5 Best Waterproof Pouches and Cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the modern waterproof phones that can stand against occasional rain or water splashes. However, if you are into snorkeling, rafting, or want to spend a day by the pool or the sea, you’ll need a little more than just the IP68 rating of the smartphone. To protect the phone from the effects of pressure, salt, or chlorine, waterproof pouches and cases for the Galaxy S22 Ultra are your best bet.

Best Waterproof Pouches and Cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Waterproof pouches are more of a short-term investment. These pouches seal the packet and help to keep your phone safe from water and moisture. At the same time, you can wrap the lanyard around your head to have a hands-free experience of your adventure sport. On the other hand, waterproof cases are for long-term investment, especially if you are into snow & water sport.

These pouches and cases prevent water and dust from entering inside your phone. And at the same time, both protect the phone from bumps and drops. Regardless of the type, both products do one thing effortlessly—protect your Galaxy S22 Ultra from water damage.

So if you have some cool water sport or have a day out on the beach lined up this summer, here are the best waterproof pouches and cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. But before that,

1. Syncwire Waterproof Phone Pouch

The Syncwire offers an affordable phone pouch and bundles a couple of top-side locks to keep the water out. It’s not fully transparent and the sides have colored material. That said, the front and back portions are transparent and you should be able to use your phone and click photos with ease. The touch works well, and several users have backed this as part of their reviews.

This phone pouch is big enough to accommodate the Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, you may have to remove the case for a proper fit. Though the company has promised a lanyard, a few users have reported it missing in their package. On the upside, the lanyard is long enough and you should be able to hang it around your neck when you are out boating or river rafting.

Lastly, the plastic on the pouch is transparent and photos and videos come through clear. However, we would urge you to take it for a spin on dry land before heading for the water.

2. UNBREAKcable Waterproof Phone Pouch

The UNBREAKcable waterproof pouch packs a fully transparent pouch. This gives you the flexibility of moving your phone around and swapping it for phones other than your Galaxy S22 Ultra. Plus, you can keep cash and receipts. However, you may have to remove the phone cover.

This waterproof pouch for the Galaxy s22 Ultra holds itself well against the elements. The material is thick, and the top seals prevent any water from entering.

Lastly, the plastic is clear. So all your videos and photos will be smudge-free. The majority of the users have praised crystal clear photos and videos. Moreover, the touchscreen works without any issues. If you want to save money and yet get the best features, then the UNBREAKcable waterproof pouch is a good buy.

3. Temdan Waterproof Case

If you do not want to fiddle around with a waterproof pouch, you can’t go wrong with the Temdan Waterproof case for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Unlike the ones above, this one is a dedicated case and fits the S22 Ultra like a glove. At the same time, it helps to absorb the brunt of minor falls and drops. Compared to pouches, waterproof cases can also be used during snows and snow-related sports. So yeah, that adds to the versatility.

The Temdan case is comfortable to hold, thanks to the grooves on the sides. It’s lightweight and doesn’t add much bulk to the overall phone. That said, it’s not the thinnest case also. The front and the back are transparent, and you can access your phone conveniently to take pictures or videos.

The company ships a small fingerprint patch. However, you may have to reset the ones already on your phone. Thankfully, the instruction manual is easy and simple to understand.

The ports and cutouts have flaps. There’s no dedicated cutout for the S Pen (see best S Pen features). So, you will have to take off the cover to pull out and use the S Pen. This waterproof case is not for everyday use. But if you have to capture photos and videos of your water adventures or snow escapades, you will need to use the volume button on your phone.

This case carries a massive share of love from its user base on Amazon, all thanks to its sturdy build and easy-to-hold design.

4. Spidercase Waterproof Heavy Duty Case

If you want your phone protected from water and snow, then the Spidercase is worth a look. This one packs a similar design and has textures on the sides. The texture helps you grip your phone better even when it’s wet, while the 360-degree casing keeps out water & moisture. It’s a rugged case, and the good news is that it’s easy to take the case off/on.

Like the one above, it has a heat patch to transfer the fingerprint. However, its effectiveness has received mixed responses from its users.

The Spidercase for the Galaxy S22 Ultra is apt if you want a simple waterproof case to protect your phone from water, dust, or snow. But if you want to click photos or capture videos of the underwater world, this might not be the best pick since photos appear blurry and hazy. And yes, it also doesn’t have a cutout for the S Pen.

5. Ghostek Nautical

The Gostek Nautical waterproof case for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra addresses two of the limitations of the above cases. For one, it comes with an opening for the S Pen (though we’d recommend not to use it underwater or in extreme temperatures). Secondly, it comes with a belt clip holder built and packs a rugged and solid build. These features make it extremely versatile. Not only can you use it while underwater, but you can also take this case for your field trips or trips to construction sites.

It’s built like a tank and can easily absorb the impact of falls and drops. And yes, it protects the Galaxy S22 Ultra from water.

It’s a little more expensive than the ones above. However, the build quality and the additional features make up for it. There’s no heat path for the fingerprint reader, and you can unlock your phone easily.

The makers claim that the Nautical can survive depths up to 20 feet. We’d recommend taking it for a dry run in shallow waters before you risk your phone while scuba diving or deep water diving.

Hello, Adventure!

These are some waterproof pouches and cases you can use to keep your Galaxy S22 Ultra safe from water damage. A pouch is suitable as a one-time solution for a summer break or durring monsoons. However, if you want to protect your phone from water, dust, and drops, the Temdan case or the Nautical case are worthy options.

Last updated on 30 July, 2022

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