5 Best Waterproof Camera Bags to Buy in 2023

Your expensive camera gear requires proper care during traveling, especially when there’s a possibility of rain. Even though you are cautious with your DSLR, lenses, and other accessories, accidental water damage can ruin your camera equipment. When you purchase a camera bag, get one that offers protection against water. Here are the best waterproof camera bags to buy in 2023.

best waterproof camera bags

Aside from comfort, space, material, and laptop compartment, you should check for waterproofing in the bag’s description to keep your high-value DSLR and other accessories safe during heavy rain. A waterproof backpack prevents water damage to your camera accessories and your pricy laptop.

Check our short list for a waterproof backpack for the camera, and don’t fall for an average random one with false claims.

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1. Cwatcun Waterproof Camera Bag

Cwatcun waterproof camera bag

After spending a bomb on DSLR, tripod, different lenses, and memory cards, you might be on a tight budget for your camera bag. If you are looking for an affordable option to protect your camera accessories, Cwatcun is definitely worth checking out.

Cwatcun camera bag checks all the boxes for an average consumer. It offers a large capacity to hold your DSLR, up to five lenses, one flash speedlite, one tripod, and more. You can also tuck in your iPad or Android tablet to check the photos on a large screen.

As for waterproofing, the company promises a scratch and water-repellent fabric to keep your camera gear intact during light rain. However, it may not be effective during heavy rain. Do keep that in mind before hitting the buy button. On the plus side, a thick 18mm padding keeps your camera lenses scratch-free during bumpy roads, and the bag can withstand 50kg, which is more than enough for most folks.

Cwatcun promises a one-year warranty on your purchase and the bag is available in several sizes and color options.

2. Golkcurx Camera Bag

Golkcurx waterproof camera bag

Golkcurx is another waterproof camera bag that won’t break the bank. Available in two size options, this one is ideal for enthusiast photographers and professional ones. Let’s check it out.

Golkcurx is available in small and large sizes. Unlike other camera bags, this one has a zipper pocket on the front to place your mobile phones, SD cards, power banks, and other similar items. One of the best functionalities of Golkcurk is quick side access. You don’t need to open the entire front to pull out the camera. You can use the side zipper and quickly take our DSLR for that perfect sunset moment.

The camera bag is made of PVC waterproof cloth, and will protect your gear from dirt, scratches, and stubborn moisture. There is a separate space for your laptop or iPad and a tripod. It’s available in Dark Grey, Grey, and Pink options.

3. CADeN Waterproof Backpack for Camera

CADeN waterproof camera bag

CADeN is a capable camera backpack for accessories, laptops, and tablets. The large-sized bag can accommodate a DSLR, six lenses, a 14-inch laptop, iPad, a phone, and other accessories. Compared to other camera bags, this one doesn’t look bulky and matches your fashion sense.

Like Golcurk, CADeN offers a side zipper to pull out the DSLR. The bag is made of high-density waterproof 900D polyester nylon to protect against light rain. However, we don’t recommend using it during heavy downpours or putting the entire bag into the water.

The bag also offers quick front pocket access to get your camera lenses. You don’t need to open the entire bag. It’s a smart design, and buyers will surely appreciate little convenience touches. CADeN added two side pockets to keep your bottle, umbrella, and other utilities. Many have raised doubts about an average bag’s interior material; however, the company’s one-year warranty offering should give you peace of mind.

4. MOSISO Waterproof Camera Backpack

MOSISO waterproof camera bag

Your waterproof camera backpack doesn’t need to look monotonous in Black and Grey. If you want a practical camera bag with vibrant color options and ample storage compartments, the one from MOSISO may interest you.

Besides a DSLR and accessories, most professional photographers often use a drone to complete their work during weddings and other events. Unlike other camera backpacks, this one is compatible with DJI Mavic drones. You don’t need to carry the drone in a separate bag. The bag comes with adjustable space to make changes as per your requirements.

The bag is made of waterproof PU leather hardshell to prevent damage against falls and rains. One of the major cons is the lack of side zippers to pull out your camera quickly. There are over thirteen color options to choose from. Our favorite one is Army Green, which accompanies nature’s vibes during trekking.

5. BESCHOI Camera Backpack

BESCHOI waterproof camera bag

Although the pricing is higher than other models on this list, BESCHOI makes up for it by offering high-quality craftsmanship, sufficient compartments, comfort, and a security lock. If your budget allows, consider this one from the list.

Storage for camera accessories and equipment is the biggest factor when choosing a backpack. BESCHOI nails the basics with many compartments for all your needs. You can store 1-2 DSLRs, up to five lenses, and a 13.3-inch laptop to quickly edit photos and videos on the go.

You can also customize the bag interiors to cater to your needs. It has a slip pocket to keep your laptop, SSDs, and cables. Plus, your favorite carbon fiber tripod has a separate pocket too.

Many buyers have shared concerns about the reliability of plastic zippers. We hope the company focuses on user feedback in future products. The bag is also incompatible with a 16-inch laptop. If have one, it’s better to stay away from this bag.

Your Camera Gear Deserves a Waterproof Protection

Planning your next road trip, summer vacation, or adventurous weekend without a capable camera bag is never a good idea. Unexpected rain can spoil your plans and the costly camera accessories in no time. What are you waiting for? Pick your favorite camera bag and share your preference in the comments below.

Last updated on 23 June, 2023

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