows you to schedule times to receive a summary of notifications. This way, you can keep notifications from distracting you during work hours and receive them at your leisure.

Read on to learn how to set up a Schedule Summary of notifications on the iPhone.

Step 1: Open Settings and tap on Notifications.

Step 2: Now go to Scheduled Summary and enable it using the switch.

Schedule Notification Summary on i Phone
Enable Schedule Summary on i Phone

Step 3: Under Schedule, configure when you’d like to receive the summary of notifications.

Manage Notification Schedule

Step 4: Next, go to ‘Apps in Summary’ to define which apps should appear in the notification summary by analyzing the number of notifications they push on average.

Manage Apps in Notification Summary on i Phone

5. Mute Notifications

Apart from the above notifications tweaks, you can also mute notifications for a certain app to keep it from bothering you for the rest of the day. Here’s how.

To mute notifications on your iPhone from the Notification Center, swipe left on a notification and choose Options.

You can choose to mute for an hour or the rest of the day.

Notification Options
Mute Notifications on i Phone

6. Try Focus Mode

With constant distractions from apps and services, it’s easy to get pulled away from the task at hand. Focus mode on iPhone lets you create different Focus profiles such as Work, Home, Driving, Sleep, and as such. When enabled, these profiles only allow your closest confidants and favorite apps to reach you.

To use Focus mode on iPhone, open Settings on iPhone and go to Focus. Now you can go to any of the existing Focus profiles to make changes to them.

Settings on i Phone
Focus Profiles

You can set the profile to be activated automatically during certain hours of the day. Plus, you can further define what people and apps are allowed to reach you during that time.

Allowed People During Focus Mode
Allow Apps to Push Notification During Focus Mode

Aside from using the default profiles, you can also create custom Focus profiles to manage distractions gradually.

Manage Notifications with Ease

Considering the range of options available to customize notification preferences, Apple surely has taken notification management seriously. Once you familiarize yourself with these options, you can take charge and manage notifications on your iPhone.

Last updated on 04 February, 2022

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